Well I guess it’s a good thing, but another weekend has come and gone, and still no babies! At this point it’s very much a waiting game for us, and we’re hoping to know a lot more when we go in for another doctor’s appointment on Tuesday. This weekend was a little bit more relaxing than last weekend just because we didn’t have a whole planned, which was kind of nice. So I’m going to get into a little weekending with Biana!

The Wandering Weekenders- The Weekend Before Halloween


Like most of the city of Houston, we didn’t have a whole lot of plans for this weekend and Friday night besides watching the first World Series game with the Astros at home in Houston! I was so glad that they had won that last game in LA because it meant that we had the option to potentially close out the series at home in Houston! Thankfully the Astros were at the top of their game, I think that had a lot to do with them being at home, and we won another game! It was so much fun to watch, and I can’t even imagine actually being at the game!


Chris and I stayed up pretty late watching the game on Friday so we loved getting to sleep in Saturday morning! I actually had to set an alarm for 10, but it was so nice to sleep in, especially since I’m up several times at night to go potty. Friday at lunch Chris and I made a special trip to Sur La Table to pick up a Nespresso machine. We’d had a Tassimo for a few years after our Keurig died, and while we liked the Tassimo it was getting harder and harder to find the pods for the machine and it just wasn’t really making a full cup of coffee. We knew that we didn’t want another Keurig, so a Nespresso seemed like the next step for us. So Saturday morning Chris woke up and made himself a cup of coffee and a latte for me, and oh my goodness it was such a good latte! I know that I’ll be loving it even more one the girls get here!

After I woke up and got dressed, I headed out to have lunch with my mom and a good family friend. Her house got flooded during Hurricane Harvey so we haven’t had a chance to see each other in a while. It was really nice to get caught up, and she also brought me these beautiful Aggie quilts that she’d made for the girls that had their names monogrammed on them! I know that the girls are going to love them!

The Wandering Weekenders- The Weekend Before Halloween

After lunch I came home and relaxed with Chris for a little bit and watched some football before heading out to an Aggie watch party. The great thing about the Aggie network is that you can literally find a group of Aggies anywhere, and luckily living so close to Aggieland means that we have lots of clubs close by. The A&M Club that’s in our area was having an Aggie and Astros watch party literally 5 minutes from our neighborhood, so we decided to head up there to watch the games, especially since we hadn’t been to this place before.

The Wandering Weekenders- The Weekend Before Halloween
The Wandering Weekenders- The Weekend Before Halloween

We really enjoyed getting to meet some fellow Aggies and it was nice to be able to watch both games at the same time, especially when the Aggies were playing so terribly! The pitcher that was playing for the Dodgers was very good and it looked like he was going to potentially throw a no hitter until George Springer stepped up and hit a home run! I have to admit I was pretty excited that didn’t happen! Unfortunately, though the Astros couldn’t pull off 3 wins in a row and we dropped Game 4 to the Dodgers, but good things there’s a few more games for us to try and bring home our first World Series win!


We had no plans at all for Sunday except for finally getting our hospital bags packed and trying to get a few last minute things organized in the girls’ nursery. We got to sleep in again Sunday morning and enjoyed a cup of coffee while finally getting to watch Hocus Pocus for the first time this Halloween! The rest of the day was spent picking things up around the house and getting our hospital bags packed, finally!

Of course, when it was time for the Astros game Chris and I tuned in and we were pretty shocked by how up and down the game was! I mean holy home runs Batman! It was insane! I’m sure the whole city stayed up late watching the game and we’ll all be dragging a little today! 

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The weekend before Halloween was filled with getting things done before the babies and also relaxing and watching all the World Series games!