Well I definitely am more than a little late for the 5th 101 in 1001 check in, but better late than never, right! The last couple months of 2016 and the first couple of months of 2017 were mostly filled with holidays and not much else, so I didn’t really complete much on my list, except in the life category. Hopefully I’ll get more things crossed off before the next check in!

The Wandering Weekenders- 2015 A Year In Review


60. Do not go shopping for one whole month (except for groceries and necessities).
I wrote a post about this two weeks ago, and even though we still technically “bought” a few things, we did a really good job of not going on shopping for the whole month of January. So I’m saying that this is definitely a completed item.

61. Read 100 books. (73/100)
So far, my reading game has been going strong in 2017, and I think that I might actually complete this before the end of the year is done! Since my 101 in 1001 started I’ve read 7 books in 2015 and 56 books in 2016 and 10 books in 2017. I’ve set a goal to read 55 books this year, and I’m hoping that I’ll be able to blow it out of the water!

66. Have a Hobbit marathon weekend.
After we found out the news about Dart, Chris and I really just wanted to spend some time at home relaxing and trying to get as much time together as possible, so it totally made sense to have one of our movie marathon weekends. I still hadn’t seen the last Hobbit movie, so we decided that watching all three on a Saturday would be perfect! Now I really want to watch them again and LOTR too!

67. Finish watching the whole series of Friends. (Season 7)
We actually started watching Friends last year, and during the winter break from our normal shows, we flew through several seasons extremely quickly. Right now, we’re in the 7th season, and my goal is to finish the series before Thanksgiving next year, so we can watch all of the Thanksgiving episodes in a row!

74. Send out birthday cards on time for 1 year.
Done and done! I always love getting snail mail, especially on my birthday, so I wanted to make sure that friends and family felt extra special on their birthdays too. I’m definitely going to try and continue sending the cards!
The Wandering Weekenders- 29 Things For 29 Years


In Progress:
Travel- (3/25)
Houston- (1/10)
House- (1/20)
Life- (2/20)
Food- (0/10)
Health, Fitness & Beauty- (3/10)
Blog- (0/6)
Total- (10/101)

Travel- (14/25)
Houston- (4/10)
House- (9/20)
Life- (5/20)
Food- (5/10)
Health, Fitness & Beauty- (4/10)
Blog- (5/6)
Total- (46/101)

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My 5th Check In for my 101 in 1001. Not a lot of things got checked off the travel list, but I got a few checked off the life list!