The Wandering Weekenders- 101 in 1001

Start: November 16, 2015

Finish: August 13, 2018


1. Visit 5 countries that I’ve never been to before. (5/5)
2. Visit 10 cities that I’ve never been to before.
3. Visit Disney World during the Epcot Food & Wine Festival.
4. Visit Disney World during Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party.
5. Visit the new Harry Potter park at Universal in Orlando.
6. Visit a real life castle.
7. Visit another wine region in the United States (other than Napa and Texas).
8. Visit the Texas wine country.
9. Visit a winery during the harvest.
10. Visit a brewery in another city.
11. Visit the Northeast during the fall and see real fall colors.
12. Visit somewhere with snow on the ground.
13. Visit 3 National Parks. (1/3)
14. Visit the Pacific Northwest.
15. Visit Albuquerque during the International Balloon Festival.
16. Visit Niagara Falls.
17. Go on three girl’s trips. (2/3)
18. Go on a spontaneous weekend trip.
19. Go to an Aggie football game not in College Station.
20. Go on a trip once a month for a year.
21. Book a trip using only points.
22. Attend a sporting event not in Texas.
23. Take a road trip.
24. Take Dart to the beach.
25. Pack for a trip that’s longer than a weekend in a carry on.


26. Play tourist in my hometown.
27. Find 3 of the Houston murals.
28. Try 5 new restaurants.
29. Attend an Astros game.
30. Attend a Rockets game.
31. Attend a Dynamo game.
32. Attend a Texans game.
33. Attend a festival.
34. Visit 3 of the local breweries. (2/3)
35. Visit the zoo.


36. Organize my closet.
37. Organize my night stand.
38. Organize under my sink.
39. Organize our photos and music on our computer.
40. Organize my jewelry and find a great way to store everything.
41. Organize our kitchen better and get rid of things we don’t use.
42. Organize the pantry and keep it organized.
43. Organize and decorate the office.
44. Organize all of the seasonal decorations.
45. Decorate the game room.
46. Decorate the living room.
47. Paint rooms in the house.
48. FINALLY get our last few boxes unpacked.
49. Buy a china cabinet and decorate.
50. Use our china for a special occasion.
51. Host a dinner party.
52. Donate clothes that I can’t wear anymore to charity.
53. Create a gallery wall on the staircase of our photos we’ve taken.
54. Get the theater room set up.
55. Landscape the backyard.


56. Get up to date on our family yearbooks.
57. Get up to date on our vacation photobooks. (Completed through California 2014)
58. Get updated family photos printed.
59. Get family of three pictures taken (me, Chris, and Dart).
60. Do not go shopping for one whole month (except for groceries and necessities).
61. Read 100 books. (93/100)
62. Complete 3 reading challenges.
63. Start and finish a new book series.
64. Have a Star Wars marathon weekend.
65. Have a Lord of the Rings marathon weekend.
66. Have a Hobbit marathon weekend.
67. Finish watching the whole series of Friends.
68. Get our movies organized and stored electronically.
69. Take a photography class.
70. Learn how to better utilize photoshop.
71. Do something crafty with all of my corks that I’ve collected.
72. Do something creative with all of our Christmas cards throughout the years.
73. Do something creative with all of the Christmas cards we’ve received.
74. Send out birthday cards on time for 1 year.
75. Start a family.


76. Make 10 new recipes.
77. Make apple pie from scratch.
78. Cook my husband dinner without his help.
79. Do not eat out for one week.
80. Print out my recipes from Pinterest and organize.
81. Pick a random page in a cookbook and make whatever you get (I loved this idea Macy!)
82. Learn how to use a grill.
83. Order something I usually wouldn’t order at a restaurant.
84. Order a dish in another language.
85. Eat at 3 Bravo-lebrity restaurants.

Health, Fitness & Beauty

86. Drop one dress size.
87. Work out for three days for three months in a row.
88. Work out in the morning three days a week for a month.
89. Try 3 new workouts. (2/3)
90. Complete a fitness challenge.
91. Run 2 5Ks without walking. (1/2)
92. Average 10K steps a day for three months. (1/3)
93. Average 12K steps a day for one month.
94. Wear lipstick or lip gloss everyday for a week.
95. Perfect curling my hair.


96. Get better about planning blog posts.
97. Update old blog posts with better pictures and captions.
98. Develop more relationships with other bloggers.
99. Sponsor other blogs.
100. Develop my social media presence more.
101. Develop a blog schedule.


In Progress:
Travel- (2/25)
Houston- (1/10)
House- (0/20)
Life- (2/20)
Food- (0/10)
Health, Fitness & Beauty- (3/10)
Blog- (0/6)
Total- (8/101)

Travel- (16/25)
Houston- (4/10)
House- (15/20)
Life- (10/20)
Food- (5/10)
Health, Fitness & Beauty- (4/10)
Blog- (5/6)
Total- (59/101)

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