It’s so crazy to think that this potentially could be one of my last bumpdates! My doctor set the goal for me and the babies at 36 weeks, and I can’t believe that’s only a mere 2 weeks away. TWO WEEKS! Like seriously, how in the world did that already happen? I feel like a ton hasn’t really happened over the past few weeks when it comes to this pregnancy besides me getting larger and my feet and hands swelling still, but I still want to continue on with these bumpdates!

Week 28- The Third Trimester

The Wandering Weekenders- Bumpdate Weeks 28-32

It’s so funny because I don’t feel like we really did much during the first and second trimesters as far as traveling is concerned and we mostly stuck around the house and tried to get little projects done, and then as soon as I entered the third trimester we started going and going and going. Maybe we finally realized that we’ll be stuck at home for a while once our girls decide to make their appearance, but you know me I wouldn’t have it any other way.

After all the chaos and heartache that came with Hurricane/Tropical Storm Harvey, Chris and I were more than ready to get out of the city of Houston for a while. Even if that meant just not having to see the local news and hear more sad and depressing stories for a while. So off to Dallas we went for a long Labor Day weekend with Chris’s family. It was so nice to just get away and spend some time with loved ones. We had a pool party to celebrate one of our nieces and just had a ton of fun and relaxed. I’ll tell you what, I honestly thought that maybe I was going to be wasting my money buying that maternity bathing suit at the beginning of summer, but I think that we actually went swimming more times this summer with me being pregnant than we have the past few summers!

After we got back home from Dallas, I had another doctor’s appointment, and I’m happy to say that things are still going great! Somehow I’m still gaining like 5-6 pounds between these 4 week appointments, even though I don’t really feel like I’ve changed my eating habits. I’m definitely not working out as much as I used to (meaning I’m not working out at all), but I guess with all the swelling, I can assume that a lot of my weight gain is because of extra fluid and the fact that there’s two babies in there! Oh well, I’m just going to enjoy it now, and then after New Years, Chris and I are jumping back on the working out and eating healthy bandwagon!

Week 29- Showered By Friends & Family

The Wandering Weekenders- Bumpdate Weeks 28-32

I’ve already written a post about my amazing shower that my friends hosted for me and the girls, but I just want to say again how truly thankful Chris and I are for Sarah and Kayla that hosted and for all of our friends and family that came out to support us as well. We got showered with more than we could have ever imagined, and while the bulk of the items did sit downstairs in our living room for a while until the nursery furniture got delivered, we finally got everything moved upstairs to the nursery when the furniture finally came and was delivered that Tuesday!

With everything that happened from Harvey, it just took Pottery Barn a while to ship everything to us because they didn’t want to deliver to a flooded house. I know that what Chris really loved was the fact that the dresser and bookshelf came already assembled, so all he had to do was just get them anchored to the wall once we figured out exactly where we wanted them. It seemed like as soon as we got the furniture in we would knock everything out with the nursery all at once, but it took us a little bit longer than we had originally planned.

Week 30- The Dreaded Glucose Test

The Wandering Weekenders- Bumpdate Weeks 28-32

This week was pretty much all about things pregnancy related if you can believe that! During my last doctor’s visit I was told that I needed to go in for the 1 hour glucose test before my next appointment, and already I was dreading having to take it because of all the horror stories that I had heard. So Monday morning I went to the testing center, took my drink (I got the orange flavor and didn’t have a choice on which one I could drink), and read my book for an hour until they could draw my blood. Surprisingly I didn’t really think that it was that bad and didn’t have any adverse reactions while I was waiting, except that I was so hungry and so thirsty while I was sitting around and waiting for my hour to be up!

I was thinking that I wouldn’t have any issues with the glucose test until my doctor’s office called me on Wednesday and told me that I had failed the 1 hour test by 3 points, THREE POINTS! 140 is normal and I had scored a 143, which meant that I needed to take the three hour test, preferably before my next appointment which happened to be the following Tuesday.

So I scheduled my appointment for that Thursday and went to another location for my three hour glucose test. This time I got the fruit punch flavored drink, which again wasn’t terrible, just really syrupy tasting, but the waiting around for three hours while I got blood drawn every hour on the hour was the absolute worst! I swear they kept the waiting room so incredibly hot, and you’re not allowed to drink or eat anything during the test so I just felt really lightheaded throughout the whole thing. It sucked! And as much as I knew that having gestational diabetes wouldn’t be the end of the world if I happened to get it, I was just being really lazy and upset about having to make extra effort every time I thought about eating. Thankfully though the very next morning I got a call from my doctor’s office to tell me that I passed! Hallelujah!

Week 31- Our Last Weekend Trip

The Wandering Weekenders- Bumpdate Weeks 28-32

Like I said, it seemed like we just had so much going on during the last trimester! Instead of going on a babymoon at the end of the pregnancy, Chris and I thought that it would be fun to just visit both of our parents at their place in the country. We visited my parents in Leakey after Dart had passed and this was the weekend that we visited Chris’ parents. We had so much fun just getting to relax, but also getting to explore some smaller Texas towns. We loved Gruene and Luckenbach so much, and I can’t wait to go back with the babies!

This weekend I also discovered how addicting a couple of Facebook groups can be for twin moms. A twin mom here in Houston added me to a couple of groups that basically do purges of clothes that are matching or coordinating for twin moms. Basically moms list those outfits in a purge and list the size, brand, and condition, and then other moms can buy the outfits. The really cute outfits go so incredibly quickly, so you really have to be glued to your device when you’re shopping a purge. I’ve been able to find some really cute rompers from Carter’s that still have the tags on them for like $8 for the two of them! It’s so awesome, yet so addicting, that I’ve had to start limiting myself to how many I look at because the one thing with babies is that we don’t really know how big they’re going to be until they get here.

Other than that, nothing else was really changing as far as pregnancy is concerned, just the same old swelling and feeling like a beached whale! I did have another doctor’s appointment this week and he did a full exam on me, besides just double checking my normal stats, and I was very happy to report that as of 31 weeks, I’m showing no signs of going into labor! Thank goodness! Addy and Izzy need to stay baking for as long as possible.

We finally got around to getting some more things done for the nursery as well. We ordered some pictures from Etsy and got them printed from Shutterfly, and when Chris had some time after work one day he hung up all the prints and signs around the nursery. We went with a woodlands theme in the nursery, so everything is all animals and antlers which makes Chris very excited. Last year at Christmas, my sister got me a very cute print of a whippet that had antlers and birds on it and it looked exactly like Dart! We still hadn’t put it up anywhere in the house, but it fit so well with the nursery theme that Chris had the perfect idea to put the picture above their cribs. That way it’s like their big brother is still watching over them from doggie heaven.

Week 32- Showered by Work

The Wandering Weekenders- Bumpdate Weeks 28-32

This week marked the last days of September, and also my shower at work. Again, Chris and I are seriously so incredibly blessed to have so many wonderful people in our lives, and we were so happy and excited to celebrate with my coworkers! Like I mentioned, a bunch of them chipped in for our stroller, and as soon as we got home, Chris put it together and started wheeling it around the house. There will be some babies in there soon!

That weekend we took the girls to their first Aggie game, and while I didn’t last the whole game, I was very proud of myself for making it to the 3rd quarter! Next year will be a bit more expensive for all 4 of us to go to, but I know that it’ll be totally worth it! Plus the girls already have a lot of Aggie outfits that they can wear!

The rest of the week was boring and pretty uneventful except for the fact that we actually did laundry and started putting the girls clothes away. They seriously have so many cute outfits, and I know the thing that I’m most looking forward to is getting to dress them in all the adorable outfits they have! Having girls is so much fun!

This was also a really big week for us as far as the babies go because we went to our last formal ultrasound. It was so awesome to get to see our girls again, but I have to admit it’s almost harder to see them and all of their features the bigger they get, which makes no sense I know. The sonographer went through and checked them for everything, and we couldn’t be happier that everything looks good on the baby front. They’re weighing at around 3 pounds 11 ounces and 3 pounds 12 ounces which is perfect for twins to be so close in weight. Isabelle was cooperating with us that day which means that we got lots of pictures of her profile and her face, but Addison decided to be flipped over and facing my spine so we didn’t get to see her face at all. We did get to see that Addison had a head full of hair though, and I’m hoping that means that maybe she’ll have more hair than Isabelle which will make it easier to tell them apart. I swear that still makes me super nervous y’all!

Other than that, it’s still the same old, same old for this pregnant gal. My feet look more and more like Flintstone feet because of the swelling, and my rings that I’ve been wearing in replacement of Aggie and wedding rings are starting to get tighter on my hands as well. I don’t think that I’ll be able to wear them for much longer either which is super depressing. Oh well, it’s really not that much longer until the get here!

And that’s the end of this bumpdate, again if you made it all the way to the end, major props to you! I always tell myself that I don’t want to get into the details in the bumpdates, and then as soon as I start to sit down and write them all the details come out! At least it’ll be easier to put all of this information in their baby books when I get around to putting those together!

  • ahh i cant believe it’s this close! and you look so cute girly! i love the woodlands theme you picked out and glad you had your own style of baby moon 🙂 best way to do it! happy friday!

    xoxo cheshire kat

    • I still can’t believe it either! I’m officially 35 weeks today and 36 weeks is the magic number according to my doctor, which is crazy to me! It seemed like such a long time ago at the start of the pregnancy! And I love that we just had some small baby moons. It was great to just get away and explore a part of Texas that I hadn’t been to yet.

  • Living on Cloud Nine

    Oh girl you are the prettiest! You know, my mom is hoping you deliver on her birthday, November 5th! Can’t wait to see all that baby hair….eek this is so exciting and you are awesome!

    • Well there’s a very good chance that they could come on that day! There’s a small little bet going around in the family on when people think they’ll actually arrive which I think is so funny! And I’m so excited that at least one baby has hair! I can’t wait to see what they look like!

  • You look beautiful!! Don’t worry about being able to tell them apart, you will as soon as you meet them. Although, I’m a fraternal twin and it amazes me how many people confuse us. STILL!! We literally look nothing alike. I’m so excited for you!!

    • Haha I hope that I have that motherly instinct and can tell them apart, but I swear it still freaks me out! And I what I always think is hilarious is that I hear that people always ask if twins are identical even if their boy/girl twins or look nothing alike! It’s so funny to me!

  • Biana Perez

    First of all how has time gone by so fast!! I am in shock that it’s almost baby time 🙂 You look amazing girl and I hope that you have the best birthday present with your sweet baby girls by your side!! xo, Biana –BlovedBoston

    • I still can’t believe it either! This pregnancy has literally just flown by, and I can’t wait to actually meet them and see what they look like! I definitely feel like it’s baby season in blogland because so many of us are having their babies or are about to have their babies!

  • Wow this has just flown! You look fabulous!

    • Thank you! I still can’t believe that it’s almost baby time, and I know that they’ll be here before I know it!

  • Nadine

    You have the sweetest bump! I thought everyone was a bit dramatic about the first diabetes test as well. I chose the fruit punch drink and had no issues with it. Of course, I didn’t have to take the three hour test, but the drinks weren’t near as bad as people tried to tell me. If that was the worst thing they had to complain about during pregnancy, then they were lucky lol. The feet swelling!!! Girl!!! The last two months for me were so miserable with the swelling. I couldn’t believe how bad it hurt. I mean it sucks that they look huge, but I will never ever forget the feeling of the swelling. I hate to say this, but mine stayed swollen and didn’t go back to my normal size until 4 months PP. All the fluids and all that took quite some time I guess to be flushed out. I cant believe how fast your pregnancy seems to have flown by. I know you are so excited to meet those sweet babies!!! Enjoy your time with just you and Chris right now. I cherish the sweet moments my husband and I had before all the newborn fog rolled in.

    You mentioned fearing how to tell the twins apart. I think that would be one of my biggest fears too!! It reminds me of full house when Jesse marked one of the boys lol. I think it is probably different when they are your own and you get to know them.

    • Chris and I have constantly joked that we’ll have to mark one of them in some way shape or form, but hopefully since they’re fraternal they’ll look different enough that we won’t have to. I seriously don’t know how moms of identical twins do it!

      And I totally agree with you about the drink not really being that bad. I mean it tasted syrupy, but it wasn’t like oh my goodness this is the most disgusting thing I ever drank and now I’m going to roll over and die. And to be honest the 3 hour test really wasn’t that terrible, it was just the fact that the waiting room was so hot! If it had been cooler I definitely would have been more comfortable. And oh my goodness the swelling really does cause my feet to just hurt! Chris swears that they’re like play-dough when he’s massaging them, and even though that does kind of hurt, it still feels really good at the same time. I’m hoping that the swelling goes down quicker than that because I don’t know if I’ll be able to wear really any other shoes at this rate besides just a pair of crocs and some flip flops! It’s so terrible!

  • I can’t believe you’re so close to a potential due date! Sooo exciting! I love all of the bump photos and it definitely looks like you have a pregnancy glow. We have twin nephews and I know my SIL got really into other twin mom groups too! I can’t wait to see what you guys picked for the nursery, I love the woodland theme!

    • I swear the nursery was my favorite part about this pregnancy, well along with getting to pick out some fun clothes too, and I’m so glad that I got to share it today! It was so much fun to pick everything out, and I know that you’ll love it too! I’m so excited for you and your pregnancy too, and I hope that things are going smoothly for you right now!

  • I can’t believe how close you are to meeting your girls, you look amazing momma! <3

    Green Fashionista

  • This is so exciting. I can’t wait to see your babies!!! Twins are amazing. I sit regularly with a pair and I love how unique their personalities are; it is so much fun. You will definitely be able to tell them apart! Lol.

    • I hope so! When we found out that we were having twins, having identical twins was one of my biggest fears because I didn’t know if I’d be able to tell them apart. Hopefully they’ll look different enough though! And I can’t wait to see how different their personalities are too, I feel like you can already tell that they’ll be different even now!

  • Christina Sotherden

    Eeek – I can’t believe how soon they will be here, I didn’t realize how early twins can come! So glad you passed the glucose test – I was soo nervous for that haha but then it wasn’t that bad!

    • I totally agree! I think that people end up hyping it up so much, so we all get scared to take it, when it really isn’t that terrible. And I had no idea either about the earlier due date until we got pregnant with twins, and it’s so crazy that the impending deadline is coming up so soon!

  • Jen

    I can’t believe you are so close to meeting your precious girls!!! 🙂 You look fantastic!!!

    • Thank you! Sometimes I definitely don’t feel like I look that great, but at the end of the day as long as we’re all healthy that’s all that matters!

  • I had to do the three hour test only 😩. The drink wasn’t that bad but all the waiting around was terrible, I thought I was going to pass out. I can’t believe how close you are. I’m sure it didn’t feel as quick to you though. Can’t wait to see the ladies!!

    • It just amazed me how hyped up the whole test seemed to be, from the drink to everything else. I was completely fine during the one hour test, except for being hungry, but besides being light headed the 3 hour test really wasn’t too bad either. My friend that lives in Italy right now had to do a 2 hour test only and not a 1 hour test, so maybe that’s something that’s different about being pregnant in the States versus Abroad.
      Are y’all coming home this Christmas? If you are, we definitely need to try and meet up for some coffee like last time and we can all see each other again!

      • Yep I thought the same thing. Leighton and I will be in Texas from December 14th to January 19th! So we will definitely have to meet up. I can’t wait to see the girls and fair warning Leighton will probably try to tickle their feet (that’s her favorite thing to do to babies).

  • You are just glowing and I love seeing how happy you are! I’m so glad that you are just enjoying this time in your life! It seems like just yesterday you announced your pregnancy and now you are so close to meeting your little girls! I am so excited for you.

    • Thank you! I seriously can’t believe how fast everything has gone either, and that it’ll only be a few short weeks before we actually get to meet them in person! This pregnancy really has flown by so incredibly fast, and I’m just thankful that everything is pretty much done and ready for them to get here!

  • Sitting around for three hours does not sound fun in the slightest, but at least you thought to bring your book. So glad your results came back good! I’m glad you finally got all your PB furniture. That FB group sounds like a great way to save money where you can. Back when I lived near the military base, they would have an annual garage sale and people were always selling baby hand me downs. I knew some of the deals were to good to pass up so I started a baby crate and I’ve been collecting things here and there ever since. It comes in handy when friends are having baby showers. I’ll just pull from the crate and put together a gift bag. Praying y’all make your 36 week goal!

    • Thank you so much! It really is amazing how fast everything has flown by with this whole pregnancy, and I can’t believe that it’s almost time for us to meet them! And I’m totally with you on the whole saving money when you can! Those groups are seriously so amazing, and we’ve been able to find some really cute and sometimes never worn clothes for major steals! I like that you used that as well, and set them aside for friends’ showers or for yourself!

  • Sounds like your 36 weeks goal is right at my 40 weeks! 🙂 Y’all have been so busy lately. I totally feel you on all the swelling! Haha.

    • It’s so crazy that our babies could have the same birthdays! That would be so crazy! It definitely feels like it’s baby season in blogland and there are quite a few of us that are all pregnant and giving birth or about to give birth right now. We’re definitely slowing down now, and I’m enjoying the downtime!

  • So close…!! Super exciting!! I can’t wait to “meet” the girls!!! I’m sure you’ll be able to tell them apart!! No need to worry!!

    • Haha I hope that I’ll be able to! I’m thankful that they’re fraternal twins because that means that they’ll be more likely to look a little bit different! And don’t worry I know that they’ll be here before we know it!

  • Wow, two weeks is so soon! It’s crazy how fast time goes, it seems like yesterday you announced you were expecting twins! That’s too funny that Addison has a full head of hair. I would be super nervous about telling them apart, too! If the girls hold out until November 7th, we will share a birthday! haha Loved this update, Ashley. You are so close!

    xo, Rachel
    A Blonde’s Moment

    • Thank you! I’m still in so much shock that our deadline of 36 weeks is literally right around the corner, but it just makes me so excited for actually getting to meet them! And there are a lot of good birthdays coming up, and I think that’s going to be so awesome if it falls on somebody’s birthday that we know! It would be too funny!