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The Wandering Weekenders- Beyond Words A Blogger's Book Club

Well Chris and I might be working our way through Europe right about now, but that doesn’t mean that I would miss the opportunity to link up with Carolann and Christy for this month’s Beyond Words: A Blogger’s Book Club linkup! This month we read The Wrath & The Dawn by Renee Ahdieh, and I loved it so much and I can’t wait to talk about it!

The Wandering Weekenders- Beyond Words: The Wrath & The Dawn

In the kingdom of Khorasan, a young boy king named Khalid has become notorious across the land for marrying a new bride every day, only to have her murdered at dawn the next day. When Shahrzad’s best friend is murdered by the king, Shahrzad volunteers to become the next Calipha so that she can seek revenge on the king.

To survive the first night, Shahrzad tells the Caliph a long winded tale that he cannot resist hearing the ending to. When dawn arises, he let’s her live until the following night so that he can hear the end of the story the following night. This continues for several nights until it is apparent that Shahrzad will be allowed to live. As she continues to meet the king every night, their feelings start to grow towards each other, and suddenly Shahrzad asks herself if she can really follow through with the act of murder that she originally had planned for the king.

If you’ve heard of the story A Thousand And One Nights, and think that the premise of this story sounds familiar, you would be correct. The storyline is very similar, especially the storytelling part between Shahrzad and Khalid and the killing of the brides at dawn. Having never read the story myself, I can’t say whether or not that’s where the similarities end or not. I would assume that they stay pretty similar, but I’m not sure. That being said, after reading this book I’m really interested in reading the original story now.

If you read my reading update from April, you know that last month was definitely a slow month of reading for me. While I haven’t been doing that much better for the month of May, this was one of the books that definitely helped to break my slump that I was in. This book immediately grabbed me and pulled me in, and I couldn’t put it down! I loved how the author alternated points of view for the different characters and it definitely helped me to stay interested. Even though I wanted to hear more about Shahrzad’s storyline, I still wanted to learn more from her friend’s point of view as well, and even Khalid.

The other thing that I really liked about this book was how you really felt for every character and their situation that they were in, even if you didn’t think that you should like them. For example, the king who is murdering young women every morning you think that you should hate, but at the same time you can’t help but feel bad for the situation that he’s in and hope that he turns over a new leaf.

I have to say that even though I loved this book very much, the one thing that I didn’t like was that it basically ended leading right into a sequel. I guess that it’s the thing now with YA books now, they all have to be more than one book or triologys. I seriously don’t understand why authors can’t write just one solid book. Anyways, I guess I really should stop my complaining because the sequel was on sale the other day for just $2.99 from Barnes & Noble, so now I’ll be able to know what happened!

Overall, I thought that this was a solid 4 out of 5 stars, and I probably would have rated it a 5 out of 5 stars if it had been a stand alone book. Next month we’re slated to read The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood, and I might be even more excited to read this one than I was to read some of other books. Ever since Hulu released the series I’ve been dying to read the book so I can watch the series. I just hope that I end up loving it as much as I think that I will.

Have you read any good books lately? Have you read The Wrath & The Dawn? 

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Beyond Words: A Bloggers Book Club- A review of The Wrath & The Dawn by Renee Ahdieh, a great twist on a modern tale!

A Wedding Weekend

How in the world is it already almost the end of May? I seriously can’t believe how fast this year is flying by, especially since this coming weekend is Memorial Day and also the start of our European adventure! But we’re getting ahead of ourselves, so instead let’s talk about how great of a weekend that we had this past weekend celebrating my cousin and his new wife. Of course, I’m linking up with the always amazing Biana!

The Wandering Weekenders- A Wedding Weekend


When Chris and I were invited to the rehearsal dinner I thought that we would be ok just leaving work a few hours early in order to get to the rehearsal dinner, but Chris and I had a few errands that we needed to run before our Europe trip so we decided that a day off work would be the perfect day to kick off our weekend. We woke up at a decent hour on Friday, ran our errands, and then headed to College Station for the rehearsal dinner.

We spent the afternoon hanging out with my parents before we all got dressed and went to Luigi’s, an Italian restaurant in College Station for the rehearsal dinner. It was so much fun to see family members and to start the celebration for the couple of honor! The wine was flowing, along with some liquor as well, and we all had a really good time! The bride and groom and all of their friends headed out for some more fun after the dinner, but us old people just headed back to my parents house, where we still managed to stay up until midnight just talking about anything and everything.

The Wandering Weekenders- A Wedding Weekend


We woke up early Saturday morning to get a walk in before breakfast and the start of our day. Unfortunately it was quite toasty outside so we didn’t get a very long walk in, but we did manage to peak into one of the houses that was being built in my parents’ new neighborhood. Please tell me I’m not the only one that loves walking through houses as they’re being build!

Later on that day Courtney and I headed out to get some pedicures with a friend before the wedding. I forgot how much I love pedicures (although I also kind of hate the whole cuticle thing) because it had been maybe years since I’d gotten one. It was long time coming, I know! After pedicures we got the boys and grabbed some Torchy’s for lunch before heading back home to relax and get ready for the wedding!

The Wandering Weekenders- A Wedding Weekend

One of the things that my sister and my mom and I always talk about before we have big events that we’re all going to is what we’re going to wear. When my sister said that she was going to wear the same dress that she wore to Easter, I totally didn’t think anything about it, until she literally walked out of her room wearing the same exact dress that I was wearing! Luckily my mom and I are about the same size, so I was able to borrow one of her dresses to wear to the wedding. What can we say, great minds think alike, and Courtney and I kind of had our own little version of “Who Wore It Best?” or “Bitch Stole My Look.”

The Wandering Weekenders- A Wedding Weekend

There was a chance of rain and thunderstorms all day and my cousin and his wife had an outdoor ceremony and reception planned, so all of us were praying that it wouldn’t rain on their big day. All of those prayers must have worked because the weather held off, there wasn’t a ton of sun which kept the temperature down, and everything turned out beautifully. My cousin’s wife was stunning, and you could just tell how incredibly happy they were the whole time at the ceremony and the reception.

The Wandering Weekenders- A Wedding Weekend

The Wandering Weekenders- A Wedding Weekend

The Wandering Weekenders- A Wedding Weekend

The Wandering Weekenders- A Wedding Weekend

After they said their vows, we spent the rest of the evening dancing the night away and catching up with old friends and family. They had a live band at the wedding that played a great variety of Texas Country music and classic country as well, so Chris and I loved being able to break out our Aggie Wrangler dance moves again! Before we knew it, we were all pretty tired and ready to head back home to go to bed. We seriously had the best time at my cousin’s wedding, and we wish them a lifetime of happiness together!

The Wandering Weekenders- A Wedding Weekend

The Wandering Weekenders- A Wedding Weekend


We all slept in a little bit on Sunday morning, and then spent the morning relaxing with my parents and sister and her husband and all the puppies before we headed back home to get some things done around the house. It was back to the usual Sunday routine of laundry and blogging, but no grocery shopping since we’re not going to be in town long enough to really eat a ton. It was the perfect way to end a great weekend! Now I just hope that my two days of training will fly by so that we can be on our way to Europe sooner rather than later!

Do you love wedding weekends? Do you have any routines that you get done before an out of town trip? 

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A beautiful wedding weekend surrounded by friends and family as we celebrated my cousin and his bride!

My 101 in 1001 Check In #6

Wow, it’s so crazy to think that another 3 months has passed since the last 101 in 1001 check-in! I honestly thought that with this check-in that I would maybe cross off like one or two items, but I’m very happy to say that I’ve actually completed a few more items than I expected! I hope that I can continue to check more things off the list as I go!

The Wandering Weekenders- 101 in 1001


17. Go on three girl’s trips. (2/3)

One of my best girlfriends and I have birthdays that are only 4 days apart and this year was a big one for us. We both turned the big 3-0! In order to celebrate we decided that a trip to Las Vegas would be perfect, and was it ever! This was Kayla’s first time in Sin City so we did all of the typical Vegas stuff, we gambled, went to a couple of shows (including BSB, which was perfect for these late 80’s babies!), ate some amazing food, and of course saw the Welcome to Las Vegas sign! We also did some not so typical Vegas things like The Mob Museum in Downtown Vegas and The Neon Museum. One of these days I’ll get around to blogging about this fabulous girls birthday weekend!

The Wandering Weekenders- My 101 In 1001 Check In #6

24. Take Dart to the beach.

For the weekend of my actual birthday, I knew that I wanted to get away from Houston, but I wanted it to be close and somewhere that Dart could actually go. Chris and I were going back and forth between Fredericksburg and Galveston, and Galveston ended up winning out because Chris had never been before. It was so much fun to see him run around the sand and get freaked out by the waves!

The Wandering Weekenders- My 101 In 1001 Check In #6


39. Organize our photos and music on our computer.

This is actually done! I’ve been pretty good lately about having a system of folders where we divide up our pictures by year, then month, and then break each month into a category for pictures. It’s helped me so much when it comes to making our family yearbooks!


56. Get up to date on our family yearbooks.

I’ve very happy to say that I’ve made a conscious effort to get these done this year! I finally completed 2014 and started on 2015. I told you that I’m really far behind! I hope to be done with 2015 before June 30th so I can start and complete 2016!

57. Get up to date on our vacation photobooks.

This goes hand in hand with our family yearbooks, but I’ve found that I can’t really create our family yearbooks until after I’ve created our vacation photobooks because I end up adding too many pictures of our vacations into our yearbooks. First world problems I know. Anyways, I’ve found that creating the vacation books first is really helpful, and I’ve very happy to say that since our 2014 Family Yearbook is done, and our Northern California trip books are also completed! I’m hoping to get our Hawaii books done soon so that it won’t take forever to finish our 2015 Yearbook!

59. Get family of three pictures taken (me, Chris, and Dart).

When we found out that Dart had cancer, family pictures of the three of us became even more important to me. Luckily a friend from work’s wife has a photography business called Lindsey Marie Family Photography  and she took some beautiful pictures of the three of us back in March. I seriously love these pictures so much, and I know that I’ll treasure them forever! I just need to actually get them printed off one of these days!

The Wandering Weekenders- My 101 In 1001 Check In #6

The Wandering Weekenders- My 101 In 1001 Check In #6

The Wandering Weekenders- My 101 In 1001 Check In #6

61. Read 100 books. (84/100)

I’ve definitely been in the middle of a reading slump lately, but I’m hoping that will all turn around for me soon! Since this 101 in 1001 challenge has started I’ve read 7 books in 2015 and 56 books in 2016 and 21 books in 2017 for a grand total of 84 books. I’m hoping that I’ll get even more reading done on our long flight to Europe!

67. Finish watching the whole series of Friends. (Season 8)

Since all of our shows have been back on we really haven’t had a chance to watch that many episodes of Friends, but Chris has already said that it’s his goal that we finish it this summer. I’m definitely ok with that and can’t wait to finish it up!


In Progress:
Travel- (3/25)
Houston- (1/10)
House- (1/20)
Life- (4/20)
Food- (0/10)
Health, Fitness & Beauty- (3/10)
Blog- (0/6)
Total- (12/101)

Travel- (15/25)
Houston- (4/10)
House- (10/20)
Life- (6/20)
Food- (5/10)
Health, Fitness & Beauty- (4/10)
Blog- (5/6)
Total- (49/101)

And there you have it! I’m about half way done with my challenge so far, and while I don’t think that I’ll be able to complete everything, I’m pleasantly surprised with how well I’m doing so far! Hopefully I’ll have even more checked off next time around!

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My 6th Check-In for my 101 in 1001 Challenge! I'm about half way through the challenge and about half way through my 101 in things!

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