After staying at home for the past month or so, Chris and I were beyond excited to head to Canyon Lake for the weekend with some friends of ours. It was such a great weekend filled with great food, great scenery, and the best company! Of course, I’m linking up with Biana for some weekending!

The Wandering Weekenders- A Beautiful Lake Weekend


As soon as I was done with work on Friday, Chris and I hit the road to Canyon Lake for the weekend. Our friends Sarah and Clayton had invited us and some other friends to their lake house for the weekend and we seriously were beyond excited! Luckily we didn’t hit too much traffic and made it there in pretty good time.

The Wandering Weekenders- A Beautiful Lake Weekend

We spent Friday night like we normally do when we all get together after not hanging out for a while, talking about anything and everything. It was so much fun to just catch up with everybody and see how things were going. We all headed to bed around midnight, so maybe I’m not as an old lady as I think that I am!


We were up pretty early Saturday morning but still took our time making breakfast and relaxing before the guys grabbed all of the lake stuff and headed down to the water and us girls quickly followed. Unfortunately for me, my doctor had suggested that I don’t get in the water because he didn’t know how clean it was, but it was still a lot of fun to just hang out and talk to everybody even while they were in the water.

The Wandering Weekenders- A Beautiful Lake Weekend

Dart came down with us and while he didn’t particularly love being in the water where he couldn’t touch the bottom he still liked getting held by Chris in the water, well maybe he didn’t like that too much. I was glad that we took his bed with us though, because he just enjoyed lying under the shade of the umbrella on his bed and hanging out with us.

I was really glad that they had all of the umbrellas because I was able to hang out near the water underneath them and stayed pretty cool the whole time and I didn’t have to worry about burning, which was really nice! Sarah and Clayton also had their adorable daughter Ellie with them and she had such a blast splashing in the water and looked the cutest in her bathing suit! I have to admit I seriously can’t wait until we know our genders so I can start thinking about all the clothes I get to buy our own babies!

The Wandering Weekenders- A Beautiful Lake Weekend

We headed back up to the house around lunch time and spent a few hours just hanging out and relaxing. We had every intention of going back down to the water, but unfortunately some pretty big thunderstorms rolled through so we had to cancel our afternoon plans. So instead we spent the afternoon playing board games and hanging out. Before we knew it, the storms had passed and it was time that we got started on dinner. The guys grilled fajitas and it was the perfect meal to end our lake day!

The Wandering Weekenders- A Beautiful Lake Weekend

It probably wasn’t the wisest move, but after dinner we decided to play a new board game that Chris had picked up recently called Pandemic. The instructions were so incredibly confusing and it took us a while to figure out how to play, but by the end of the game we had it figured it out. We still ended up losing, but we all loved it at the end! The whole premise of the game is that there’s a disease outbreak all over the world and everybody had to work together to try and cure the diseases. It’s a lot of strategy and thinking ahead, and confusing at first like I said, but it’s so much fun! Definitely try and check this game out!


We had stayed up late the night before to play the game, but we were still up pretty Sunday morning and did the same routine that we had Saturday morning. After breakfast we were all still talking about Pandemic so we decided to play again. It definitely helped that we knew how to play the second time around because we ended up winning the second time around! It was a blast!

We spent the rest of the morning just hanging out and talking while the guys went fishing and before we knew it, it was time to start packing up to head home. It was such a fun weekend and I swear that the drive back is always the worst!

The Wandering Weekenders- A Beautiful Lake Weekend

We got home at a decent time that afternoon and unpacked everything before heading back out to meet up with my parents and sister and brother in law to all celebrate my sister’s birthday and Chris’s birthday. We had so much fun all getting together and hanging out, and I don’t think that’s happened since my cousin’s wedding back in May!

Even though Chris and I were tired when we got home from dinner, there was one thing that we absolutely had to do before bed, and that was to watch Game of Thrones! We seriously can’t wait for this season!

Overall it was a fantastic weekend and definitely one for the books! We can’t wait to all get together again for another fun filled weekend!

Do you like going to the lake on the weekends? Did you watch the season premier of GOT?

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A wonderful weekend spent at the lake with amazing friends! Canyon Lake is the perfect place to spend a weekend in Texas!

  • Biana Perez

    It looks so peaceful and serene there – perfect for a little weekend escape! I’m glad you guys were able to take Dart with you to enjoy the fresh air too 🙂 xo, Biana –BlovedBoston

    • Me too! Honestly Dart is just content to be hanging around with us, so getting to spend time by the lake on his bed with us was perfect for him!

  • what a lovely weekend! that lake is so pretty! i would love to just sit in the shade there and soak it all in. and dart is so cute in the water ha. i don’t blame him for not liking when he couldn’t touch the bottom ha. and game of thrones! girl last night’s ep has me amped for the season! it’s gonna be so good!

    xoxo cheshire kat

    • Me too! I honestly thought that it would be slow, but I was so glad that the action picked right up! And the lake really is incredible! Our friends’ lakehouse is right off a cove which is perfect for swimming and staying peaceful!

  • Canyon Lake looks like the perfect weekend getaway. I’ve never been! I’m glad Dart got to enjoy the weekend with y’all, even if he didn’t love the water that much. 🙂 We’ve played Pandemic before and really like it – if I’m remembering correctly, that’s the game where you work together to win, right? I remember thinking it was pretty cool that you worked together rather than competed against each other like most board games (but some of those are pretty fun too!).

    • Y’all should definitely try to make it out to Canyon Lake one day, especially since it’s so close to Austin! We loved just being able to get outside, and Dart really loved getting to just hang out with us. And Pandemic is the game that you work together to try and find cures for diseases before the world panics. It was a lot of fun to work all together and to try and strategize together as opposed to just trying to win individually.

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  • Oh what fun!! Oh man, GOT last night was so good!! Cannot wait for next week.

    • I can’t either! I was so excited about how good the first episode was and how it immediately got into all the action!

  • Looks like the perfect lake weekend! Glad you got to have a little weekend away. I feel like ryan and I are the last two people on earth not watching GoT, lol!

    • You guys should totally give it a try, especially since you can just go and binge watch a lot of the episodes! And it really was the perfect little weekend away, which is exactly what we needed after spending so many weekends at home!

  • Nicole F

    What a fun weekend. I haven’t chilled at a lake forever. It might be kind of nice to not worry about waves knocking you over or sharks 😉 It looks super relaxing! Glad you were able to relax with friends!

    • Haha I was definitely excited to not have to worry about sharks, although my husband hated when the fish would come up and eat his leg hair! And we loved being able to hang out with our friends, it felt like it’d been too long!

  • Living on Cloud Nine

    Wow, what a beautiful lake! You needed this weekend Mama and it looks spectacular! Aww poor Dart. And the drive back, no fun cause it’s back to reality, lol.

    • Exactly! The drive back on Sundays are always pretty rough too because traffic is so terrible, although it was definitely worth it to have such a great weekend at the lake with friends!

  • Nadine

    I love that first picture of Dart in the car! Umbrellas near the water is the best thing ever right? I hung out under one last year at the beach. Gotta stay cool! Sounds like you guys had a fun time at the lake. I have never heard of Pandemic but it sounds like it was a good game.

    • Haha he was definitely hoping that I was going to give him some of my dinner, but I’m glad that he ended up striking such a cute pose! And the umbrellas really are the best thing! I loved the fact that I didn’t feel like I was getting overheated or sunburned either. And Pandemic is loads of fun! If you like games with strategy and working together, definitely check it out!

  • Oh my goodness, that lake is so beautiful! We LOVE doing lake weekends here, and we actually just did one…so worth the drive!

    I didn’t see GOT haha I’m being the world’s best wife and waiting until my husband is back from deployment 😉

    • That’s so awesome that you’re waiting to watch it with your husband! My husband and I definitely have an agreement that if one of is gone we wait and watch GOT or The Walking Dead together. And lake weekends really are the best! It’d been forever since we’d been out there, so this weekend was even nicer!

  • Ashley Angle

    I love the lake. It’s so relaxing. I’ve played Pandemic! Once you get the hang of it, it’s really fun!
    Ashley @ A Cute Angle //

    • That’s so true! It took a while to figure out what exactly we were doing, but once we did we couldn’t stop playing! We all woke up the next morning wanting to play!

  • Jen

    This really looked like the picture perfect weekend. There is something just so calming and amazing about the water. I wish we had more access to water here but I savor it when we get the chance that’s for sure.

    • Us too! The beach that’s close to us is definitely unfortunate, but the lakes and rivers totally make up for the gross beaches! And you’re so right, I think that being around the water just has this way of making you feel calmer and more at peace!

  • Emily Dunham

    I am a season behind on Game of Thrones, but am so curious as to what is going on now!!! Glad you had a nice time at the lake – sounds like it was so fun!

    • I hope that you get caught up soon! I feel like so much happens in every episode, it’s so crazy! And the lake was perfect, I’m so glad that we got to go!

  • How gorgeous is that lake! Yay for getting up to the lake for the weekend, and I love that Dart got to go too <3

    Green Fashionista

    • Me too! He’s generally so chill that he’s an easy tagalong on our trips. And this weekend couldn’t have been more perfect!

  • That lake is so gorgeous! Lake weekends are so fun! I was recently told how great Pandemic is by some friends. We recently played Mysterium, another cooperative game, and it was super fun!

    • I’ll have to look into Mysterium! We love playing board games, and the cooperative games are a lot of fun and different than just having one winner. Canyon Lake really is so beautiful, and I’m so glad that it’s so close too!

  • Rachel

    How gorgeous! It looks so beautiful and peaceful. Looks like you guys had a great time. Dart included! It’s always fun to have someplace to go after spending a few weekend at home. Hope you had a great Monday, Ashley!

    xo, Rachel
    A Blonde’s Moment

    • It really was the perfect escape, especially after we spent so much time at home! Plus we couldn’t beat how beautiful the lake was! The view from the house is incredible, and I definitely could get way too used to it!

  • What a fun little getaway to catch up with friends and enjoy lake life for the weekend. So awesome Dart got to come along for the fun! It’s always fun catching up with friends and even better spending a weekend with them!

    • Exactly how we felt! It had been too long since we’d all gotten together, and we loved getting to just relax and hang out too! And Dart really loved it too, although I don’t know if he loved getting to sleep outside, or be with us more!

  • What a gorgeous lake!! A weekend at the lake sounds like heaven!! I wouldn’t mind joining in next time..!! 😉

    • Haha you totally should! We loved getting to finally getaway for a weekend, and we loved even more getting to go with friends!

  • This sounds like the perfect weekend besides not being able to get in the water! That game definitely sounds intriguing too! I love board games!

    • The not being able to get into the water did suck, but I was glad that I could still hang out and talk with everybody close by. And definitely check out Pandemic if you like board games, it’s a lot of fun and different than a lot of other games out there right now.

  • Canyon Lake looks so pretty! We always go to Lake Travis but it can get so crowded. How was the traffic on the way back? It’s always the worst!

    • Coming back on I10 was so terrible, but it always is on Sundays. I was just glad that Chris was the one driving and not me! I didn’t think that it was too crowded, but the house is right off of a cove, so I don’t think that we were really near the main parts of the lake.

  • Pandemic is a great game!! It’s totally confusing at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s so fun!

    • It really is so confusing! We had to watch YouTube videos on how to play, but it was so worth it because we had so much fun playing it!

  • This sounds like such a fun weekend with friends! That lake looks so gorgeous! I’ve head pandemic is such a fun game– it’s always so hard learning a new game for the first time.

    • It really is, but there’s a couple of YouTube videos on how to set up and play, which really helped us out a lot! And you’re so right about the lake, it’s so beautiful and made for the perfect backdrop for a weekend away with friends!

  • Oh this makes me miss Texas. I have never heard of that game, i will have to check it out! Ah yes, I was so tired Sunday but I had to stay up for GoT!!

    • Us too! I just wanted to go home and sleep, but I was so glad that I watched GOT Sunday because everybody was talking about it on Monday. And yes to all the lakes in Texas! They’re seriously the best!

  • How beautiful! These surroundings are just stunning and it all just looks like the perfect blend for a lovely and relaxing weekend.

    • I don’t think that we could have had a more perfect backdrop for the weekend! I felt like it made the time with friends that much sweeter!

  • ooh I’ve never been. What a gorgeous lake weekend. 🙂 🙂 XO – Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  • It looks so pretty! Look at the colour of the water. I have to say it looks scorching so well done for keeping cool! I always forget lakes have nice beaches/swimming places, I shouldn’t do that because it looks like I’m missing out!

    • I know! I couldn’t believe how blue the water was, it looked unreal! And it was well into the upper 90’s/100’s Fahrenheit that day, so I was surprised that I was able to stay relatively cool the whole time. And definitely don’t forget about lakes, they really are some great places to get outside for a day!

  • The water looks gorgeous, and is it bad that I wouldn’t have even thought to be worried about how clean it was when I was preggers 😬? I’m so excited for your gender reveal and to meet those nuggets in December!

    • Haha I totally wouldn’t have thought about the water at all, except that my doctor started talking to me about summer activities and mentioned not going into the water in Galveston, so I brought up Canyon Lake. And I can’t wait for you to meet them in December either, and to see how big Leighton’s getting! I can’t believe that she’s basically a year old now!