Can we just talk about the fact that all of the time changes really seem to mess with you more the older that you get? I swear I was so tired on Sunday and I’m blaming it all on the time change and not on the incredibly busy weekend that I had. So let’s do a little weekend recap with the always amazing Biana!

The Wandering Weekenders- The Weekend With All The Photo Shoots


March in Houston has been filled with some rainy weather, and Friday was no different than the several weeks before. So rather than go out, Chris and I decided that we needed another quiet night at home. We cooked dinner together, well pretty much Chris cooked dinner and I kind of helped, and we spent the rest of the night just relaxing and getting caught up on our DVR shows, our usual Friday night ritual when we’re at home it seems.


Rain was in the forecast for the full day on Saturday which totally threw a wrench in the plans that Kathleen and I had for taking birthday pictures again. We had plans to go to Dry Bar for some total “treat yo self” plans, but we ended up canceling those plans and just decided to get our pictures done as early as possible in the morning as possible.

The Wandering Weekenders- The Weekend With All The Photo Shoots

So we bought our balloons early in the morning and then headed to our first mural, The Love Wall, to take some pictures. As I was literally setting up the tripod for pictures my “0” that Kathleen was holding on literally flew away. When we looked at the string it looked like Party City hadn’t tied the ribbon on tight enough so with the wind it literally got disconnected from the ribbon. Talk about freak accident right!

The Wandering Weekenders- The Weekend With All The Photo Shoots

The Wandering Weekenders- The Weekend With All The Photo Shoots

Kathleen and I weren’t going to let that stop us from having a good day though, so we still took some pictures at the Love Wall and then drove over to take pictures at a couple of other murals. The next location that we went to was actually right around the corner from my favorite Houston brewery, Saint Arnold! I’ll definitely be wanting to make more visits there sometime soon!

The Wandering Weekenders- The Weekend With All The Photo Shoots

The Wandering Weekenders- The Weekend With All The Photo Shoots

Before we went to our last mural of the day, Kathleen stopped back by another Party City so that I could get another “0” to take some balloon pictures. When I told them what happened they almost didn’t give me another one because they said that they “weren’t responsible once the balloons left the store”. I call total bull on that statement because they should at least be responsible for how well they tie their balloons together. But that obviously doesn’t matter because they gave me my “0” so that I could get some 3-0 pictures!

The Wandering Weekenders- The Weekend With All The Photo Shoots

Our last mural stop of the day was to The Biscuit Paint Wall which was our first stop that we went to last year when we took our birthday pictures. It was so much fun to recreate those pictures and to be all bloggery with a fellow blogger!

After pictures we were both starving so we headed to Rice Village for some brunch and a little shopping. We stopped by Little Liberty which is a smaller version of Liberty Kitchen that we visited last year, and while the food was good, the service was so terrible! They didn’t have enough menus for everybody and the servers didn’t seem to know their own menu. It makes me wonder if they’re a new restaurant and need some time to get set up.

After brunch we headed to Kendra Scott so that Kathleen and I could use our 50% off discounts. Despite a torrential downpour, we made it into the store and each got some great pieces that we’d been eyeing for a while. To say that we had an eventful and fun day would be an understatement!

When I got home from taking pictures with Kathleen Chris and I headed to our friends house for dinner. It had literally been since Christmas since we’d seen Sarah, Clayton, and their daughter Ellie, so it was literally so nice to catch up! Also I can’t believe how big Ellie has gotten in such a short amount of time! She’s so cute and such a good baby too!

We had some delicious fajitas for dinner prepared by Sarah and Clayton and spent the rest of the night catching up and playing a fun new board game, Dixit. The whole premise of the game is that you’re trying to get people to not guess the card that you’re playing based on the clue that you give. It sounds very confusing, but I promise that once you start playing it gets really easy and very addicting!


We were up early again on Sunday, not only because of daylight savings time, but because we were also getting our family photos taken first thing in the morning! A coworker’s wife started up a family photography business and after seeing some of the newborn pictures that she took for another coworker, I knew that I wanted her to take some family pictures of us. We met up at a park near our house, and spent the next hour taking pictures. Dart did a really good job, and I think that he was partially showing off because of the new people that were around.

Lindsey already posted a few of the pictures on Facebook, and they’re so incredibly beautiful! There’s only two that she posted right now, but if this is any indication of how the rest of them are going to look, I know that they’re going to be just what we wanted! If you’re in the Houston area, definitely check out Lindsey’s Facebook Page when you need a family photographer! She was wonderful to work with and she took some amazing photos as well!

The Wandering Weekenders- The Weekend With All The Photo Shoots

The Wandering Weekenders- The Weekend With All The Photo Shoots

The rest of the day was spent relaxing at my parents house and trying to stay awake after I finished up our taxes for the year! I swear I was definitely in need of a nap, but didn’t want to take one. And even though the temperatures dropped on Sunday, Chris and I didn’t do our usual pho dinner, but opted for some pizza instead. Don’t worry though, we definitely watched The Walking Dead!

After a very busy weekend, you’d think that I’d have a not so busy week, but that’s definitely not going to happen. I have a play on Tuesday with my mom and sister and the Rodeo again on Wednesday with Chris. Then on Friday I’m jetting off with my friend Kayla to Las Vegas to celebrate our 30th birthdays! It’s going to be busy, but a very fun week to be sure!

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The Weekend filled with lots of photo shoots, mural hopping, and family time!

  • What a weekend and week ahead! I’m so impressed you did a Sunday morning photo shoot after losing an hour…. We struggled to even get out of bed at a decent hour. However, those photos you took look really great, and you will treasure having those, I’m sure. Have a great week and enjoy! 🙂

    • I totally didn’t even think about the fact that it was daylight savings day until after we had booked it, but it ended up working out because we were able to wake up and get stuff done. And I’m so excited with how the pictures turned out! I talked with the photographer and I think that we’ll see the pictures tomorrow!

  • Living on Cloud Nine

    Your photo shoot looks like it went wonderful! Just love it and I love both your dresses in these pictures. I know what you mean, this time change has done a number on us to not to mention Daisy. Plus we have 3 inches of snow on the ground and it took me double the time to get here because everyone is crawling. Let’s hope it’s a wonderful week ahead sweet one!

    • I can’t even imagine having to deal with all of the snow in the middle of March that y’all are having to deal with! It has got to be terrible! And I love the way that both photo shoots turned out! I think that we should have the pictures back sometime next week, and I can’t wait to see what they look like!

  • what a fun weekend! despite the rain and the loss of the zero haha. stupid they were being a pain about it. i love love the two photos so far from the shoot yesterday. adorable dart! and love that you and your gf got some good snaps at the murals 🙂 what a fun day – and KS jewels! yes please!

    xoxo cheshire kat

    • It really was a perfect weekend, and I’m glad that the weather really didn’t throw too much of a wrench into our plans! I love that Kendra Scott does the deal with 50% off a piece of jewelry because it lets me really treat myself during my birthday! And I can’t wait to see how the rest of the pictures turn out, if they’re anything like the few that we saw, I know that they’ll be awesome!

  • Nicole F

    You must feel like a celebrity after this weekend! I love the graffiti wall backdrop! Texas sure does run the gamut on variety. I never realized it was so versatile!

    • I totally didn’t realize it either! I’ve lived in Houston my whole life and didn’t realize how many pretty murals there were! And I definitely don’t want to be taking pictures very much anymore for a while! It almost felt like we were taking our engagement pictures again on Sunday!

  • All of these photos are so great! I love the ones of you guys with Dart especially! Bummer about that balloon, that’s so crazy. 🙁 Glad you had a good weekend though! Have fun in Vegas! XO

    • I just couldn’t believe that they were being such jerks about the balloon being lost! I’m glad that they ended up giving me another one, but come on, you should at least make sure that it’s tied appropriately before me leaving the store. And I love the way all the pictures turned out, and I can’t wait to see the rest of them!

  • Biana Perez

    So many beautiful photos – gah so pretty!! I love all the pretty murals that you guys have – Boston doesn’t have anything like that (that I know of)! Sounds like you have a fun week ahead as well – enjoy it girl! xo, Biana –BlovedBoston

    • Do some research because I bet that Boston has some murals some place. I didn’t even realize that Houston had that many until Kathleen and I started doing research. It’s definitely been a busy week, but all the fun was totally worth it!

  • Erin

    So many fun photos!!! I love all the colorful backdrops you were able to snap 🙂 And I’m glad they gave you another balloon even if they weren’t very nice about it!

    • I know! I couldn’t believe that they were so rude about it, but I’m glad that I ended up giving me one in the end. And the mural scene is easily becoming one of my favorite things about Houston!

  • What beautiful photos! I love those murals! So pretty!

  • Nadine

    That love wall is the best thing ever!!! Sucks about your 0 though and I would have been angry and gone and asked for another one too!!! The pictures with Dart are so precious.

    • I’m just glad that they gave me another one, even though they seemed put out about it. And all of the murals in Houston are awesome, but I love the Love Wall too! I can’t wait to see the more of the ones with Dart!

  • Jen

    Oh my goodness!!! These photos are amazing! I love the one of the 3 of you. 🙂

  • That pineapple mural is awesome.

  • Sounds like quite the busy weekend indeed! The rain on Saturday definitely was unwanted, but glad you were able to squeeze pictures in earlier. Bummer about the 0 balloon, but glad you guys were able to go back and grab another. I have yet to make it out to a mural since there are so many pretty ones around Houston! Sounds like this week will be a fun one, yay for Vegas at the end of it :)!

    • So maybe that means that we need to have another blogger day and go take pictures of the murals around Houston! It’s so much fun, and I feel like we didn’t even scratch the surface of all of the ones that are in the area! The rain last weekend really did suck, but I’m so glad that we ended up getting our pictures in without too much of an issue!

  • I just love your new family pictures, they are so sweet! That is so dumb about Party City, it was their fault that they didn’t secure the balloon well enough in the first place. Can’t wait to see more of those pics!

    • I’m glad that they ended up giving me another 0, but I think it was only because they knew that I was going to cause a scene if they didn’t. And the pictures with Dart are so incredibly perfect! I can’t wait to see what the rest of them look like!

  • Ugh the rain just won’t stop! Especially on the weekends, which isn’t fun or convenient. Also, daylight savings really screwed me up too. I ended up taking a nap yesterday and didn’t wake up until 7 pm, which in turn meant I couldn’t fall asleep until the middle of the night. Fail.

    • Oh no! I kept on wanting to take naps all day on Sunday, but I think that being out of the house helped me to not fall asleep. Even though I was tired this week, it was totally worth it to have sunlight when I got off work! I hope that this weekend isn’t filled with rain!

  • Rain is so frustrating but at least you were still able to get some great photos! I love all of these murals. I wish we had a KS store near us, I am so obsessed. Your outfit in your family photos is perfect!

    • Thank you! And hopefully a Kendra Scott opens up near you! It seems like she’s opening up a lot of them lately. And I was so glad that we were able to get the pictures in despite the rain, and I can’t wait to see how the rest of our family pictures turned out!

  • Oh my gosh, what awesome places to take your photos! I love all the different murals. I love the idea to get photos with Dart, too.

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

    • We had been talking about getting pictures taken with Dart for forever, and I’m so glad that we finally did and that they turned out so great! And I love that Houston has so many murals and I love getting to drive around seeing them!

  • So fun you are celebrating 30 in Vegas! That will be a blast! Those murals are gorgeous, and I can’t believe the PartyCity people tried to tell you you weren’t responsible with your balloon! I love the family shots you got with Dart! So beautiful!

    • Thank you! I can’t wait to see how the rest of the pictures turned out, and I have a feeling that I’m going to love them so much! And we’ll be on a plane soon, and I can’t wait to go with my friend! It’s her first time in Vegas, so I think that it’ll be even more fun!

  • I can’t get enough of those colourful murals, they really are the best. Great photos! 😀

  • Christina Sotherden

    Those family photos – oh my gosh, they are perfect!! Glad you were still able to get in the girls day too before the rain!

    • Thank you! I can’t wait to see how the rest of them turn out! And the rain was terrible, but I was glad that we planned accordingly and still got to take pictures!

  • There’s so much goodness to this post- I love Friday nights like the one you had- relaxing and movies are what we do at least one weekend night and it’s always much needed after a usually crazy week. I just LOVE all those murals- so fun! What a bummer about the weather but you both definitely had an adventurous day and so great to hang with a fellow blogger. The board game sounds awesome and I need to check it out because we love board games 🙂 and what gorgeous family pictures – that second one is amazing – such a cool shot. I am jealous of your Vegas trip- I am anxious to go back, and I don’t think it will be until next year but my friend and I plan to go for her 30th. Have the best time- can’t wait to hear about it and see your snaps. Tell Britney I said hey 😉

    • So the only bad thing about this trip to Vegas is that Britney isn’t performing! I so wish that she was because I can only imagine how epic the performance would be! Definitely check out Dixit! It was a lot of fun, the rules were a little bit complicated, but once you figured them out it was a lot easier. The murals were so much fun, and I’m glad that we got the pictures in before the rain, and that it didn’t rain during our pictures on Sunday!

  • The family photos from Sunday look spectacular! Always great when the pup cooperates and doesn’t get distracted or too playful. I know Lola would not be able to sit still. So fun with your friend taking photos despite the “0” flying away. Damn you Party City LOL. Either way the photos came out looking fun and colorful with those beautiful backdrops.

    • Thank you! I was just glad that Party City actually gave me another one because I definitely would have made a stink about it if they hadn’t. And I secretly think that Dart was showing off for the new people because he totally doesn’t behave that well when it’s only us around! We should get the rest of pictures tomorrow and I can’t wait to see how they turned out!

  • How fun!! All those walls are fantastic!! The picture of the pup is especially good! Love those family photos!!

    • Thank you! I was so happy with how the family pictures turned out and I can’t wait to see how the rest of them turn out! I seriously had no idea how many murals there were in Houston and I’ve lived here my whole life! It’s been fun trying to see them all though!

  • Those murals are so fantastic! I cannot believe they tried to be rude about the balloon! Your family photos are so adorable!

    • Thank you! I was glad that they ended up backing down about the balloon, but I think that’s because they knew that I was going to make a stink about it. And the mural in Houston really are on point!

  • I love how that LOVE mural is around the world as I’ve definitely been to a couple in NYC! That’s so fun! And ooh, the family photo looks amazing – can’t wait to see the others!!

    • We get the rest of our family pictures this week and I can’t wait to see them! And the Love Wall was definitely one of my favorite murals and I’ve seen it in other cities too! Finding murals has got to be one of my favorite things to do!

  • It WAS the weekend for photos. I’m glad it didn’t rain on you. I know how Texas spring can be. I’m pretty sure Houston didn’t have all those pretty murals when I left it in 2008.

    • That’s what I was thinking! I don’t remember the murals from when I was younger, but I also don’t know if that’s because I was younger and wouldn’t have known anything about them to begin with. Texas spring really is so volatile, but I was just glad that everything worked out!

  • Rachel

    I feel the same way, the time change seems to hit me harder and harder each year! I’m so glad you were able to get your family pictures done! They look fabulous and Dart looks too cute. I love his bowtie! Also, I love all the murals, you are so lucky to have them so close!

    xo, Rachel
    A Blonde’s Moment

    • I know! I feel like we always travel so much to other cities so we forget how much there’s available in our own hometown. And I can’t wait to see the rest of our pictures! We’re supposed to get them Monday and I know that they’re going to be amazing!

  • So even with the few snafus to your plans to take photos they all turned out so good– love your outfits & the murals are so fun. Your family photos turned out amazing too- the photo of dart in front of you guys is the cutest ever & he looks so dapper with his bowtie!

    • Thank you! We bought that bow tie for football games, but we figured that this was the perfect time for him to wear it. He was also totally turning on the charm and I think that’s why the pictures turned out so good! And the murals were seriously so much fun, and I already want to go out and try to find some more!

  • Love the pics! I’m a huge graffiti fan, so I loved he murals. And the pics of Dart! Precious.

    • Thank you! We get the rest of the pictures tomorrow, and I can’t wait to see how they turned out! And murals are always a good idea!

  • LOVE your family picture! Dart is just such a cutie!!

    • Thank you! I think that he was showing off a little bit for the photographer, but I think that’s what made the pictures!