I swear that even though there’s been a lot of baby posts lately, this blog is not going to turn into just a blog about babies. But it has already been a month since I got out of the first trimester, so I figured that I’d go on ahead and get caught up on the bumpdates. So here’s how the first part of the second trimester is going, including how it was to be pregnant while in Europe!

Week 14- European Vacation

This week means that I’m officially in the second trimester and I’m loving it! I felt like the tiredness that I felt during the first trimester and the nausea is completely gone! It couldn’t be more perfect timing because we left for our Europe trip this week and the last thing I needed was to feel exhausted for 2 weeks!

The Wandering Weekenders- Bumpdate: Weeks 14-17

The other glorious side effect that did decide to show up though is heartburn. It hasn’t been too terrible, and I’m hoping that the only reason I have it is because of all the crap food we ate this week since we didn’t want to cook before the trip. I guess that I had it easy enough during the first trimester, so I have to have it rough at some point in time!

Week 15- The Big Reveal

One of the things that I had told Chris before we even booked our Europe trip was that it wouldn’t matter to me if I was pregnant on this trip or not because I just wanted to go! While I have to admit that it was tough to not be able to drink wine, nothing was harder than not being able to eat blue cheese or charcuterie, especially in Paris!

The Wandering Weekenders- Bumpdate: Weeks 14-17

Other than not being able to partake in all the food and alcohol, I really didn’t have any pregnancy symptoms while we were gone! My ankles did swell during our first flight to Edinburgh, but I think that was because I didn’t get up and walk around enough. We also tried to not push ourselves too hard as far as walking, but that didn’t stop me from walking over 20K steps per day!

The most exciting part about this week was finally being able to announce to the world that we were having our babies! Before we found out that we were having twins we had bought a onesie on Etsy that we were going to use and take pictures with all of the big landmarks on our trip. Well when we found out we were having twins, I went on ahead and ordered another one so we could announce both babies! It was a lot of fun, I love the pictures, and I’m actually thinking about getting the onesies framed in some way for the nursery with some of our pictures that we used to announce their future arrival.

The Wandering Weekenders- Bumpdate: Weeks 14-17

It’s super crazy to think that our babies have already been gallivanting all over the world, and they’re still fetuses! Already they’ve been to three countries, a whole other continent, and to a Disney Park! They’re definitely spoiled!

Week 16- The Case Of Jet Lag

We arrived back home on a Monday afternoon, and Chris and I both pretty much hit the ground running back at work on Tuesday. The week wasn’t too exciting for me between work and trying to get caught back up with life in general. I will say that the jet lag definitely hit me hard when we got back and I kept on falling asleep at 8:30 or 9:00 every night on the couch! Thankfully I was able to sleep in on Saturday, and I’ve definitely defeated it now!

The Wandering Weekenders- Bumpdate: Weeks 14-17

I feel like I haven’t had really any pregnancy symptoms lately though, other than maybe I’m starting to have a few cravings, and those cravings have always been for Mexican food! I have a feeling that Chris is going to be pretty sick of Chuy’s by the time the babies make their appearance in November!

Week 17- Fourth Doctor’s Visit

I swear with the fact that we keep on not being to hear our babies’s heartbeats with the heartbeat monitors, I freak myself out with going to the doctor! Thankfully, the nurse was able to find both hearbeats pretty much immediately, so I didn’t even have the chance to freak out! I also found out that after all of this time, I’ve only gained 4 pounds total, which I think is pretty awesome! I’m giving all of the credit so far to our vacation where we walked so much!

The Wandering Weekenders- Bumpdate: Weeks 14-17

I thought for sure that I wouldn’t get another ultrasound at this appointment, but my doctor wanted to make sure that both babies were developing appropriately and at the same rate, so I got another one! It’s seriously so crazy how much more they look like tiny humans now on the monitor, and I love it so much! He printed out some pictures too, which Chris loved being able to see. Everything looked solid on the ultrasound, which I couldn’t be more happy to hear!

Chris and I also finally started putting things on our registry at Buy Buy Baby this week, and I can’t even begin to tell you how complicated it is to try and figure out what you should register for with two babies! First off, I think that it’s ridiculous how much crap Buy Buy Baby wants you to register for. I live in the South and don’t think that I need this thermal wrap thing for my babies for their stroller, but you still want me to register for it? Secondly, why don’t you have an option for twins on your registry? Since finding out we were expecting two, I’ve found out that the number of twin pregnancies has increased drastically in the past 20 years, why in the world can I not select two babies? What if we have a boy and a girl? I’m still only going to be able to select one gender, which I think is stupid. Thirdly, it’s so hard to figure out what we actually need two of, and what we can get away with only having one. Thankfully Pinterest has a lot of checklists and ideas, but it would be nice if they had a comprehensive list at the registry places. Sorry for that little rant, but now it’s over. 

The other exciting news from this week is that Chris and I bought our first round of baby items! Chris found a lady with 10 month old twins that was selling some things on Facebook, and we ended up getting two MamaRoos, two bumbos, and two Rock N Plays, all for less than what it would cost to buy the MamaRoos at retail! Talk about a deal! The lady that Chris bought all of it from actually added me to a Facebook group that sells gently used twin stuff, so I’m excited to maybe buy a few more things once we find out genders!

And there you have it! I honestly thought that this pregnancy would go by slowly, but to be perfectly honest, it’s going by so fast! I can also feel myself literally getting bigger as the days go by, it’s kind of crazy! I’ll be back next month for another bumpdate!

  • yay for no more morning sickness and buying some baby thing! def feels nice to get some things checked off the list i bet. and that’s silly that store has no registry for twins. i’m overwhelmed just thinking about what y’all would need haha. glad things are still going super well! happy friday 🙂

    xoxo cheshire kat

    • Thank you! I was really surprised that the registries that we were looking at seriously had no guidelines for twins. I mean we know that we need doubles of some things but not everything, so what exactly do we need double of! It’s so crazy, especially since the amount of people having multiples has grown over the years. And I think that we’ll have had some of that baby stuff for so long around the house that it’s going to be weird to see a baby in them when they finally get here!

  • Living on Cloud Nine

    So happy you are feeling much better, you are one of the cutest pregnant lady ever! You seriously look incredible and I’m so happy you’re doing well! I’m still over the moon excited for you! Get some rest and do some things you love this weekend!

  • I can’t wait til you find out the genders–and aren’t ultrasounds the BEST? My next one isn’t for another month and I’m chomping at the bit!

    • It really is so much fun! I love just seeing how much bigger they get each and every time! And surprisingly I’m not too overly anxious about the genders, but I know that as soon as we get done with house things I’m going to be so ready to know what they are!

  • Jen

    I am so glad that you are feeling good! The second trimester is amazing, it’s like all that energy comes back in full force. 🙂 How awesome about all the stuff you got from that sweet lady! 🙂

    • I was so surprised by how it was almost like a light switch got flipped and I instantly started feeling better when I entered the second trimester! I wasn’t feeling too bad, but it was a definite noticeable difference! And I was so glad that Chris found that lady that we could buy all of the baby stuff from!

  • Christina Sotherden

    Doesn’t it go so fast?! I keep telling myself it’s because it’s summer! Jet lag is so real when pregnant – I’m hoping though after pregnancy that makes it easier on us haha! Cannot wait to find out the genders!!

    • I can’t believe it either! I’m officially half way there this week, and I can’t believe that I’m almost time to have them! And you’re telling me with wanting to know the genders! Surprisingly Chris is the one that’s even more anxious than I am!

  • My good friend has twins and she said the best thing to do is make friends with someone with twins so you can get all of their hand me downs, stories and advice. You look so cute! And only 4 pounds gained is incredible! Glad you are feeling better in the second trimester! Have a great weekend!

    • That’s what I’ve heard too! Thankfully we do know quite a few people that have twins, so I know that I have quite a few people that I can ask for advice. And it seriously amazes me how much you can find on Facebook now! I’ve joined a few groups for people reselling gently used clothes, and I know that I’m going to go crazy when we finally know genders so I can buy all the things!

  • Ah it’s such an exciting time!! I just git 35 weeks yesterday and feel like it’s flying by. Amazing score on all those baby items. I can’t wait to try out the MamaRoo!

    • I can’t wait to try it either! It sounds amazing, and I know that my husband is going to love that he can control it with his phone. I’m so surprised by how fast it’s going too! I’m officially half way this week, which is just mind-blowing!

  • So exciting and I’m super jealous of how worldly and traveled the twins are already in the womb! And they’ve been to Disneyland in Paris to boot! Can’t wait to keep following along!

    • Thank you! I seriously can’t wait to tell them that they’re way more well traveled than we were at their age, especially when they start complaining about wanting to go on vacation!

  • Nadine

    Second trimester already. It goes so fast, right???? If you have any questions about baby stuff, hit me up!!! I cant tell you how many things to buy for two kiddos but I have learned some things that work and dont work and certain brands and stuff. I liked registering at Babies R Us better than Buy Buy Baby. I did both. Babies R Us has a reward program that gives you gift cards based on how much people spend on your registry that you can use after baby comes. Anything I ever bought there while pregnant I added to the registry before check out too so it counted towards our money back. We had about $100 to shop with for free after it was all said and done!

    • I didn’t realize that about Babies R Us! I’ll have to look into them as well because at the end of the day they all have the same stuff anyways. The good thing that I found out about Buy Buy Baby though was that you can use your Bed Bath & Beyond coupons there, so the 20% off is going to be nice too. And I seriously can’t believe how fast everything is going! I’m going to be half way this week which is seriously so mind-blowing! And any suggestions, please send them my way! I feel like there’s so many selections out there that sometimes it’s hard to know where to start!

      • Nadine

        I highly recommend the Rock n Play. Zoe slept in that thing for the first 4 months of her life and it’s the perfect place to sit them down when you need to go to the bathroom, make a bottle, pump, cook dinner, take a minute…whatever!!! It’s probably one of the most used things we got! Having somewhere to sit them down in general is very important! I had a few things around the house for that purpose but having two would take up more room so be selective and get the best! Also, this sounds silly but the cute burp clothes all over the place? Don’t bother!!! Buy huge packs of the white ones that are for burp cloths or cloth diapers on Amazon. Trust me on this!!!!! They are easier to use, absorb more and wash like a dream. I won’t touch all the cutsie ones people got us because they’re a pain and aren’t as useful. I’m sure I have a million more suggestions but little bits at a time 😉 haha

  • It’s crazy that you’re already in your second trimester! That picture of you in front of the castle at Disney Paris is so sweet – I’m jealous, and I love that your babies already have been introduced to Disney! Glad that all is going well and that the doc is able to find the heartbeats a little easier now. That would freak me out beyond belief, too!

    • Me too! I think that’s one of the reasons why I get so anxious when visiting the doctor because we haven’t been able to hear the heartbeat for a couple of visits. And I love that they’ve already been to Disney too! Chris and I have already talked that one day we want to do a surprise Disney trip for them for their birthdays because it would be so much fun!

  • So exciting that you’ve already started stocking up on baby gear, what a great find! Love how well traveled the babies already are! I tell Serena all the time that she’s already been on a cruise to Bermuda from our babymoon. Cannot wait to hear more about how the babies are growing, and I can’t wait to find out if they’re team pink or blue or one of each <3

    Green Fashionista

    • I can’t wait to find out genders either! We had our big ultrasound on Friday, and now it’s just time to wait for the gender reveal at the end of July! And yes to telling our babies how much they’re already well traveled! They’re never going to hear the end of how they’ve already been to Paris and London and Edinburgh!

  • Look at you and that cute little baby bump! I love how your babies are already world travelers but are already true Texans with their love of Mexican food. 😉

    • Haha me too! I swear I can’t get enough chips and salsa, and that was honestly one of my biggest fears that I wouldn’t want to eat my favorite foods when I was pregnant! And they’re never going to hear the end of it when they’re older about how much they’re already well traveled!

  • I have like 9 million opinions on the baby registry but the only one I’m going to give is this–register for what you actually will need and/or want. Most people are going to get you whatever the hell they want regardless of what’s on there so for the ones who stick to the list, help them out. The stores should be helping you out and providing the lists as a guideline, not pressuring you to register for nonsense you will never, ever need.

    • I feel like it was the exact same way with registering for a wedding, they tell you a ton of things that you “need” for a registry but half of them you really don’t. I feel like I need to just go with a friend that already has kids so I can hear from them what the things are that I absolutely needed and what things worked for them and what didn’t. I swear I was so overwhelmed the first time we walked into Buy Buy Baby because I didn’t know what half the stuff was!

  • What a great resource in that twin Facebook group!! You are so good to already have so many things 🙂 You look fantastic, and I can’t wait to see more of these photos!

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

    • Thank you! I was really surprised by how good I’ve been so far with eating well, but I have to admit this month I’ve kind of fallen off the wagon! And the twin Facebook group is seriously so awesome! I can’t wait until I know genders so I can start buying all the cute clothes!

  • I feel like the twin/multiple community is so good at looking out for each other. My friend here has twins and she’s always getting tons of cute matching clothes (two girls) from other twin moms. That’s so awesome you got such a good deal too, mamaroos are pricey!

    • I know! Chris has been really good about researching things up that we might need or want, and when he said how expensive the mamaroos were, I was glad that we were able to find them second hand. I feel like if we were having just one we probably would have bought one new, but when you need double, I’ll definitely take used! And I’m definitely finding that the twin community is pretty spectacular! I’m loving it so far!

  • Love the cute and creative bump dates! So good the exhaustion and nausea went away just in time for your Europe trip! I love the fact you were able to do your baby announcement from Europe and even more exiting that you’re having twins! Double the cuteness and fun! Hope you’re having an amazing weekend!
    Emily @ Martinis & Bikinis

    • I was so excited that the timing worked out too! I had told Chris that I would be fine with the trip even if I was pregnant, but I didn’t realize that it would work out so perfectly for the announcement! Now I want to use the onesies in a shadow box or something for the nursery!

  • You look great! Glad you didn’t have too many symptoms and were able to enjoy your trip! Love that red dress with the blue flowers.

    • Thank you so much! I was so glad that our trip happened right at the beginning of the second trimester because I was seriously feeling so much better!

  • I loved that you were able to have such an amazing announcement during your Europe trip!

  • You’d think it would be in the best interest of the shop to enable customers to purchase exactly what they need, especially if it’s 2x as much…! So weird. It sounds like you’re on top of things though, how great to find second hand things that you need. And I’m glad you enjoyed your trip despite no charcuterie or cheese, and the jet lag didn’t wipe you out too much. Impressive!

    • I was so surprised too! If I could have done it all over again, I probably would have taken an extra day after our trip, just to recover from the jet lag. And I was so surprised to that there’s really no in a box registry for multiples. Obviously you can’t just double everything, but it’d be nice to have something to go off of. Thankfully there’s a lot of great things on Pinterest!

  • Ahaha that’s annoying, I almost feel like you’re not in the States but in Asia! That’s great that you were able to enjoy Europe – minus the wine and blue cheese!

    • Haha! And like I told Chris that just gives me another excuse to make sure that I plan another trip back to Paris since I couldn’t drink all the wine on this trip!

  • oh what an awesome facebook find!! Go Chris! That’s just perfect! Glad you didn’t have too many symptoms on your trip! Bummer about the blue cheese…but… if that’s the worst thing, then that’s pretty great! 🙂 XO – Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

    • That’s exactly what I keep on telling myself about this pregnancy! So far everything really hasn’t been too bad, so I can hold off on wine and blue cheese for the next few months! And I’ve loved that we’ve found so many great things on Facebook! It’s really turned into such a great resource!

  • You know I am totally okay with your blog being all about babies. That first trimester exhaustion was terrible! I’m glad you are feeling better. I ate lots of Tums toward the end of my pregnancy.. girl must have been growing hair. That’s awesome that you found a buy sell group for twin babies! Baby stuff can be so expensive. I was so thankful for the stuff we received and did not pay for or got for cheap. We have a Rockaroo and we sat Ellie in it a lot when we needed to get something done like dishes or anything. I do not understand why Buy Buy Baby would not have a twins option!

    • I know! Like even some of the apps like the What To Expect When You’re Expecting app doesn’t even give you the option to put twins down, which I think is so annoying. And the heartburn really is so insane! I’m starting to wonder if I get it more when I’m hungry or when I eat a little too much. It’s good to know that I can take Tums though because that’s definitely something that we have tons of in our house! And man oh man is baby stuff expensive! My mom made a comment about one of my friend’s strollers that she was registered for, and I was like well ours is just as expensive. There’s some things that you want to splurge on and others that you don’t need to I guess.