One of the things that I love about both Universal Studios and Disney World is that they allow you to bring backpacks into the parks, along with water bottles and snacks. The only problem difference between Universal Studios and Disney World is that you’re required to put your bags into lockers for a lot of the Universal Studios rides, while you can carry your bags on most of the Disney World rides.

The Wandering Weekenders- What To Pack For A Day In Universal Studios

The lockers at Universal Studios outside the rides are free for the duration for the ride plus the line length, but they’re also pretty small (only 9.5″ wide, 11.5″ high, and 17″ deep). With that being said, you can bring whatever you want into Universal Studios, but you also want to be cautious about what you bring because you won’t have a ton of place to store your stuff while you ride your rides!

What To Pack For A Day In Universal Studios

The Wandering Weekenders- What To Pack For A Day In Universal Studios

A Backpack- Personally, I think that the best way to carry everything for your days in the parks is a backpack. The only thing to consider when choosing a backpack is that you have to go through security before you get onto Universal property, which means that you will have to open up every compartment. So I suggest a backpack with as little compartments as possible.

Refillable Water Bottle- Water is one thing that you should never EVER pay for when you’re in a theme park. It’s too expensive and something that you can get for free if you pack accordingly. There are water fountains all over the parks, so a refillable water bottle is definitely a must pack when visiting the parks, especially during the summer.

Snacks- Another thing that’s very expensive in the parks is food, and not only is it expensive, it’s also high calorie. A great way to save your money and your calories is to pack your own snacks. During our last trip to Universal Studios, we packed 100 calorie packs of nuts and protein bars, which were perfect for some mid morning or afternoon hunger pains.

iPhone Portable Charger- One of my favorite things to do when we’re on vacation is to severely over use SnapChat and Instagram way too much. The only bad thing about that, besides blowing up everybody’s phone, is that my phone will usually die about half way through the day, which, of course, is bad for everyone. To make sure that doesn’t happen, I always pack a portable charger. They’re usually super small, and one of the most important things that I usually pack. Just don’t forget to bring your lightning charging cable too!

Camera/Camera Batteries- Speaking of taking tons of pictures. You don’t want to forget your camera when you visit Universal Studios, because like I’ve mentioned previously, the details especially in the Harry Potter sections of the parks are outstanding! You’ll want to remember them for forever!

Sunscreen- The Florida sun is no joke, especially in the middle of the summer. The last thing you want to happen is to get fried on your first day in the parks, which would make the rest of your trip totally miserable. To make sure that doesn’t happen, make sure to pack a tube of sunscreen for your day in the parks, and don’t forget to reapply during the day!

Sunglasses- Again, with the Florida sun you definitely don’t want to be caught without your sunglasses. A long day in the sunny parks would make for a lot of squinting and probably future wrinkles if you forget your sunglasses!

Hand Sanitizer- If you ever stop to think about how many thousands of people that visit Universal Studios everyday, it doesn’t take long to think about all the germs that are all over the rides and other things that you touch throughout the day. You definitely don’t want to forget the hand sanitizer for your long day in the park.

Medicine- Before our trip to Disney World a couple of years ago, I read a few articles about packing some basic medicines to take with you into the parks, like pain reliever, Tums, and bandaids, and I couldn’t agree more with those articles! The last thing you want is to get a blister, a headache, or heartburn when you’re in the park and not have anything to fix it. A small medicine bag is a perfect thing to remember to take into the parks.

Fitness Tracker- I don’t think that it’s any secret that when you visit a theme park, you walk A LOT. A great way to track how much you’re walking is by bringing your fitness tracker. I’ve always been a huge fan of FitBit, but our Apple Watches were also great fitness trackers for our days in the park.

So there you have it, what I would pack for a day in Universal Studios. What else would you pack? Did I leave anything off?