10 More Things I Learned While Visiting Europe

Well we might have gotten back from Europe about two weeks ago, but I finally feel like I’m getting settled into the normal and everyday routine after being gone for so long, thank goodness! One of my favorite things to do after our trips is to write a quick little post about the things that I learned because I feel like no matter what, you’re always learning something when you’re traveling. This trip was especially full of learning opportunities because of all the history surrounding Edinburgh, London, and Paris, so I hope that you enjoy the 10 things that I learned during this last Europe trip!

The Wandering Weekenders- 10 More Things I Learned While Visiting Europe

  1. The history never gets old- I totally didn’t think about it until now, but we actually visited three capital cities during this trip! THREE! When you factor in how old all of these countries are, you can only imagine how much history is literally ingrained in the walls of these amazing cities. I’m a known English history nerd, so I felt like I already knew a lot going into the London portion of this trip, but what really blew me away was learning about all of the Scottish history while we were in Edinburgh and the Highlands. I had no idea how long Scotland had a king and that it really wasn’t until James VI (James I) took over the British throne that the two countries were united. Let’s just say I might have had more fun talking to Chris about the history on our trip than anything else!
    The Wandering Weekenders- 10 More Things I Learned While Visiting Europe
  2. The Royal Family is kind of a big deal- Probably one of the things that I was looking forward to the most about our trip to Edinburgh was exploring the Royal Mile, especially Holyrood Palace which is located at the very bottom of the Royal Mile. You can imagine how surprised and kind of ticked off I was when we reached the bottom of the Royal Mile and walked up to Holyrood Palace, only to discover that it was closed because a member of the Royal Family was visiting! I mean how rude! Did the Royal Family not realize that I’m kind of a big deal and that I would only be in Edinburgh for a short time and needed to see Holyrood Palace? Of course they didn’t because they happened to be leaving the same day that we were leaving. Needless to say, when planning a trip to the UK, be prepared for a change in plans if the Royal Family is nearby!
    The Wandering Weekenders- 10 More Things I Learned While Visiting Europe
  3. Afternoon Tea might be the best thing ever- We managed to have Tea twice on our trip, once in Edinburgh where we shared a pot and some scones, and once in London where we actually had Afternoon Tea. Let me just preface with what’s about to come next with the fact that I live in Texas and I do not like Sweet Iced Tea, and if given the option I would much rather drink water than Iced Tea, which of course, makes me anything but Texan or Southern. With all that being said, I actually really loved Afternoon Tea and hot tea! I fully expected to not like it all and to have to choke down my cup, but I can see myself having a cup of tea in the evenings during the winter or when I’m feeling sick. I guess maybe I’m more European than Texan now! Anyways, our Afternoon Tea was pretty much the icing on top of our London trip and couldn’t have been more delicious or beautiful! I definitely recommend going if you’re visiting the UK!
    The Wandering Weekenders- 10 More Things I Learned While Visiting Europe
  4. The London Tube and the Paris Metro are super easy to use- I have to admit that I was pretty nervous about using the Tube and the Metro while we were in London and Paris, and I think that just stems from kind of figuring out the Subway in NYC but never being 100% sure if we needed to go uptown or downtown. The Tube and the Metro on the other hand, was definitely easier than that, and that’s taking into account that we didn’t speak the language in Paris either! I think what made them so easy was the fact that they had the last stop listed instead of the direction that you wanted to go like in NYC, so if you had a map, you could easily figure it out. Chris even got comfortable with the Metro by the end of our time in Paris, and he’s known for being a little directionally challenged.
  5. The UK and Paris are a lot more credit card friendly than Germany or Italy- One of the things that Chris and I were prepared for when we came on this trip was having to pull out cash for dinners and souvenirs because we felt like we were constantly using cash during our trip last year. We couldn’t have been more wrong, which is definitely a good thing! It felt like the UK and Paris were a lot easier to use cards at, at least in the bigger cities, than when we were in Prague or Munich or even Venice last year! We were very happy that we didn’t have to use our debit card too much!
    The Wandering Weekenders- 10 More Things I Learned While Visiting Europe
  6. The Parisians are actually super friendly and nice- Before our trip one of the things that we constantly heard was how not nice the Parisians were going to be to us as soon as they found out that we were American. So going into the trip that’s what Chris and I fully expected, and we couldn’t have been more wrong! We took the chunnel from London to Paris and we had just figured out the Paris Metro and where we needed to go to get to our hotel and were walking through the doors to get on the Metro and my bag got stuck in the doors right after the ticket counter! Chris and I were both trying to pull on my bag to get it loose and it wasn’t until a Parisian walked by and literally pulled on the door that we were able to get it loose. We had a few more encounters throughout our trip, and we didn’t have one negative experience! Maybe we’re in the minority, or maybe we just had very low expectations, but I was pleasantly surprised by the Parisians! I think that it helped that we always greeted with a “bonjour”.
    The Wandering Weekenders- 10 More Things I Learned While Visiting Europe
  7. I cannot nor will I ever be able to speak French appropriately- So kind of going along with the statement above, I’m kind of surprised that the Parisians didn’t hate me because I literally butchered every single thing I said in French, except for maybe “Bonjour” or “Merci”! I think that it’s from all of those years learning Spanish in high school and living in Texas, but I definitely feel like I put way too much of Latin flourish when I was speaking French!
  8. Nothing beats a Parisian Cafe- One of mine and Chris’s favorite things that we did while we were in Paris was to sit and eat at one of the numerous cafes while we were there. Not only was the setting always beautiful, but the food was fantastic and you got to sit and watch what was going on on the street around you! The only thing that wasn’t that great was all of the smoking that happened at those cafes, but I was mostly able to look by that!
    The Wandering Weekenders- 10 More Things I Learned While Visiting Europe
  9. I might miss blue cheese and charcuterie more than I miss wine- Literally every single menu in Paris and most of the menus in London had charcuterie as an appetizer, which if you’ve been reading this blog for long enough you know that’s actually one of my favorite meals to eat ever. So you can imagine how sad I was when I saw those listed and knew that I couldn’t partake. The other thing that was also depressing was walking through Borough Market in London and seeing all of these perfect and delicious looking blue cheese and realizing that I couldn’t eat that either! I was definitely way more depressed about not being able to eat that than not being able to drink the wine while we were in Paris!
    The Wandering Weekenders- 10 More Things I Learned While Visiting Europe
  10. Be prepared for plans to change- If you read our European Itinerary, you saw that one of the things that we had planned during our trip to Paris was a day trip to Normandy to see the D-Day beaches. Chris and I both love learning more about WWII, and we were really looking forward to actually visiting the site of one of the greatest military operations in history, and also paying our respects as well. I had literally double and triple checked dates on everything for this trip except for this little portion, so you can imagine how upset I was when we woke up early Sunday morning to go on tour, only to realize that I had booked it for Monday morning and not Sunday! Chris and I tossed around the idea of renting a car and driving there ourselves, but after thinking it through, we thought that it’d be too crazy of a trip, so we decided to do something else. I was scrolling through Pinterest when one of the things to do in Paris that caught my eye was visiting Disneyland Paris. We quickly grabbed our things and headed out to the happiest place on earth. So while we missed out on a really cool opportunity, we definitely made the most out of our situation, and still had a great time!
    The Wandering Weekenders- 10 More Things I Learned While Visiting Europe

And there you have it! A pretty crazy list of things that I learned during this trip to Europe! We seriously had the best time and I can’t wait to recap everything for y’all, although I might just have to get through a few other trips first, like our trip to Europe last year! I’m finally linking up again with these wanderful women for Wanderful Wednesday: Lauren of Lauren on Location, Van of Snow in Tromso, Isabel of The Sunny Side of This and Marcella of What a Wonderful World!

Do you learn things during your travels? What you have learned recently?

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10 more random things I learned while visiting Europe. From all of the history to missing blue cheese to being prepared for plans to change.

The Weekend Of Getting Stuff Done

If there’s one thing that I’d consider myself good at, it’s definitely compartmentalizing things. We found out that we were pregnant in March, but I had the Europe trip to focus on so that I didn’t go into full blown baby planning mode. Now that Europe is over I’m on the brink of going obsessive with everything baby, and some people would probably say that I have gone baby obsessive, but without knowing the genders it’s a little hard to get fully into planning and getting things done for the babies.

The Wandering Weekenders- The Weekend Of Getting Stuff Done

So instead, Chris and I have decided to focus on getting those little projects done around the house that we’ve been putting off for the past three years because we know that we’ll have zero time to get stuff done once the babies get here! So this weekend was the start of our getting stuff done around the house mode, and I’m linking up with Biana to share it all with you!


Last week was the first 5 day work week since before we left for Europe, and I’d be lying if I said that it wasn’t a little hard! Thankfully I was able to keep busy, so the week was over before I knew it! My sister stopped by the house Friday afternoon so she could borrow our Costco membership and stock up some things for her house. She came over later in the afternoon so we were able to all grab dinner at a new Mexican restaurant before she headed home for the evening. After that Chris and I spent some time getting caught up on DVR before heading back to bed early, because that’s all that we seem to be doing lately.


I could really get used to the whole semi-sleeping in thing, but I know that it’s short-lived come November! Chris and I got a full night’s sleep before waking up at a decent time Saturday morning. We decided to grab some Starbucks and run a few errands before heading back to the house to relax for a little bit.

The Wandering Weekenders- The Weekend Of Getting Stuff Done

Our big plans for the afternoon were to go to a baby store that actually had the stroller and car seats that we’d been looking at. If you’re in the Houston area and are pregnant, definitely stop by Baby’s 1st! Not only do they have a huge range of strollers and car seats that you can “test” drive (they’ll even put one of the car seats in your car to see how it fits), their sales members are super knowledgeable, and they have some fake babies so you can see what it would feel like with some actual baby weight in the car seat or stroller. After our trip Chris and I are even more positive that we’re going the right direction with the stroller and car seats we’d picked out.

After our big stop, we had made a few small stops at Pottery Barn Kids (I think that we’re going to take advantage of their free nursery consultations), Kendra Scott (so I could use Chris’s birthday discount), and then Half Price Books (because this Half Price books is one of the best in the city). Needless to say, we were exhausted after all of those errands and were looking forward to being home!

Last weekend, Chris and I cut up our big to do list into smaller weekend to do lists so that we don’t get too overwhelmed with the things that we need to do before we know genders. Plus, then we don’t feel like we’re spending a couple of weekends only doing things around the house instead of fun things. Also, since Chris and I tend to be procrastinators, this will also help us to stay accountable too.

The big to do this weekend was to reorganize our kitchen. When we moved in three years ago I was the one that was unpacking our kitchen, and while most things were put up pretty well, some of our cabinets were a little dysfunctional. With two babies being added to the mix later on this year, we also knew that we’d need to free up some drawer or cabinet space for all of their things too.

I honestly thought that this was going to be way bigger of a project than what it actually ended up being. Chris and I worked really well together and were able to get rid of a bunch of wine glasses and other random things that we don’t use, rearrange some of the drawers and cabinets, and it all only took us an hour! It definitely feels pretty good to have the major thing checked off the list for this week. The rest of the night was just like Friday night, lots of DVR before heading to bed early! Man we’re becoming old people!


We actually slept in a little later on Sunday than what we did on Saturday, and in honor of Father’s Day I went and brought back some Whataburger for Chris for dinner. Not really breakfast in bed, but close enough I guess!

The Wandering Weekenders- The Weekend Of Getting Stuff Done

The rest of Sunday was spent like most Sundays, full of errands and chores, and a little bit of relaxation as well. Chris and I did some grocery shopping (it’s seriously so nice to eat in after eating out for so long), I got some laundry done, we tried out a new Skinnytaste recipe for dinner, and I got some blogging done as well. It was the perfect way to end our weekend!

Did you have a good weekend? Do you make little checklists to help you stay on track with chores? 

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The weekend of getting stuff done, including stuff around the house and baby stuff as well!

Bumpdate- The First Trimester

As promised, here’s my first bumpdate for the new babies! I had originally started writing these with symptoms and stuff like that, and then they ended up morphing into more of a diary type of entry. I actually like the diary style of writing better, because I’m thinking of printing these out and creating books for our babies with my bump pictures and how I was feeling so they can know how much we loved them from the very beginning, and how shocked we were to find out that there were two of them!

The Wandering Weekenders- Bumpdate- The First Trimester

So anyways, there’s nothing too freaky pregnancy in here, but there’s some funny stories about how Chris didn’t really think that I was pregnant, how we found out that we were having twins, and just life in between! So pretty much everything that I’ve been wanting to write in weekend updates, but wasn’t able to because we hadn’t formally announced yet! It’s a pretty long post, so be prepared, and again, let me know if y’all have any questions, or if you have any advice for a mom of twins!

Week 4- How We Found Out

I seriously can’t believe it Chris and I are going to have a baby! We started trying at the end of last year, and while I kind of expected it to happen quickly, it still blew my mind that we’re actually pregnant! On Friday March 10th I came home from work and decided that I needed to take a pregnancy test. I had taken a test earlier in the week, but it had come back negative, but I pretty much just wanted to make sure. Chris thought for sure that I was going to come back negative, so while he cooked dinner I went back and took the test. Way quicker than the three minutes that the box said it would take to get the results the test came back positive! I was literally so shocked and started tearing up when I showed Chris the test that we were going to be parents!

The Wandering Weekenders- Bumpdate- The First Trimester

I think that we were both just so shocked that it came back positive that I decided to take another test, just to be sure. I had been chugging water since I came home so I could take a test, which I think ended up diluting myself and resulted in a negative pregnancy test. I immediately hopped on the internet and started doing research while Chris went to the drug store to pick up more pregnancy tests that were different brands. Instead of taking another one that night, I waited and took two different brands in the morning before I hopped in the shower. When I got out of the shower, Chris and I both looked at them and they both were very obviously pregnant! I couldn’t believe it!

We told our first friends later on that Saturday evening when we went over to their house for dinner. It’s so funny because when we went to Fredericksburg with them last April, they told us that they were pregnant fairly early because Sarah couldn’t drink wine with us, so it was ironic that pretty much the same thing happened for us! They were so excited for us, and I can’t wait to see our kids grow up together!

On Sunday we had family pictures that we had planned for the prior weekend but had to be rescheduled to this weekend. I had wanted family pictures of the three of us for as long as I can remember, and with Dart getting sick, it just put it at forefront of our minds. It’s kind of ironic though because as much as I wanted these to be family of 3 pictures, they’re actually family of 4 pictures because we had our little Poppy Seed on the way!

After our pictures we headed over to my parents’ house so I could do our taxes (boring!), but also so that we could tell them that they were going to be grandparents! Chris started off by telling them that we had some news for them, that we were going to Galveston to celebrate my birthday. They were like “Ok, so what”, so I told them that we were going to try and go to Fredericksburg again but that it wasn’t going to work out since I couldn’t drink because I was pregnant! I think that it took them a few seconds to comprehend what was going on, and then they were so excited and hugging us both! My mom has already sent me a copy of What To Expect When You’re Expecting, and it should be here Tuesday! I also called and made our 8 week appointment which will be in April!

I really don’t think that I have too many symptoms besides maybe being a little emotional and a some slight nausea, but nothing that makes me feel like I’m going to throw up right here and right now. The major symptom that I am noticing is that I just feel exhausted all the time! I think that the time change this past weekend, also has a little something to do with it.

Week 5- Being Pregnant In Vegas

It’s pretty amazing how much the topic of having a baby can come up in everyday conversation and how hard it is to not say anything! I felt like it takes all of the control that I have to not spill the beans to my coworkers on a daily basis. Good thing I can still tell my close friends and family though!

The Wandering Weekenders- Bumpdate- The First Trimester

On Tuesday I went to a play with my mom and sister and I couldn’t even contain myself. Again, I would have loved to tell my sister in some cutesy way, but after the rough day that she had, all I could say was “Well the good news is that you’re going to be an Auntie!”. She was excited, but I’m pretty sure that she already knew. She already has her name picked out and is going to be Aunt CC!

This weekend was also the weekend that we were going to Las Vegas to celebrate my 30th birthday with my friend Kayla. I pretty much told her right away as soon as she walked in the door that sorry there wouldn’t be any wine shenanigans in Vegas because she was going to be an Auntie! She was excited and we had a great time basically being alcohol free the whole weekend.

My aunt and uncle also happened to be in Vegas the same weekend that we were there, so we met up with them Friday afternoon. My aunt really wanted to buy us birthday drinks, so I told her of course, as long as mine was non alcoholic. We tried to hint to my uncle what was going on, but he didn’t pick up on it at all.

Week 6- My Birthday

This week started off rough for me because I was so exhausted from Vegas and also came down with some sort of cold or something. I ended up staying home from work one day in order to recover, and actually both Dart and I needed to recover that day. He had a bad case of garbage gut because he ate a whole bird in the backyard. Yes, the only thing that was left were all of the feathers in the backyard!

The Wandering Weekenders- Bumpdate- The First Trimester

On Thursday, we celebrated my 30th birthday and I wrote down my reverse bucket list of all the things that I had accomplished in my 30 years. I wanted to put down starting a family, but obviously had to keep that a secret for a little bit longer! We also had the book club at work on Thursday and a couple of people made comments on the fact that I was only drinking water, and all I could say was I just wasn’t feeling well. They’ll find out soon enough!

That weekend we went to Galveston for the weekend and it was so nice to just relax on the beach with Dart and enjoy the beautiful weather. On the ride home I FaceTimed Stacy so we could talk about Europe plans and told her the good news that our babies are going to be besties since they’re due two months apart. She was so excited, and it’s been so much fun to talk to her about all things first trimester since she just went through it and Sarah as well!

When we got home on Sunday we called Chris’s parents and told them the good news. They were so excited, and I know that they’re excited to be grandparents again! I also know that Chris is looking forward to asking his mom questions now that she officially knows!

Week 7- The First Doctor’s Visit

We had our very first doctor’s visit on Monday, and we also got our official due date, Monday November 13th. I have a feeling that it’ll probably end up later than that because we took ovulation tests, so I know about when we conceived. Everything looked good so far at the doctor and he said that he could tell that I was pregnant from my body which is pretty interesting. We tried to do an ultrasound to hear a heartbeat, but unfortunately we’re just a week too early, so we’ll have to wait 4 more weeks to hear it. It’ll be well worth the wait I’m sure!

The Wandering Weekenders- Bumpdate- The First Trimester

We celebrate my birthday with my family on Tuesday and it was a very surreal experience since it was the last family get together at the house that I grew up in before my parents’ move to their new house. I know that if I was to listen to Miranda Lambert’s The House That Built Me I would break down in tears because it applies to me so much! This was also the first time that I was really around a lot of other people that were drinking that I couldn’t. And while I definitely wish that I could have a glass of wine every now and then, I really haven’t missed wine too much.

Chris called and told his brothers this week and they were all super excited along with all of our nieces and nephew. They even gave us a few name suggestions like Rosemary, Light, Poop, and Little Bunny Foo Foo. You can definitely tell, or maybe not so much, what they had on their minds when they were coming up with names!

Nothing really changed much for me this week as far pregnancy symptoms go, except that I actually started dealing with morning sickness. It’s not too terrible, I just feel slightly nauseous in the morning but never get to the “OMG I’m going to hurl!” phase, thank goodness! I’ll be very excited when this phase is over though!

Week 8- Routine

Chris was out of town this week for training so I had the whole house to myself and Dart and I got into our own little routine. I’d come home from work, we’d go on a walk, then I’d run, eat dinner, and then end the night with some TV watching. It was very nice and very relaxing.

The Wandering Weekenders- Bumpdate- The First Trimester

I still have some morning sickness in the morning, but I really think that the running is helping it to pass. If only I could get myself out of bed early enough to try and get it out of the way in the mornings! This was also the busiest week for me at work, so I got really tired in the afternoons, so much so that I’ve been napping in the afternoons on the bus ride home. It’s been kind of nice though!

I also decided that I wanted to do some Bump Date pictures for this pregnancy and then maybe make a little book out of the picture for little baby. I ordered these off of Etsy, and what I love is that I can customize them to how I want! I haven’t really said anything too exciting on them yet because I feel like nothing’s really changed for me so far during this pregnancy, but I’m sure that I’ll think of something!

Week 9- Easter

Chris and I are officially split down the middle as far as whether or not we want a boy or a girl, although I think that he’s 51% boy and I’m 51% girl, so it’s pretty even. There’s really know rhyme or reason why we think we’re having one over another, except that that’s what we want. But to be perfectly honest, we’ll be super happy with a happy and healthy baby, no matter what. We’ve polled the family and overall everybody tends to think that we’re having a girl, although I think that there are quite a few people or think that it’s going to be a boy.

The Wandering Weekenders- Bumpdate- The First Trimester

I find that I’m still not really having that many symptoms of pregnancy, other than the stuff that you really don’t talk about except with other pregnant moms or in the What To Expect When You’re Expecting book. The one thing that I have noticed is that I’ve been drinking water like crazy! I don’t know if it’s completely normal or not, but I can drink two bottles of water at the office in under two hours. I’m either turning into a camel or it’s a normal pregnancy thing.

Chris’s parents and Matt and Shele and the girls came down for Easter weekend, and it was so much fun to talk and see everybody. The girls were all hoping for another girl cousin and had some fun ideas for names as well, although nothing quite as interesting as Little Bunny Foo Foo or Light. It’s hard to believe that I’m almost done with the first trimester!

Week 10- An Emotional Roller Coaster

The baby’s nickname I think is officially Alien because it’s just weird to think that a baby is officially growing in there! My What To Expect email told me this week that my baby is officially a fetus and that it has finger nails, and of course all I could think of was the line from Juno. But seriously, I guess that the baby is looking less like an alien and more like an actual baby now!

The Wandering Weekenders- Bumpdate- The First Trimester

We have our next doctor’s appointment next week and I have to admit that I’m practically head over heels excited to finally see the heartbeat on the ultrasound! We’ll definitely know for the next baby that we’ll want to wait until 8 weeks so we can see the heartbeat on the first visit!

This week has been an emotional one for sure. On Monday my parents moved out of their home that I’ve lived in my entire life, well up until college, and officially moved into their retirement home in College Station. It was definitely bittersweet because that house holds so many memories for me, but I know that we’ll have even more memories in the new house!

That same evening, my mom received word that my grandmother had passed away. I know that she’s been thrown through the emotional ringer lately, and this was kind of like the icing on the cake. Memaw always loved to know what was going on with us and she seriously knew all the names to all of my friends and would always ask me about them and what I had going on in my life whenever I’d visit her. She also called me Courtney, Brenda, Marsha, and Bonnie before calling me Ashley, but I think that’s just a trait that runs in our family because my mom and I do it all the time too. If we have a boy I’m sure that he’ll be called Dart at one point in time! We’re all going to miss her so much, but I know that she’s not in anymore pain and is with Papa and Aunt Marsha again and couldn’t be happier about it.

Week 11- We’re Having Twins!

I was so excited to have our second doctor’s appointment because we were finally able to hear the heartbeat. I was too early the last time we visited to see a heartbeat by normal ultrasound, so I’ve been patiently and probably a little nervously waiting to finally hear that our baby has a heartbeat!

The Wandering Weekenders- Bumpdate- The First Trimester

We went to the doctor and after the nurse did all of the normal checks on me, she tried to use the little heartbeat monitor on my stomach to read the heartbeat. She tried for what felt like the longest minutes of my life, and still couldn’t find a heartbeat. She told us that it was normal to not hear it sometimes, but of course, that only made me more nervous.

We went into another room for the ultrasound, and I was a little anxious waiting for my doctor to come in. He went through all of the normal questions about our family history with cancer, medical conditions, and whether or not twins ran in the family. He also asked me I still had pregnancy symptoms because he didn’t think that it was a good sign that they couldn’t hear the heartbeat. I still had all of the normal pregnancy symptoms, so we started with the ultrasound.

Almost immediately we could see this little thing jumping around on the monitor, and the doctor said “Look, there’s your baby. Also you see this little line right here, that usually means that there’s another one, and oh look there’s you’re other baby. You’re having twins.” About a million things rushed through my mind, but all I could say was “You’re joking right” about 4 or 5 times. Our doctor told me nope, y’all are definitely having twins and he was able to get the heartbeat on both babies! I totally freaked Chris out and started crying because I was so overwhelmed with all of the emotions that I was feeling. Like what, we can’t be having twins! It doesn’t even run in either of our families! I guess not being able to hear the heartbeat on the monitor was a blessing in disguise because we found out pretty early on that we’re having twins!

Our doctor asked us to make an appointment with a sonographer to figure out how far along we were exactly (our doctor thinks that we’re actually a little bit earlier than he originally expected) and then we’ll be back in another couple of weeks to see him. We have our appointment on May 4th, and I cannot wait! From the looks of the ultrasound, the babies (still weird to say) have separate amniotic sacs which means that more than likely they’re fraternal and not identical twins, but there’s still a chance that they could be identical.

I had plans to tell my coworkers and bosses as soon as I got back from the doctor, and I pretty much did nothing the whole rest of the morning except for tell people that we were expecting, and that it wasn’t one baby but actually two! Pretty much everybody’s responses were to laugh, and I have to say even though people were expecting me to say that I was pregnant, they had no idea that it was going to be twins!

I pretty much spent the rest of the week doing some research on Pinterest about twins and trying to figure out what we’re going to need now with two babies on the way. Basically it’s a whole heck of a lot! We also told our last few close friends that we hadn’t had the chance to tell yet. They were all super excited and shocked like us that we’re having two!

I don’t know if it’s the fact that I know that I’m supposed to be eating for three now, but this week I’ve been a lot hungrier. I’m also trying my best to drink as much water as possible. I read online that a woman expecting twins is supposed to gain 35-50 pounds and drink about a gallon of water a day! Can we say yikes? I’m still attempting to get some exercise in, whether that’s walking or running on the treadmill, but I’m definitely trying to not wear myself out too much.

We’re still so totally and completely shocked at the news that we’re having TWINS! There’s two little alien babies floating around in fluid in my stomach! It’s just so surprising! We had joked that maybe we’d have twins and do the whole one and done pregnancy thing, never actually expecting that it would really happen! I will say that the best part about discovering that we’re having twins is that now Chris and I are on the same team when it comes to the gender, Team Boy & Girl! But we will see what ends up happening!

Week 11 Part 2- Our First Sonogram

So after finding out the beyond crazy news that we were having TWINS last week, our doctor told us that one of the advantages of having multiples is that we’d probably get way more ultrasounds than normal, which is totally fine by me! After my appointment last week I called the sonographer that my doctor recommended and we made our appointment for Thursday morning.

The Wandering Weekenders- Bumpdate- The First Trimester

We got there super early and were the first ones in the waiting room, so we were also the first ones to get our ultrasounds. I have to admit that I was kind of nervous about this appointment and didn’t sleep very well the night before because I was kind of worried that our doctor had made some sort of mistake and that we really didn’t have twins in there, but just one baby, after we just told all of these people that we were expecting twins. Thankfully, as soon as the sonographer turned on the ultrasound we were able to see both babies and hear both of their heartbeats!

I think that Chris and I were both just still in shock but so excited finally being able to see our babies on the big screen again! During the appointment one of the babies was seriously just bouncing around like he or she was hopped up on sugar, while the other baby was just chill. Both heartbeats measured at 159 bpm, and we also found out that both babies had their own amniotic sacs and placentas which is means that they’re getting their own separate nutrients and aren’t fighting each other for it. The sonographer also saw the “lambda” sign which means that are babies are fraternal twins, so there’s actually hope that we might have a girl and a boy!

The sonographer also told us that the babies were measuring about 11 weeks, which is what I expected since we took ovulation tests when we got pregnant. We also got our very first pictures of our babies, which Chris and I both love, and can’t stop looking at.

After the appointment I went literally right next door to get my first round of blood work done. If you know, then you’ll know that I’m not the biggest fan of needles whatsoever. I swear when we did physicals at the office my blood pressure was higher than normal because I was so worried about the finger prick I had to do later on!

Anyways, so when I went to get my blood taken I told the nurse that and she said ok, and stuck me with a needle. Well I wasn’t really flowing, even after she kind of moved the needle around, so she used a different device to get my blood. Around the half way point of the second vial of blood that she was taking, I started to feel light headed and I told her, so she told me to lie my head back and she called somebody else in. Needless to say, I woke up with both nurses calling my name and fanning me because I had full blown passed out. I don’t know if it was because of the amount of blood I was giving or just because I hate needles, but I’m not looking forward to this process for the rest of the pregnancy. And of course then my mom asked me how in the world I was going to have these babies if I pass out when I give blood. We’ll have to wait and see I guess!

Other than that we had a really busy weekend filled with family time and even a 5K. I definitely didn’t do my best as far as running the 5K, but I guess this is the only opportunity that I’ll have to blame my crappy running times on being pregnant! The major bummer for me was the fact that I couldn’t drink any of the beer after the race, but I opted for a root beer instead, and hopefully we’ll be back next year two little ones in a stroller to run the race again!

Week 12- Mother’s Day

With as much stuff that has been going on the past few weeks with the babies, Week 12 was as uneventful as it gets. I still haven’t had a ton of morning sickness, just some slight nausea, and the only thing that randomly happens is that I’ll get headaches every now and then. I’m hoping that my doctor will be able to tell me something that I can take when that happens next time.

The Wandering Weekenders- Bumpdate- The First Trimester

This weekend also happened to be Mother’s Day. While I didn’t get to celebrate with my mom on Sunday, Chris and Dart and the babies definitely spoiled me for my very first human Mother’s Day! They got me the cutest pineapple shirt along with some Kendra Scott jewelry. I’m beyond spoiled, and love it so much!

Week 13- Third Doctor’s Visit

Since we were leaving on our Europe trip the following week and my doctor was going to be on vacation too my next appointment was only 3 weeks after my last appointment. As much as I told myself to not get freaked out if they couldn’t hear the heartbeats with the heartbeat monitor this time around, it’s still really nerve wracking when it actually happens.

The Wandering Weekenders- Bumpdate- The First Trimester

After the nurse had done all of the normal stuff like blood pressure and weight (I’m only one pound up during the the first trimester, which I think is really awesome considering that I’m having two babies) she could only find one heartbeat with the heartbeat monitor. So I found myself back in the ultrasound room trying not to freak myself out that there was something wrong with the babies. When the doctor came in he was immediately able to find both babies and both heartbeats with the ultrasound. The problem was that the babies were sitting on top of each other which is why the heartbeat monitor only picked up one heartbeat. Chris and I now have bets on how many times we’ll only be able to hear one heartbeat!

The rest of the week was pretty uneventful until Friday when Chris and I took the day off work so we could look at daycares nearby. We found two that we really liked, but ended up going for the one that was closer to our house and had a great program for older kids, even if it was a little more expensive.

That weekend was also my Cousin’s wedding and after my sister and I showed up in the same dress, the dress that I ended up wearing showed off my little twin bump! It’s crazy that after only 3 months I’m starting to show!

And that’s a wrap for the first trimester! If you made it to the bottom of this post, you are amazing! It was super long, probably the longest post I’ve ever written! I hope that you enjoyed, and check back soon for my second bumpdate which includes our Europe trip!

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