After a few days on Maui, the family and I island hopped over to Hawaii, also known as “The Big Island.” Although Oahu tends to be the typical choice for Hawaiian vacations, my parents wanted us to experience true Hawaii, which is why they chose the Big Island. Linking up with Bonnie from A Compass Rose and Christine from A Keane Sense of Adventure for the Travel Tuesday link up.

The Wandering Weekenders- Travel Tuesday

Our time on the Big Island didn’t start out the best, unfortunately. My mom had booked our stay at the Hilton on the island, and they had overbooked the hotel. Thankfully they put us up in another hotel and gave us some food vouchers for the inconvenience. When we went to the Hilton to pick up the vouchers, we quickly realized that we might have gotten  the short end of the stick with this deal because the hotel was gorgeous! The hotel that we ended up at was nice and had some fabulous beaches, but after our stay at the Westin and seeing the Hilton it just seemed like a downgrade.

The Wandering Weekenders- My First Trip to Hawaii The Big Island

The main thing that The Big Island is known for are all of the active volcanoes on the island, in fact it’s the only Hawaiin island with active volcanoes. We took a day trip to the National Park one day to see the volcanoes, and although they were beautiful I don’t think my sister truly appreciated what we were seeing. After all of our adventures on Maui, looking at volcanoes just wasn’t that exciting.

The Wandering Weekenders- My First Trip to Hawaii The Big Island

The Wandering Weekenders- My First Trip to Hawaii The Big Island

The rest of our time on the Big Island was filled with laying by the pool and on the beach. Living in Houston we’re close to the beach, but we tend to use that term loosely because Galveston is so dirty. Any chance we get to see crystal clear blue water, we’re in heaven!

The Wandering Weekenders- My First Trip to Hawaii The Big Island

The other exciting part about our time on The Big Island was celebrating my 18th birthday with my family. Remember those vouchers we got when they booted us from our hotel, well we used those vouchers to have a wonderful birthday dinner with my family.

Overall, Hawaii was one of the best and most beautiful vacations I’ve ever been on. I loved being able to share my experiences with my family, and I can’t wait to share those experiences with Chris on our own Hawaiian vacation!

  • LydiaCLee

    I loved Big Island (and the Volcano) but the snorkelling with MantaRays was AMAZING and a must do for every visitor.We saw whales and so many turtles too! We did do 2 nights at the Hilton (more for the kooky aspect for the kids – I prefer smaller hotels myself).

    • Snorkeling with Manta Rays sounds amazing! I couldn’t even imagine swimming with them, let alone whales or turtles!

  • Wow that looks like an amazing family trip! Sorry to hear about the Hilton problem – it always sucks when they pull things like that and don’t compensate well enough, especially if it’s a downgrade!

    • There was definitely a difference in the hotel, but we ended up making lemonade out of the lemons that were handed to us. The beach outside of the hotel we were put into was beautiful!

  • Those volcanoes look super cool… but I can see how an 18 year old wouldn’t think so lol. I can only imagine what traveling will be like when my son is a teenager lol. Bummer that they overbooked the hotel but at least you got something for it. Love that you have all these pictures from past vacations. I need to raid my parents’ photo albums!

    • For the longest time my mom had pictures just sitting in boxes, and one summer I went through them all and put them into albums for her. It was so much fun to go back through and relive those pictures!
      I feel like I should go back to the Big Island though, just to experience the volcanoes all over again, because I think I’d appreciate them more.