It’s already so hard to believe that the girls have been in the world for a month and a half now! Our little angels made their appearance three weeks early on November 3rd, and we’ve enjoyed having them with us, especially since it meat that we got to celebrate their first Thanksgiving! Per usual, I’m a little late getting a blog post together, but at least I’m getting one together, so I can hopefully use it in their baby books later on!

The Wandering Weekenders- Addy & Izzy One Month UpdateMilestones

As far as milestones go, there’s really not too many milestones for newborns, except trying to raise their heads up. We spent lots of time doing skin to skin and letting them rest on our chests and they slowly started building up their neck muscles. We call them our little headbangers or bobbleheads because when they’ll raise their heads up and then bob it around before letting it fall back down. It’s so cute!


We got really lucky in the fact that the girls were born pretty much on the same exact schedule. And if only one girl would wake up, then we’d normally change the other one’s diaper and they’d be ready to eat too. Originally we were breastfeeding, but I was having issues getting them to eat at the same time and then set them down to pump by myself once Chris went back to work, so we changed to just bottle-feeding expressed breastmilk with one formula feeding a day. During the first month, it got to the point that both girls were eating a pretty solid 2 ounces at every feeding 8 times a day.


We honestly thought that we’d hit the jackpot with our girls when they were sleeping 5 or 6 hours straight at night, and then we went to their 2 week checkup and they hadn’t gained enough weight. Our pediatrician told us that we needed to wake them up every 4 hours at night, so Chris and I started setting our alarm clocks for 2AM and 6AM and started 2 weeks of late night feedings. Luckily for us though, the girls only had a couple of nights when they didn’t want to fall asleep after their 10PM feeding, and for the most part they’re pretty solid sleepers!

The Wandering Weekenders- Addy & Izzy One Month UpdateGrowth

Addison- Our first born baby girl and Twin A was born at 5 pounds 1 ounce and 18.5 inches long and she was in the 4 pound range when we went in for our first checkup with our pediatrician after leaving the hospital. By the time we went in for our one month checkup just 4 days after their 1 month birthday, our little twinny was a whopping 6 pounds and 20 inches long! She’s still not on the charts for weight, but she’s getting there for height and head circumference

The Wandering Weekenders- Addy & Izzy One Month UpdateIsabelle- Our second born baby girl by one minute was born at 4 pounds 15 ounces and 18.5 inches long and she was still in that 4 pound range at our first pediatrician appointment as well. Chris and I are both convinced that if we’d fed her right before the one month appointment that she’d be in the 6 pound range with her sister, but she’s officially 5 pounds 15.5 ounces and 20 inches long as well! Our goal is to fatten both of our girls up some more and get some nice leg rolls going over the next couple of months!

The Wandering Weekenders- Addy & Izzy One Month UpdateFun Facts

Both of our girls still have blue eyes! I personally have blue eyes and Chris has brown eyes, but out of our 5 nieces and 1 nephew we only have one niece with blue eyes, so the odds are not in my favor. But so far, so good!

Addison- Our baby girl came out with a full head of hair, and to this day she still has all of that hair! After bath time her hair is uncontrollable and Daddy likes to make it into a mohawk.
We discovered a little birth mark on her shin right before her month checkup, and our pediatrician told us that it won’t grow, so it’ll end up being really small as she gets older.
This little girl hates to be wet! She literally starts screaming uncontrollably if she’s awake and realizes that she has a wet diaper. Fingers crossed that bodes well for potty training, but right now we just call her our drama queen!

The Wandering Weekenders- Addy & Izzy One Month UpdateIsabelle- She’s definitely our easy going baby! Izzy is just content to be hanging out with you, or hanging out in her crib.
There is no denying that this little lady is a Lillis! Not only does she have the trademark Lillis nose, but she’s also a spitting image of several of her nieces!
Izzy is also the queen of the duck face. When she’s waking up she stretches out and purses her lips into the perfect little duck face! It’s hilarious!

The Wandering Weekenders- Addy & Izzy One Month UpdateLikes

Both girls love their binks, but Addy loves her wubbanub while Izzy prefers it without the stuffed animal on the end.

While they might initially scream their heads off when they get strapped into their car seats, they love going for car rides and walks as well! Mom and Dad love it too because it means that they’ll sleep for a while!

They also love tummy time! Some days all they want to do is just chill with Mom and Dad on their chest. I know that I’ll miss those days eventually, but sometimes all I want to do is get stuff done around the house.


Initially being put in their car seats! They both scream bloody murder!

Bath time! They hate getting naked and then getting splashed with water and soap!

Things I Don’t Want To Forget

Those adorable milk drunk smiles! I tried so hard to capture them, but of course they disappear way too quickly!

The feeling of having both of my girls laying on my chest! They’re already getting so big that they can’t both fit comfortably!

The sight of them holding hands in the hospital!

When they’d get the hiccups and alternate hiccuping together!

Those little newborn cries! It can be pretty funny when they’re crying in unison.

The day of their newborn pictures was quite an adventure for us. We were getting ready to take some naked baby pictures so we got the girls stripped down but before we could get them into towels they both proceeded to pee all over Chris and I. We were both very thankful for the towels later on when they both peed and pooped again!

Both of the girls have very strong startle reflexes. It’s pretty hilarious to see them both startle at the same time.

They both love to have their hands by their faces or both arms up above their heads or one arm above their heads. It’s so sweet to see them both in the exact same position at the same time!

We call them our little froggies because they’re legs always seem to be in that frog like position. It can make changing diapers pretty difficult except that it’s so adorable!

Things We Couldn’t Survive Without

They’re binks! They’re seriously such a lifesaver!

These Gerber Cloth Diapers. We’re not doing cloth diapers, but they’re the perfect burp cloths ever! My friend Stacy got these for us and they’re perfect!

The Fisher Price Rock & Plays. We’re using them for their beds while they’re in our rooms, and they’re awesome!

Our Bottle Warmer and Bottle Sanitizer. With twins you go through bottles like no other, especially since we’re doing exclusively bottle feeding.

My Twin Z Pillow! It was great when I was breastfeeding, but it makes tandem bottle feeding the girls so much easier! Even Chris uses it! It’s also great for propping them up as well.

Each other, our families, and some much needed caffeine! Chris is seriously my rock through all of this, and I know that we wouldn’t be surviving these adorable girls without each other’s love and support. Thankfully when one of us gets frustrated (basically me getting overly emotional), the other is in a steady place and can talk them down. Both of our moms came into town and helped us out as well, which was so incredible! And let’s face it, every new parent needs an IV of caffeine with a newborn!

And there you have it, the girls’ first month of life in a nutshell. We’ve been pretty sleep deprived and had some rough times as well, but it’s been so incredibly wonderful to see our little nuggets grow! They’re already starting to get some rolls on their legs and double chins, and I’m already starting to wonder where our little girls went! Here’s to hoping that the second month is even better!

  • Oh my goodness! They are just so precious! Love reading these little updates! Can’t wait to meet them! 🙂

    • I can’t wait for you to meet them either! I’m so glad that I’m writing everything down because it still blows my mind that they’ll be 2 months old soon!

  • Biana Perez

    How wonderful that they are such great sleepers!! They are certainly well behaved for mommy and daddy! My friend who had twins a few months ago used that pillow as well! xo, Biana –BlovedBoston

    • It’s seriously the best invention ever! We were actually watching Shark Tank one night and saw that it was on there and actually invented by twin parents which is pretty cool. And I’m glad that they’re good sleepers too! They’re still not sleeping through the night but fingers crossed that it happens soon!

  • I can’t believe how big they’re both getting! I know you were hoping Izzy’d get to 6 lbs by the time her checkup came but she’ll be there before you know it! And glad to hear they’re such great sleepers too, you guys lucked out!

    • I can’t believe it either! We go in for their two month checkup next Wednesday, and I’m hoping that they’ll be 8 pounds by that checkup which would be so awesome! And we really did luck out in the sleep department! They’re not quite sleeping through the night just yet, but I’m hoping that it’ll happen soon!

  • a month!!!!??? holy cow! I feel like just yesterday I saw your announcement about being pregnant! they are beautiful!

    • Thank you so much! It’s seriously so crazy how fast the time flies because they’ll be two months old on Wednesday! I can’t wait to see him much they’ve grown in a month!

  • I can’t believe it’s already been more than a month! I’m so happy for you and your family – they are too sweet!!!

    • Thank you! The time really does fly by, and it’s so hard to think that they’ll be two months old next week! I can’t wait to see how much they’ve grown at our next doctor’s appointment!

  • Their womb mate onesies!! So cute! I’m sure it’s crazy how fast a month goes by and how much changes– just the little things! I think Nadine also mentioned those cloth diapers for burp cloths and how great they are, so I made sure I added them to our registry.

    • You’re going to love them, they’re seriously the best! Plus they’re so cheap, so it’s not the end of the world if they get so gross that you have to throw them out. And our friends got us those Womb-mates onesies, and I’ve loved the fact that they’ve been able to wear them as much as they have! It really is so crazy how fast time flies! They’ll be two months old on Wednesday, and I still can’t believe it!

  • WOW. I can’t believe it’s been a month.
    I love how your noticing and recording the similarities and differences between the girls! I think it’s really interesting how twins are so similar, yet totally unique! That’ll definitely be something to watched and enjoy as they get older!

    • I’m hoping that I’ll get to make them both baby books sooner rather than later, so I love that I’ll be able to tell them a little bit about them individually. It’s really funny because I feel like I can already tell their personalities apart and they’re similar but so different too! Plus it’s fun to see who takes after me and who takes after their dad a little bit more.

  • Ashley Angle

    They are so tiny still! Loved reading this update about your beautiful daughters!
    Ashley @ A Cute Angle//

    • Thank you! I can’t believe how tiny they still are compared to other babies, but to us they’re starting to look so huge! We go to the doctor on Wednesday for their two month checkup and I can’t wait to see how big they’ve gotten!

  • I cannot believe they’re already 6 weeks old! They are so sweet, and I love their little bows.

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

    • Thank you! I’ve gotten really bad about having them wear bows, so I had to make sure that they wore them for their pictures! And the time really does fly by so fast! They’re going to be two months old on Wednesday!

  • So so cute! It sounds like the routines are going well 🙂 That’s great that the girls are pretty good sleepers, too!

    • We’ve gotten so lucky that they’re such good sleepers! They’re not quite sleeping through the night yet, but I’m hoping that’ll happen soon!

  • I love reading about their similarities, like their positioning, and how their little individual personalities are emerging! They are so stinkin cute.

    • Thank you! It’s amazing to us as parents that they’re personalities are already starting to show through, and how similar they are to each of us too. I swear that Addison takes after me a little bit more and Isabelle takes after Chris.

  • So sweet!! They look like you in the face so far!! I didn’t know that you were expected to wake babies up to feed them… I mean, it makes sense, but so does sleep… lol. Love the drama queen that doesn’t like to be wet. 😉

    • We totally didn’t realize it either until we went in for their two week checkup! We thought that we’d lucked out in the sleep department. But now that they’ve gained their weight back we don’t have to wake them up anymore, and they’ve been doing pretty good about sleeping for a little bit longer of a stretch. And Addison definitely takes after me in the drama queen baby department, apparently that’s how I was as a baby as well!

  • Time does fly! They are so adorable and I love the names you chose for them (and the shortened versions). Cutest onesies ever! Enjoy every moment of being a new mom and your blog is the perfect way to document their growth and milestones! xoxo

  • soooo sweet!

  • Jen

    Oh sweet girls. I can’t believe that they are already one month old. E was the same way about being put in the carseat, she always got so mad, but would fall asleep pretty quickly. She still loves riding in the car.

    • I’m just glad that they’re good car riders so far! We’re road tripping to Dallas for New Years right now, and so far they’ve been sleeping the whole way which has made it so nice for us. And that’s awesome that E still loves riding in the car. My fingers are crossed that our girls will be the same way!

  • I love that their pictures match the way you describe their personalities. I remember Leighton’s one month picture she had chicken legs and by two months the thighs were chunky (and still are at 16 months). I can’t wait to meet them next month. Leighton won’t know what to do seeing two babies!

    • I want to know how everybody gets those perfect monthly update pictures of their babies because I swear one of them is always moving around and it’s hard to get a good picture of both of them at the same time! And the girls are finally starting to get leg rolls and I love it so much! I can’t wait to meet up with y’all this month! Just let me know when you get back to Houston after your tour of Texas and we’ll pick a time to meet up!

  • Awww, this is so fun to read – especially since they’re twinnies! Can’t wait to see them grow!!

    • Thank you! I can’t believe how much they’ve already grown in a month! They’ll be two months on Wednesday, and I can’t wait to write their two month update!

  • Living on Cloud Nine

    I ADORE THIS! What precious babes! This is such a great way to chronical all the milestones. I can see their lil personalities just in the photos. Hope you have a super sweet start to your week!

    • Thank you! I know that I’m going to be super late about creating a baby book for them, so I really wanted to make sure that I documented their growth at least on the blog so that I could use it later on. And Addy was having a moment when we were trying to take pictures for one month, which I think definitely came across in the pictures!

  • Oh are they adorable!! I can’t believe they are already a month!! They are so tiny but before you know it they will be teenagers. haha

    • I know! The time is seriously flying by right now, and there already going to be two months old on Wednesday! I can’t imagine what it’s going to be like with two teenagers lol

  • Aw they’re both so sweet!! I am glad that they are doing well and on a relatively stable sleep and feeding schedule. Even if you have to wake them up more for feedings! 🙂 Good luck with month two, excited to watch y’all grow as a family as the year goes on. 🙂 XO – Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

    • Thank you! I’m so thankful that they’re both on the same schedule too because it makes life so much easier! And they had officially gained enough weight after their one month appointment that we didn’t have to wake them up anymore which has been so nice! They’ll be two months on Wednesday, and I can’t believe it!

  • They are so cute. I am so happy for you. My husband and I are asking for a baby for Christmas. We are keeping hope alive over here, lol.

  • Christina Sotherden

    I just love looking at photos of the two of them together! I cannot believe that they are a month old – enjoy this holiday week with them!

    • They’re slowly starting to become more aware of things around them, and it’s fun to start to see them kind of interacting with each other. Christmas was so awesome with them, and I can’t wait to celebrate New Years with them!

  • Oh my goodness, could they be more precious! Serena didn’t like being strapped into her car seat at first either, but now she’s a champ. Enjoy every second of Christmas with your two beauties <3

    Green Fashionista

    • Thank you! And I’m so glad that they’re not the only ones that hate being strapped in, but that there’s hope for the future of not screaming bloody murder in the beginning! Christmas was so much fun with them, and I can’t wait to celebrate New Years!

  • I love reading about them. Especially since they’re so close in age to Bella so it’s fun to see what they’re doing. I love that you have one drama queen 🤣they’re so precious!

    • I feel the same way when you post things about Bella! They’re only a couple of weeks apart so it’s so fun to see the similarities that they all have! And Addy apparently takes after me as a baby since I was also a major drama queen!

  • They’re adorable! I think it’s always so fascinating that such tiny little people can already have such strong personalities!! 🙂 I’m glad for your sake that they’re pretty good sleepers! I hope you have a fun first Christmas with them! I babysat my cousin’s 6 month old twin girls last week and it was fun but tiring! They were teeny tiny when they were born, 3 and 4 pounds. They took a while to start to gain but now they’re chubby little things!

    • Thank you! And it really is crazy how you can already tell some personality traits even when they’re this young, although I’m hoping that Addy doesn’t stay too dramatic when she’s older! And it really is so tiring having two of them, but it’s also a lot of fun. I bet that your cousin’s twins are already having a ton of fun together, and I can’t wait for that point in time with my girls! it’s also good to know that gain weight quickly! I can’t wait until the girls are officially on the weight chart with kids their age!

  • They are seriously so adorable. I am so glad to hear everything’s going ok and you’re all doing well! It’s so cool that you can see their personalities already, and that they’re so different. I hope they continue to chunk up nicely, nothing is so satisfying as a good chubby baby 🙂

    • Thank you! It was definitely tough waking up at night for a little bit, but it was worth it to hear that they’d chunked up enough to let them sleep as long as they wanted! And you’re so right chubby babies are the best! Both girls already have double chins and thigh rolls which I love!

  • Nadine

    I cant even imagine the amount of bottles you must go through in one day because I felt like all I did was wash bottles all day when Zoe was younger and I just had her. As you can tell I am way behind on my blog reading. Cant believe these girls are two months old now! Love that you see their personalities starting to form already.