One of the things that we don’t do often enough when we travel is to check on sites like Groupon for deals related to activities that we’re already interested. I guess it’s a good thing that my mom was looking out for us, otherwise we wouldn’t have found out about Skyline Eco-Adventures and gotten an amazing deal for our ziplining adventure!

The Wandering Weekenders- Zipline Kauai With Skyline Eco-Adventures

Skyline Eco-Adventures

Located in Poipu, Skyline Eco-Adventures offers two different course options for your ziplining adventure, a 5 line or an 8 line course. The 5 line course costs $98.95/person while the 8 line course costs $125.96/person, and the Groupon that Chris and I used was the 8 line course for $99/person. Basically we got 3 extra ziplines for free!

The Wandering Weekenders- Zipline Kauai With Skyline Eco-Adventures

Our Experience

Overall we couldn’t have asked for a better experience with Skyline Eco-Adventures. Chris and I have been ziplining before in Jamaica on a cruise, and while it was fun, our time in Kauai absolutely blew it out of the water. Not only did I think that the courses were a lot better, but I can’t say enough positive things about the guides. They told us a lot about the history of the island of Kauai, but they also told us some cool pop culture things, like how Jurassic World was filmed near where we were ziplining. We had such a blast on our ziplining adventure, and I know that you will too, if you’re looking for some adventure during your Hawaiian vacation!

The Wandering Weekenders- Zipline Kauai With Skyline Eco-Adventures

Know Before You Go

  • Wear a hat and close toed shoes and comfy clothes- You could get seriously injured if you wear sandals, and you’re going to be strapped into harnesses in order to zipline, so you definitely want to be in athletic clothes and closed toed shoes!
    The Wandering Weekenders- Zipline Kauai With Skyline Eco-Adventures
  • Don’t forget the sunscreen- You’ll be flying over the trees, not standing in the shade underneath them, and the last thing you want is to be fried before you make it to the beach!
    The Wandering Weekenders- Zipline Kauai With Skyline Eco-Adventures
  • Be prepared to hike- As you’ve guessed, in order to actually zipline, you need to first start at a high point. In order to get to a high point, you will have to do some walking, but just think about how amazing it will feel to have the wind whipping through your hair as your ziplining back down!
    The Wandering Weekenders- Zipline Kauai With Skyline Eco-Adventures
  • Bring your own GoPro- Skyline Eco-Adventures allows you to rent a GoPro so you can remember your fun, but you can bring your own and save some money!
    The Wandering Weekenders- Zipline Kauai With Skyline Eco-Adventures
  • Arrive early- You have to sign a couple of waivers, get weighed in, and fitted with all of your equipment, so make sure to arrive at least 30 minutes early. You don’t want to miss your bus to the ziplines!
    The Wandering Weekenders- Zipline Kauai With Skyline Eco-Adventures
  • Bring a phone, but maybe not your nice camera- They provide a small pouch that you can store small items in, but remember that you’re going to be going on a zipline which means things get jostled around. I wouldn’t recommend bringing your nice camera. You can get some pretty awesome pictures with your phone or a point and shoot camera instead.
    The Wandering Weekenders- Zipline Kauai With Skyline Eco-Adventures
  • Don’t be afraid to take a leap- I know that ziplining can be scary, but I promise that it’s a ton of fun, and totally worth every little bit that you might be scared! Don’t be afraid to run and take a leap off the platform for lthe adventure of a lifetime!
    The Wandering Weekenders- Zipline Kauai With Skyline Eco-Adventures
  • Check out their website- Skyline Eco-Adventures has quite a few requirements on their website and you want to make sure that you fit all of the requirements before booking your trip. There are certain age, height, weight, and other requirements that must be met in order for you to go ziplining!

Overall, you will not be disappointed by choosing to zipline with Skyline Eco-Adventures during your stay on Kauai. With great guides and a great course, you’re sure to have an amazing adventure! I’m linking up with these Wanderful Women from some Wanderful Wednesday- Lauren of Lauren on Location, Van of Snow in Tromso, Isabel of The Sunny Side of This and Marcella of What a Wonderful World!

Have you ever been ziplining before? Are you going to add it to your list when you visit Kauai?

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Why you should go zipline Kauai with Skyline Eco-Adventures along with some tips before you book your tour!

  • i’m totally afraid of heights but for some reason ziplining has always appealed to me as something i should try (not skydiving though!) – this looks beyond gorgeous and seriously great tips! right down to the arriving early and sunscreen. oh the things so many forget 🙂 what a fun time!

    xoxo cheshire kat

    • You should totally try ziplining! I’m not that scared of heights, but I feel like it’s not as scary as some other heights are, so I hope that you get to try it out one day. And yes, I totally would have forgotten sunscreen and it would have been so bad!

  • This looks AMAZING! We just went ziplining in the Hill Country, which was a ton of fun, but I’m sure it cannot compare to the stunning views and sights in Hawaii!

    • I feel like no matter where you go ziplining it’s always a fun time! Where did y’all go ziplining in the hill country again? I think that my favorite part of the whole experience was all the views! They were truly stunning!

      • We went in Wimberley, and it really was so much fun!! The views of the Hill Country were gorgeous.

  • Living on Cloud Nine

    Wow!! I am afraid of heights too but I still want to zip line and this looks like the perfect place!!

    • I hope that you get to do it sometime soon! It’s such an amazing experience, and totally worth it, even if you’re scared of heights! My mom was terrified when she went, but I think that she was still happy that she went!

  • This looks like a blast! I mean, another fun thing to add to the “I must visit Hawaii soon” list! And so cool that Jurassic World was filmed nearby, I wouldn’t mind a Chris Pratt sighting ha!

    • Haha me too! He was definitely my favorite part of that movie, although I feel like it got back to what the first movie was. And yes, definitely add ziplining to the list of things that you should do when you visit Hawaii! And Skyline Eco Adventures actually has operations on multiple islands, which is definitely a good thing!

  • I used to do activities through Groupon all the time when I was still in the US… I never think to check if it has cool stuff in other countries too! I’m sure it does. This looks amazing… I went ziplining in Big Bear Mountain near LA before, and had soooo much fun! Of course the scenery of Kauai is much better. 🙂 I remember being sooo scared to take a step off the platform (because I hate the free fall feeling and not having ground below me), but it was so fun and wasn’t scary at all! I really want to do zipling again!

    • I totally agree, that first step is definitely the scariest part of ziplining, but once you take that first step it’s all totally worth it! I bet that you still had some amazing views when you were ziplining in Big Bear! And yes, you should totally look at Groupon when you’re traveling! I definitely don’t do it enough, but I feel like there’s always some great opportunities to do some fun activities for cheaper!

  • I’ve never been ziplining before but it is definitely on my bucket list! This sounds like such a blast and no better place to do it than Kauai!

    • Yes, I totally agree that Kauai really was the perfect place for ziplining! It really is such a fun experience and I can’t recommend it enough! I bet that Florida has some pretty places to go ziplining!

  • What a fun thing to do! It looks gorgeous too! I think I would have a hard time not being in the water the whole time if I went to Hawaii. heheh XO – Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

    • Haha I was kind of surprised that we didn’t spend more time at the beach or the pool when we were in Hawaii, but there’s so much to do that doesn’t involve the water! Ziplining was a blast and definitely something that I recommend if you ever get the chance!

  • Ohhh fun!! I visited Kauai when I was about 15 and loved it! My middle school also had such a zipline thing we used often! Will have to remember this is there for when I make it back to the Hawaiian islands and explore more! #WanderfulWednesday

    • I can’t believe that you’re middle school had a zipline! That’s so cool! I think that I would have been riding it all the time too! And yes, definitely remember ziplining next time you’re in Hawaii! It was so much fun and so beautiful too!

  • This looks fun! This is something that I haven’t tried yet but would love to! 🙂

  • What a cool adventure! The views are simply stunning!

  • You two totally look the part. I think I would take my nice camera and wait at the bottom to take pictures of everyone else. I feel a bit queasy just looking at the pictures. If only I was brave and had a better sense of adventure! I’ve never been to Kauai but it looks beautiful. Must add to the Places To Go list!

    • Haha I bet that you could totally do it! After you take that first step off the ledge, it really is so much fun! Plus the views are so incredible! My mom was really scared when they did the same thing in Kauai and she still ended up having a good time!

  • Oh wow, what a lush, green landscape! I’ve been to Hawaii only once, years ago, but sadly I never made it to Kauai – maybe next time!

    • You definitely have to make it to Kauai the next time you visit Hawaii! It’s so beautiful, and I feel like there’s a ton of fun adventure things to do, like ziplining!

  • ahh this looks like so much fun! and hawaii is the most perfect/beautiful place to go zip lining!

    • It really is! I loved the fact that the views were just as amazing as the experience! I’d definitely do it all over again!

  • This looks amazing! I’ve always wanted to try ziplining and Kauai looks like an amazing place to do it! There is a place here on Oahu too. Now I want to go!

    • You totally should! I think that Skyline Eco Adventures actually operates on multiple Hawaiian islands, so it wouldn’t surprise me if they’re also on Oahu! Look them up on Groupon when you decide to go!

  • Jen

    I have always wanted to go ziplining, it looks like so much fun!!

    • It really is so much fun! It can be a little bit scary taking the first jump off the platform, but it’s totally worth it!

  • I am one of those who forget to take a look at Groupon when I am traveling. Lately, I have noticed Groupon gives you an alert when a deal is located nearby. That is a cool way to remember to check. Glad you were able to enjoy this activity.

    • I think that means that I should turn on the notifications for Groupon so I can know when there’s a deal close by! They really do have some pretty awesome deals that can really help to lower your cost of your trip.

  • How awesome that you guys go to do this!! Zip lining is so much fun, though I have only done it once!

    • This was only our second time ziplining, and I know that it won’t be our last! It was so much fun, and I loved all of the views as well!

  • SO much fun! I love that you got a little hike out of it too. We went ziplining on a cruise stop in Honduras, and I can’t wait to do it again <3

    Green Fashionista

    • I feel like going ziplining in tropical places is always so much fun because you get some great views as well! I bet that y’all had some amazing views in Honduras! And I’m glad that I wore some tennis shoes, because even though the hike wasn’t that bad, it was kind of dusty out there!

  • This absolutely terrifies me but I know that my boyfriend would love it! They had plans to install a zipline on the local mountain here in Tromso but they sadly never did it. It would be an attraction for sure!

    • That would have been so much fun, and I wonder why the decided not to do it. One of the things that I love the most about ziplining is the chance for all the amazing views, and I’m sure that Tromso would have had some amazing ones! And I promise that if you can take that first step, the ziplining is totally worth it!

  • My husband and I were just talking last night about how we would love to give zip-lining a try if the opportunity ever presents itself in the future so this post is super timely haha. Also, go Mom for hooking ya’ll up with a Groupon deal! I use Groupon locally around where we live but always forget to use for other places I’m traveling to. Definitely gotta to change that. 🙂

    • I always forget to check it out too, but you really can find some great deals on things to do and places to eat that you would already check out anyways. And that’s too funny that y’all were just talking about ziplining the other day! I hope that the opportunity presents itself to y’all very soon because I bet that y’all would have a blast!

  • Nadine

    I never think about Groupon!! What a great idea. Sounds like you guys had fun!

    • I don’t think about it either when we’re traveling, but it’s something that I need to do more often! This was a great deal that we found!

  • Ziplining sounds like so much fun but I know that if I had to do it, I’d probably be too scared.

    • So my mom and dad went ziplining the year before our trip to Hawaii and my mom was absolutely terrified. She basically ended up crying before she had to jump, but she ended up having a great time. I bet that you would end up loving it!

  • I’m so jealous you went to Hawaii! I need to go. We went zip lining in Mexico a few years ago and I’m pretty sure I peed my pants….so scary, but fun!

    • Exactly! I think that taking that very first step is always the hardest part, but it’s so much fun after that! And I know that you’d totally love to spend some time in Hawaii! It’s so beautiful and definitely feels like paradise!

  • Ziplining is by far one of my favorite things! Went last summer in North Carolina and was hooked! I will for sure do this if I ever make it to Hawaii!

    • Definitely make sure to check them out on Groupon before your trip because we were got such a great deal on ziplining trip! And this was only our second time to zipline, but I know that we’ll be doing it again sometime soon!

  • Rachel

    I’m always jealous of people who go ziplining — I am SO afraid of heights, I just don’t think I could ever do it! Looks like it was a beautiful place to zipline, too! I always forget about Groupon. My coworker has found so many amazing deals of things to do around D.C. — I would have never thought to use it when traveling too. That’s good your mom was looking out for you guys! Have a great weekend, Ashley!

    xo, Rachel
    A Blonde’s Moment

    • My mom is definitely one that always tries to find the best deals, so I was really happy that it worked in our favor this time around! And I’m not super afraid of heights, but I bet that you would still be able to maybe give it a try. My mom was almost crying when she ziplined but ended up loving it afterwards!

  • This looks amazing! We went ziplining in the Dominican Republic last year and then there is a ski resort in Maryland that changes to a zipline course in the summer and we did that, so cool! I’ll have to check out Groupon for more, great idea!

    • I’ve only been ziplining in tropical locations, but I bet that going ziplining in a ski resort would be so much fun! It always amazes me how many deals Groupon has! I definitely need to check it out more than I do!

  • I love Groupon!! Such a great way to find deals when traveling and so activities you otherwise may not have! I’ve been loving all of your pictures of this Zipline adventure on Instagram. Looks like you guys really had a blast! 😀

    • We really did have so much fun! I love doing thrilling things like this, especially on vacation, I just wish that we could find more fun things like this close to home. I definitely don’t search Groupon enough when we’re on vacation, but I think that it’s something that I need to try and do more often, especially since most of the deals are for things we already want to do!

  • I did a zipline through Costa Rica once!! The landscape reminds me a little of this!! I had so much fun, and I’m usually terrified of heights. Glad to see you had a great experience too!

    • I bet that Costa Rica and Kauai do have pretty similar landscapes. We loved our time ziplining as well, and I just wish that we had another opportunity to do it soon!

  • Biana Perez

    I feel like Ziplining in Hawaii is a must – we did ours with Eco Adventures too, but in Maui and the views were incredible!! xo, Biana –BlovedBoston

    • I really thought that Skyline Eco Adventures was such a great company, and I’m glad that you had a great experience with them as well! I want to go ziplining again soon!

  • What an amazing location to zip line through! I’ve been on much smaller courses (in less pretty places, haha), but this looks like fun!

    • I feel like no matter where you go ziplining, you’re almost guaranteed a good time! We had so much fun, and I bet that where you went was still beautiful! Writing this post makes me want to go ziplining again soon!