As far as weekends goes, this one wasn’t too terribly exciting, but with everything that we have coming up, I’ll definitely take a weekend of prepping and getting ready for vacation over some extreme busyness! So let’s start the week off with a little bit of weekending with the always amazing Biana!

The Wandering Weekenders- A Weekend Preparing For Europe


It seems like Chris and I have been going and going nonstop lately with lots of weekend trips, and we haven’t really had time for an actual date night. So Friday night that changed since we actually had a weekend at home. Chris picked me up from the bus stop and we grabbed a quick dinner at La Madeleine’s before heading to the movies to finally see Guardians of the Galaxy 2! We both had heard so many good things about the movie, and we were definitely not disappointed! It was just as funny and action packed as the first one, and needless to say, we’re definitely looking forward to the next movie in the series!


We were up bright and early Saturday morning so that we could get started running errands for our Europe trip, but our first order of business was taking Dart on a nice long walk off leash. I swear he will try to pull that way every time we go on a walk now because he loves being free and all of the sights and smells too.

So after we were done with our 3 mile walk to start the day off, we went home and showered and then headed out to start our day. There were a few things that we needed to pick up for our Europe trip, including new shoes for Chris and I, so we decided to head to the Galleria and finally try out Shake Shack while we were in the area. I had the chance to try it in Vegas and loved it, and I knew that Chris would love it as well! It was a delicious start to our shopping trip, and we also managed to get everything that we needed at the mall.

The Wandering Weekenders- A Weekend Preparing For Europe

Another reason that we went to the Galleria was that we needed to stop by Houston Camera Exchange to exchange the pancake lens that I had bought last year for one that had autofocus. Chris was also hankering to get a new tripod for our trip, and he wanted to look at another lens for his camera as well, so it was definitely a worthwhile stop. While Chris didn’t get his lens this time around, I now have a little bit of an idea of what he might be getting for his birthday later on this year!

The rest of the day was spent watching some TV at home and finally nailing down our plans for Europe 100%. I had consulted my Rick Steves books numerous times and had plans and quite a bit of our tours and stuff booked, but we still hadn’t looked at restaurants and how the public transportation was going to work. Thankfully Chris and I spent a few long hours Saturday evening knocking out Paris and Edinburgh, and we’re both really excited about the amazing food that we’re going to eat and all of the things that we’re going to do and see!


Sunday was our day to sleep in and to wake up sans alarm clock, and oh my goodness did it feel good to sleep in until 9:00! We decided that Dart deserved another walk, so we took him on one after we’d woken up. Unfortunately it was already way hotter than it was yesterday, so our walk wasn’t quite as nice as the day before, but that didn’t stop Dart from enjoying it!

After that we ran by Eddie Bauer and picked up some rain jackets for our trip since London and Edinburgh are likely to have some rain in the forecast and the last thing that we’d want would be to miserable and wet walking around the city! Thankfully they were having a sale, and we got both of our jackets for a little bit more than one normally.

I’d been craving some Mexican food for a while, so Chris was sweet and took me to Chuy’s for a Fur Mama’s Day celebration. I had forgotten how much I love that creamy jalapeño dip, and it was so good to eat it again!

After we picked up the groceries we headed home to get the final details pulled together for the London leg of our trip. Let’s just say that we’re going to be eating a ton of fish and chips and finally trying out some Indian food as well!

The rest of our Sunday was spent relaxing, backing up pictures just in case anything happens on our trip, and watching a little bit of Outlander to get us ready for Scotland! This weekend definitely wasn’t the most exciting of weekends, but I felt like we got a lot done for our trip and I feel even more ready for it! It’s hard to believe that in less than 2 weeks we’ll be hopping across the pond for our second European adventure!

Did you have a good weekend? Do you like to have a weekend to prepare before a big trip?

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A weekend preparing for our Europe trip was filled with lots of errands and research, but also some pretty delicious food!