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The Wandering Weekenders- 6 Things I Learned While Visiting Portland

To celebrate Memorial Day, Chris and I made our first trip to the Pacific Northwest with some friends of ours for a long weekend in Portland! We had such a blast on our trip and I can’t wait to start recapping it for you. Until then, here’s 6 things that I learned in Portland! I’m also linking up with the amazing Biana for her weekending linkup!

  1. Voodoo Doughnuts made several doughnuts that are actually illegal now- There are several things that Portland is known for, but probably one of the biggest things is all of the amazing food that the city has to offer. One of the most iconic eateries in the city is Voodoo Doughnuts that is known for all sorts of crazy doughnut creations. What you might not know is that there are actually 3 illegal doughnuts that Voodoo created but they can’t sell anymore. One was a doughnut filled with Pepto Bismal, one filled with NyQuil, and probably my favorite, the Hangover, that had aspirin ground up on top. Obviously, they couldn’t sell doughnuts with medicine in them, so they were banned by the city.
    The Wandering Weekenders- 6 Things I Learned While Visiting Portland
  2. It really doesn’t rain as much as you’d think- When one thinks of Portland, probably the first thing that comes to mind is rain, rain, and even more rain! While it was overcast the first day we we visited, we really had perfect weather the entire time. One of our tour guides actually told us that even though it’s overcast and drizzles a lot during the winter, their actual rainfall in inches isn’t really the high at all. The city of Houston actually gets the same or around the same rainfall as Portland! Farther north of the city though near Mount Hood, that’s where a lot of rainfall happens, our tour guide said they get around 200 inches per year because of the proximity to the mountain.
    The Wandering Weekenders- 6 Things I Learned While Visiting Portland
  3. There’s a white Pinot Noir and it’s fantastic- When we started planning our trip to Portland, one of the things our friends had to do was visit their favorite winery, Left Coast Winery. So we planned on doing a winery day, and our first stop of the day was Left Coast where they were doing a Sip and stroll for Memorial Day. The first wine we tried was a white Pinot Noir, and instantly we all were hooked! Basically it’s a Pinot Noir, but the way they do the fermentation process produces a white wine instead of a red wine. We liked it so much that we bought a few bottles!
    The Wandering Weekenders- 6 Things I Learned While Visiting Portland
  4. You could eat at a different food cart in Portland for the rest of your life and never eat at the same one- Like I said before, Portland is definitely known for their amazing and eclectic food that they have, and one of the food scenes they’re especially known for is their food cart scene. In the city of Portland, there are around 700 food carts set up into groups called pods. Now you might think that you could eat at all those individual food carts, but what you’d be forgetting is that the food cart scene is ever changing. Food carts go out of business all the time, so you might eat at a pizza cart in a pod one year and the next it might be a Chinese food cart. It’s pretty amazing!
    The Wandering Weekenders- 6 Things I Learned While Visiting Portland
  5. Portland got it’s name from a flip of a coin- I always love learning all about the history of the cities that we visit, so I loved learning all about Portland’s history on our walking tour. One of the things that our tour guide told us that I thought was so interesting was that Portland got its name when the city’s founders were arguing about its name and decided to flip a coin to see what would win out. One founder was from Portland, Maine and wanted to name their new city after his hometown, while the other was from Boston and wanted to name their city after his hometown. Obviously, you know what won out!
    The Wandering Weekenders- 6 Things I Learned While Visiting Portland
  6. There’s literally hundreds of different types of roses- Besides just the basic beauty of Oregon, one of the things we noticed during our weekend trip was how many roses were all around the city. Apparently roses grow so easily in Portland because of the weather, that there’s even an International Rose Test Garden where there test and grow different types of roses. You can tour that test garden and see the hundreds of types of roses for yourself! I could have spent hours just admiring all of them!
    The Wandering Weekenders- 6 Things I Learned While Visiting Portland

Overall we came away from our trip to Portland extremely full and completely in love with the Pacific Northwest! Everybody was so friendly, the food was fantastic, and I can’t wait to get back up there for another visit! Good thing we’re visiting Seattle later on this year so I can enjoy the beauty a little bit more!

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The Wandering Weekenders- 6 Things I Learned While Visiting Portland

  • Biana Perez

    Your trip looked amazing!! I had no idea how the name came to be, but the flip of a coin is crazy!! Can’t wait to see more! xo, Biana –BlovedBoston

    • I was so surprised too! Apparently they lost the coin that they originally flipped, but then found it years later in a safety deposit box. It’s crazy to think that we could have had two Bostons! I can’t wait to recap this trip either!

  • How fun!! I loved following along with all your snaps! Especially the garden pictures and those donuts! YUM! Glad you had a blast!

    • We had so much fun, although I think that my stomach has loved being able to recover a little bit since our trip because we ate so much! I probably could have spent all day in those rose gardens, and I might have to have a post just for all the pictures that I took of them!

  • Soo crazy about the doughnuts! So interesting about the name too and weird to think it could have been called Boston. Portland looks like such a cool place to visit!

    • Portland really was so much fun, and it had such a fun and cool vibe! To even think about calling it Boston, Oregon just sounds weird, so I’m glad that the coin picked Portland! The hangover doughnut actually sounds like it might be really good after a night of drinking, but apparently people were eating way too many so that’s why they had to ban them. It’s so crazy!

  • What a crazy story about the doughnuts. That Pinot Noir sounds excellent and so do some food trips! What cool facts, thanks for sharing. I can’t wait to hear more about your trip, I loved following along on Insta and Snap!

    • Thank you! We kept on joking that we were just in Portland for the food because we ate so much! Everything was just so good though, that we couldn’t say no! We learned so much on our walking tour, and I loved picking up some quirky facts about Portland!

  • Rachel

    My husband has been dying to go to Portland to try the wine! We’ve been to Napa so many times but Oregon wine country is definitely next on our list. That is so crazy about Voodoo! My mom was there for work a few years ago and tried the donuts, but who knew about the illegal ones!! Hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend!

    xo, Rachel
    A Blonde’s Moment

    • We had such a blast, and I can’t recommend Portland enough! It has a great food scene, but the wine scene is really amazing too! It’s a lot more spread out than Napa, but still really good! I don’t think that I would have found out about the illegal doughnuts if it hadn’t been for our walking tour. Our guide was so awesome and told us lots of fun facts about the city!

  • So glad that you had a good trip – I loved seeing all your food snaps!

    • Thank you! We kept on joking the whole time that we were just there for the food since we ate so much! I don’t think that we had a bad dish the whole time we were there, but there were definitely some places that we were better than others. I can’t wait to recap everything!

  • The good old northwest! 🙂 I was so excited to read this, and excited to read about what else you did here! Also, I was telling Michael we need to go to wine country this summer!

    • Y’all definitely need to make it out to the wine country this summer! It was just so beautiful, and I could have spent more time out there than what we had! Portland was seriously such a blast, and I already want to plan a return trip!

  • Living on Cloud Nine

    Talk about crazy donuts, but so so much fun! I love a good winery and a good wine, ha ha! Portland looks very pretty and I’m so glad it was a good time! Hope the short week gets off to a great note for you beautiful girl!

    • This week felt way slower than usual, but that’s probably because we had such a great time in Portland! I loved that we got to end our time in Portland at all the wineries! It was the perfect way to relax! I can’t wait to recap the rest of our trip!

  • Kristina @ MsModify

    I love Portland, such a beautiful city! So glad you had a great time! That is SO crazy they used to sell donuts with medicine in/on them!

    • I know! I couldn’t believe it either, but the medicine definitely fits with what Voodoo Doughnuts vibe! We had such a good time in Portland, and I can’t wait to go back for another visit!

  • This is so interesting! That donut place sounds strange. Who would think to put medicine in a donut (and who would think to buy one?!)? I’d love to visit Portland after reading this post!

    • Voodoo Doughnuts is definitely very crazy, but some of their creations are so good! I could definitely see myself wanting one of those hangover doughnuts after a night of drinking, but I could also see how some people might overdose. I hope that you get the chance to visit Portland! It really is a fun city!

  • How funny about the name choice by coin flip. that’s crazy! hehe Oh my goodness I’ve been wanting to go to Voodoo for sure. The banned ones sound insane though! LOL It looks gorgeous can’t wait to see the recap. And I could absolutely eat from carts, trucks, stands, etc. forever and ever. XO – Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

    • I loved that there was so much variety with the food carts! We ate just about anything and everything while we were there, and we loved it! I couldn’t get over how beautiful everything in Portland was either, and I can’t wait to share all of my recaps! I can’t recommend a trip to Portland enough!

  • The roses!

    I’ve never been to the PNW, it’s on my list.

    • I hope that you make it out there soon! Everything was so beautiful, and I could have looked at the roses all day long!

  • Emily Dunham

    Oh my gosh, I want to visit! All your travel posts make me want to go to every single place. 🙂

  • Hanna

    Portland looks like so much fun! –Hanna Lei

  • Kerri Taylor

    i LOVE the pac northwest. i am a big fan of seattle and still haven’t been up to portland. you’re so smart living in the middle of the country you can pop all over and it’s not as bad as being on one side or the other ha. but this is def on my list. love the history behind the name – i had no idea!

    xoxo cheshire kat

    • I didn’t either! Apparently they had lost the coin for a while, but then found it in a safety deposit box, so now it’s in a museum. We’re headed to Seattle later on this year, and I’m so excited to get back to that side of the country! It’s just so beautiful up there!

      And I’m still struggling a little bit to get back in the swing of things after being on the west coast! I was so tired on Tuesday being back at work, but thankfully everybody else was tired too!

  • Portland looks awesome! I want to go to all those food carts, we don’t have those around here!!

    • We don’t either, and it was so fun to eat so many different types of food in one place! You definitely need to try and plan a trip out there!

  • i love these posts because i always learn something too 😉 so interesting how it got its name. and omg the doughnuts, that’s scary/fabulous. i want to go just for those doughnuts 🙂

    • The running joke our whole weekend was that we were just there for the food! I think that we had our activities kind of planned, but there was no doubt in our minds where we were eating once we got there!

      I’m glad I’m not the only one that learned something! I feel like such a nerd about those things, but learning about the history of the cities that we visit really interests me!

  • How exciting! I’m dying to go to Portland!

  • Nadine

    Those donuts you snapped look so good!!! Portland would be such a cool place to visit! I didn’t know there was White Pinot Noir. So cool!

    • I promise that they definitely looked as good as they tasted! I think that you would love visiting Portland, especially since it’s such a foodie city! The white Pinot Noir was so good, that we ended up buying a few bottles after our tasting!

  • I’ve always wanted to go to Portland and just eat, haha! That’s really funny about the name … I couldn’t imagine it being Boston, Oregon!

    • That was the running joke through our whole trip, that we were really just there for the food! I can’t recommend a visit to Portland enough! We had such a blast, and I already want to go back for another visit soon!

  • LOVED all of these facts-so interesting Portland got its name from a flip of a coin! Medicine doughnuts sound crazy! A white pinot noir is really neat!

    • I know! It’s so weird to think that we could have had a Boston, Oregon instead of Portland! I have to admit the hangover doughnut sounded pretty interesting, but it’s really easy to see how people could potentially overdose on them!

  • Your snapchat had my mouth watering this weekend! The doughnuts, food, and wine, yes please! Portland sounds so pretty. Looked like the perfect weekend away!


    • We kept on saying that we were only there for the food, and everything we ate was so incredibly good! I couldn’t help snapping it all! I can’t recommend visiting Portland enough! We had so much fun!

  • I’m glad it didn’t rain on you, I think we had it all over here! 🙁 Those donuts sound absolutely incredible, what flavours did you get? Other than non-medicated!? Also those food carts sound great. It must be a fantastic place to work especially, with all that choice for your lunches. What a fun trip!

    • I kept on saying that I’d be huge if I lived in Portland because I’d want to get something different from a food cart everyday! They had so much variety too which was awesome! My favorite donut that I ended up getting was definitely the Dirty Old Bastard which was a glazed donut with oreo and peanut butter on top, and it was so good! My husband loved the maple bacon bar though. I’m glad that it didn’t rain on us either, but I think that Texas got a lot of it too! It’s been such bad weather here!

  • Wow the white Pinot Noir sounds delicious! That’s crazy Portland has so many food trucks! Really interesting things to know about Portland and Voodoo donuts.

    • The white pinot was so amazing! It’s going to be such a refreshing drink this summer! The food carts were definitely something that I was looking forward to, and we got to try so many different types of food! It was awesome!

  • LOVES IT!!!!! Yes to everything. I need to peep your instagram as I’m assuming you were on it this weekend but I must have missed them! So glad you had a good time. And can I saw amen to the rain comment 🙂 Our summers are super beautiful and hot and we really just have a drizzle (rarely hard rain) from Nov-March. 🙂 Glad you had Voodoo and looks like you hit up a lot of great spots with the park blocks and wine country!

    • I seriously understand why there are so many people moving to Portland! Once you visit, all you want to do is go back! It was so beautiful, and the weather was perfect for us Texans since the weather at home was humid and in the 90’s already! I could live in the Oregon wine country, and then visit Portland all the time for the food! Everything was so delicious, and I bet that I’d be huge if I ate like we did this weekend all the time!

  • Okay, this is amazing. I have been dying to visit Portland! I’m all about awesome foodie cities (great food truck/cart culture is a definite plus), so this is high on my USA destinations list.
    That wine sounds so interesting too! Would love to give the white pinot noir a try. I’m so intrigued. Pinot noir is my fave.
    Thanks for sharing!

    • You definitely need to get yourself to Portland and visit the Oregon wine country! They’re known for Pinot Noir out there, and the views are beautiful! We kept on joking the entire time that we were just visiting Portland for the food, so your inner foodie would definitely be super happy with a visit there!

  • Ooooh that Pinot Noir sounds so good! I had no idea that Portland could have been named Boston – that’s so funny to imagine today. I really want to make it out there one of these days (especially now knowing it doesn’t actually rain that much).

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

    • I think that we kind of picked the perfect time to visit because it wasn’t quite hot in Portland yet, but it was definitely warming up at home. And I can’t imagine a Boston, Oregon! Portland, Oregon just sounds so much better, but that might be because that’s the only name we’ve ever known it by!

  • Christina Sotherden

    I was loving your snaps this weekend! I’ve heard of a few people stopping by Voodoo Donuts and I had no idea some they can’t even sell anymore – such an interesting fact!

    • Thank you! And Voodoo Doughnuts was seriously so awesome, and I can’t recommend it enough! They actually have a few other location outside of Portland (I think one in Denver and one in Austin), so you can try them if you’re in one of those places!

  • ahh Portland has been catching my eye lately! I LOVE a city with a good food and local coffee scene! I’m looking forward to the rest of your recaps on this trip! 🙂

    • You would definitely love a trip to Portland then! Everything was so beautiful in Portland, but the running joke the whole weekend was that we were just there for the food, which was out of this world!

  • Ah I’ve been wanting to go to Portland for so long! I think we are going to go this fall, so I look forward to reading all of your re-caps! We will definitely need to try that white pinot noir. 🙂

    • I hope that y’all get to plan your trip to Portland this fall! We had such a great time, especially getting to try all the food! Everything was just so delicious!

  • I’d eat the shizz-nit out of a doughnut with Nyquil. I loved all your Portland snaps 🙂

    • I thought that the hangover donut with the aspirin on top would have been perfect for a night of drinking when you have to go to work the next morning! I definitely would have bought that lol!

  • i’ve always wanted to go to voo doo. i didn’t the last time i was there…in 1999! lol

    • Well that definitely means that you need another trip back sometime soon! Or you could go to Denver or Austin because they have Voodoo Doughnuts there too!

  • I think that the myth about the weather in the Pacific Northwest is an elaborate scheme set up by the people who live there to keep other people from moving there! :)))

    That area is such a gem. My husband lived in the Seattle area for about 3 years while we were long distance and I loved visiting him out there. There’s a Navy base there so I keep hoping we will move there together one day! I love Portland and I’m so glad you had a blast!

    • I think so too! They try to make people not visit because they know that people like me will visit, fall in love, and then never want to go back home!

      We’re headed to Seattle in August, so I’d love any tips that you have for visiting! We don’t have anything planned so far except for our hotel room and definitely taking a day trip to Vancouver. And I think that getting stationed out there after Hawaii would be perfect for y’all!

      • Pike Place is awesome! Lot of fresh fruits,veggies, and flowers for sale. There are lots of little places to get snacks and food. I remember getting chowder around there and it was so good. Right across from Pike Place is a place called Beecher’s Handmade Cheese. You must go there and get mac and cheese! Absolutely must. You can also watch them make the cheese which is pretty cool. I still crave that mac and cheese. I think they have other food too, but I always got mac and cheese. On the same street as Beecher’s Handmade Cheese is the original Starbucks which is cool to see but also super crowded! Make sure to try some local coffee as they pride themselves on their coffee out there as I’m sure you know from visiting Portland. I loved the Seattle Art Museum as well. It’s small but really cool – you don’t need much time there. I loved this underground tour that we did (http://www.undergroundtour.com). You can learn a lot about the history of Seattle and even go underground and see old shops that have since been built over. So crazy! It’s quirky but fun.

        You can also take little boat cruises around that give you awesome views of Seattle. I think we did ours with Argosy.

        Oh the Space Needle! There is a restaurant on the top that revolves around. http://www.spaceneedle.com/information/
        The food is actually good and it’s worth it to go up and get awesome views because it includes admission to the very top of the Space Needle. I loved eating up there and watching the views of the city and the mountains go by. The restaurant revolves but it doesn’t really feel that bad. I get motion sickness pretty easily and it didn’t bother me.

        There is a beautiful waterfall called snoqualmie falls. I think it’s about 30 minutes from Seattle and it’s worth the trip. You don’t have to hike or anything to see it. I highly recommend going there!

        Mount Rainier is a bit further away but also SO gorgeous and totally worth the drive. If you have time I think it’s a must-do.

        I’ll ask my husband if he remembers anything else he loved! You will have such a blast!

  • Oh my gosh I can’t believe they use to have donuts with medicine on/in them! That’s crazy! And I love learning about a city’s history too. I would have been all over that walking tour!
    Xo, Evelina @ Fortunate House

    • I’m so glad that I’m not the only one that loves history! I think that it’s so fascinating to learn about the cities that we get to visit. And when I heard about all the medicines that went on the donuts I was so blown away! Although I have to admit, that I probably wouldn’t have minded a hangover donut after a night of drinking!

  • I love that we were both in Portland over the weekend, just different ones 😉 That is so crazy about the illegal doughnuts, who would have thought that could even happen?! Your snap story had me itching for a trip out there, I really wish we could make it happen sometime this year! I am so excited for the rest of your recaps to start, it looks like the best city!

    • I love that too! I can’t wait to read all about your trip to Portland, Maine because we’ve been wanting to fly up there for a visit too!

      You definitely need to make a trip to Portland happen, even if it’s next year! We had such a blast, and there was so much to do and see! I can’t wait to talk all about our trip, especially all the food we ate! It was amazing!

  • Pepto Bismal doughnuts? Ummm. Interesting! I have sadly never made it to the PNW, defo need to go!!

    • The PNW definitely deserves a trip! Everything was so beautiful, and the food was out of this world! And Voodoo Doughnuts was definitely very interesting, even the legal kinds!

  • Omg, that aspiring doughnut sounds CRAZY. Portland is too pretty for words, I would love to visit it someday. Even more now that you showed us all these quirky facts. So cool!

    • Portland was definitely so beautiful! I had expected pretty, but I definitely didn’t expect the beauty that we saw! The aspirin donut definitely sounded weird, but I have to admit that it sounded kind of perfect after a night of drinking lol! I hope that you get to make it out there some day!

  • I’m dying to visit Portland! I had no idea about the medicine donuts – that’s crazy!

    • You definitely should visit sometime soon! Portland is such a fun and beautiful city! I thought that it was so funny about the donuts too!

  • Amy Scott

    A Nyquil donut?! SO odd! Very interesting facts. Oregon is the top of my US to-do list. The weather, landscape and coast remind me a lot of Ireland and that’s probably why!

    • I hope that you get to visit Portland very soon! Not only is it absolutely beautiful, but it has a great food scene as well! It blew my mind about the medicine donuts too! I have to admit I’d probably want to try the hangover donut!

  • Courtney Cross-Johnson

    This post is amazing! I am attempting to visit every state and acknowledge that I am terrible when it comes to the West Coast. I totally can envision that Houston receives more rain because I lived there for four years and it’s crazy! I’m also intrigued by the roses. You’ve definitely sold me on visiting! Cheers.


    • I hope that you get the chance to visit Portland very soon! It’s so gorgeous and the food scene is incredible! I really like visiting the east coast, but I have to admit that I’m probably enjoying our time on the west coast more! It’s just so beautiful!

  • Shenali Gunawardhana

    Can’t believe that Portland got it’s name from a flip of a coin!Lol! Great post!Thanks for sharing

    • Thanks for stopping by! The coin is actually on display in one of their museums. I don’t think that I could imagine visiting Boston, Oregon!

  • miieloise

    White Pinot Noir? Illegal Donuts? Really?! I don’t know if I will ever make it to Portland, but that was an interesting read! Great post!

    • Thank you! Voodoo Doughnuts has all sorts of crazy creations, but the medicine donuts are definitely the craziest! If you have the chance, you definitely should make a trip to Portland!

  • Can’t wait to read more about your trip! We’ve been wanting to visit Portland for years, so maybe next year! Must go to Voodoo Donuts!!

    • You definitely should try and visit Portland sometime soon! We had such a great time, and I can’t wait to talk all about it! The food scene was definitely our favorite part!

  • VooDoo’s illegal donuts made me giggle… lol I can’t image the taste of those. Portland looks gorgeous! I hope I’m able to make it up there one day. Glad you had fun! 🙂

    • We seriously had so much fun, and I can’t recommend visiting Portland enough! It was so gorgeous, and the food was incredible! I have to admit that trying one of those hangover donuts would probably be very interesting!

  • Seems like a terrific trip. I’ve always loved Portland and hope to see it for myself one day soon.

    • We really had the best time! I hope that you have a chance to visit Portland soon because it really is such a great city!