If I thought that the first month of the girls’ lives flew by, it was nothing compared to how fast the second month flew by. I definitely attribute that to all of the Christmas festivities that we had going on, which were a little bit more stressful, but also a lot more fun! While we’re definitely still slaves to the eating schedule for the girls, this month it got a lot easier, and I felt like we got to know them a little bit more and were more in tune with their needs, which all in all made the second month that much better than the first. So anyways, it’s time for the second month update for Addison and Isabelle!

The Wandering Weekenders- Addy & Izzy Month 2 Update


As far as development goes, there were two major milestones that the girls hit this month. I don’t know which is my favorite because they’re both pretty amazing, but the first is that the girls have started smiling and interacting with us a lot more. They both will actually look at us and give us these big goofy, gummy smiles, which are the absolute cutest! It definitely makes things a lot easier when you’re changing a poopy diaper and you see this little person smiling at you.

The Wandering Weekenders- Addy & Izzy Month 2 Update

The second is that they have started to “sleep through the night”. Well at least mostly sleep through the night. We usually put them down to sleep at 10:00 and they were waking up at 3AM for a feed, but just after New Years they’ve started to sleep until 5AM. That 5 or 6 hour stretch seriously feels like heaven!

Some other non developmental milestones that the girls had this month were their first road trips to College Station for Christmas and Dallas for New Years. It felt like such a huge accomplishment to know that we could make those drives with the girls and have it go smoothly! They obviously also celebrated their first Christmas, and also had their first trip to a brewery!


The girls are 100% bottle-feeding still and they’re down to 7 feeds a day at 3 ounces each. We decided to increase the number of formula feeds from 1 to 2 so that I could start freezing some breastmilk for when I go back to work and the girls start up at daycare. I’m very proud to say that I already have 150 ounces frozen, and then I realize how quickly the girls will drink through that. Oh well, it’s nice to have some stored up!


Like I stated earlier, the girls have really started stretching their feeds out during the night, which Chris and I definitely love. The first month they were going to sleep at 10PM and then up at 2AM and 6AM for feedings, but now they’ve stretched that to 3AM and 6AM and finally at the very end of the month sleeping until 5AM and 8AM. It’s seriously the best, and Chris and I both starting to feel like humans again!


I can’t believe how big the girls have gotten since they were born at about 5 pounds each! Addison is now weighing in at 8 pounds 7 ounces and is 21 inches long. Isabelle is now weighing in at 8 pounds 5 ounces and is 21 inches long as well. Addy just always seems to have those extra 2 ounces on Izzy. I honestly thought that they’d be only at 8 pounds, but I’ll definitely take my not so little 8.5 pound chunky babies! Plus the means that they’re both officially on the charts for a full-term singleton baby in terms of height and weight! They were both at less than 1%, but now they’re coming in at a whopping 5%, which makes me super excited!

The Wandering Weekenders- Addy & Izzy Month 2 Update

They’re still in newborn clothes, but they’re finally starting to fill them out with some little bellies and some thigh and arm rolls as well! I think that we’ll be in 3 month or 0-3 month sometime later this month.

Fun Facts

So far the girls still have blue eyes, so my fingers are still crossed that they could have light eyes like me! From what all of our in laws have said and my parents, all the kids with brown eyes seemed to change colors almost immediately, so I’m still holding out!

Again, I really don’t know where the red hair could possibly come from, but both girls still have red hair (well, hair that looks red in certain light). Izzy’s is definitely a more of a strawberry blonde, but it’s still red!

We had also stopped swaddling the girls because they seemed to do better for a while without being swaddled, but at Christmas we realized that they calmed down a lot more when they were swaddled. So we’re back to having babies swaddled to sleep!

We’ve started nicknaming the girls “The Snipers” because they always manage to pee right when I’m changing their diapers. It’s not as if I’m waiting for forever to change their diapers or anything, they just seriously have the most perfect timing ever!


The Wandering Weekenders- Addy & Izzy Month 2 Update The Wandering Weekenders- Addy & Izzy Month 2 Update

Addison is still our little drama queen, although we think that she had a little bit of colic that would always hit us right during the witching hours between 7PM and 10PM.

We’ve also guessed that Addy will probably be the one that is up and moving first. Sometimes she’s seriously not happy unless she’s being walked around so that she can look at everything!


The Wandering Weekenders- Addy & Izzy Month 2 Update The Wandering Weekenders- Addy & Izzy Month 2 Update

Izzy is our little laid back baby. She just wants to pretty much just cuddle and hang out with whomever has her.

While both girls had a little bit of baby acne, Izzy’s has definitely stuck around a lot longer than Addy’s. The doctor said that it should clear up on it’s own though.


I feel like they totally did a switch on us and now love to be swaddled. If they’re having a freak out moment, as soon as we swaddle them up they get happy again.

I feel like we’re setting up ourselves for a little bit of a backlash when we move the girls into their nursery because the girls absolutely love the rocking motion and sound machine from their Rock & Plays. We start them up, and they immediately pass out.

Lights, but more specifically Christmas lights. They could have stared at the Christmas tree for hours upon hours this Christmas season!

Meeting and getting held by all of their family! The girls got to meet the entire Lillis side of the family at New Years, and it was so cute to see them be loved on by their aunts and uncles and cousins. They really loved staring at all of their cousins, and I think that’s because they’re so much closer in size to them.


They still hate getting bathed. I think that part of that is because they don’t like getting naked because it’s cold because it’s the winter. Hopefully that will change.

Getting strapped into their carseat. They pretty much start crying immediately, but as soon as we start going in the car they fall asleep or are fine. Hopefully that changes soon!

Things I Don’t Want to Forget

Those big old gummy smiles! They started smiling some about half way through the month, but it wasn’t until towards the end of the month that they started smiling back at us when we would smile at them.

How they actually make eye contact with us now that they’re a little bit older. I’m not sure if they really can see us that much, but I love that it seems like they’re focusing on us more.

How Addy and Izzy’s hair both get so crazy after their baths! It literally sticks straight up and all around.

How good and quiet they were on their first major road trip to Dallas. I know that it’s not too much farther in the future that we’ll be dealing with all the “are we there yet”s from the girls.

Their little kamikaze moves that they manage to do when they’re lying on our chests. All of a sudden they’ll just throw their head around and you almost lose a baby.

They’re slowly gaining a lot more control of their heads, and it’s so funny to see the head banging action that they have when they’re on our chests and raising their heads up. Maybe they’ll be some little rock babies.

How much they were loved on by family members during the holidays. From grandparents to aunts and uncles to cousins, the girls are loved by so many people and it just melts my heart so much!

Things We Couldn’t Survive Without

We pretty much couldn’t survive without everything that I talked about last month, but here are some additional things that we wouldn’t be surviving without:

A breast pump! I know that not everybody breastfeeds, but this has been a lifesaver for us and just doing expressed breastmilk and formula. And for all of you pregnant ladies out there, make sure that you get your prescription for your pump from your doctor in advance. It took about 2-3 weeks for the whole process for me to order and actually receive my pump from Target, and with the girls arriving early, my pump didn’t arrive until a couple of days after we arrived home from the hospital. So needless to stay, order way in advance because they have to run everything through your insurance! Also make sure to buy some extra parts from Amazon and some bags for freezing milk as well. The worst thing would be to lose a part and not be able to pump!

The Baby Brezza Formula Dispenser. There’s nothing worse than being awake early in the morning for a feeding and trying to measure out formula, so thankfully this machine basically takes all the guess work out of it. I’m pretty sure that I first learned about this from Jen from Marathons and Dog Tags where she’d described it as the baby Keurig. I totally agree with her, and can see why she loved it so much, but you just need to make sure to put a bottle under the dispenser before you push the button like my mom might have done one time…

Aden & Anais muslin swaddles. I had read a couple of mom blogs that recommended these, and I totally understand why! Not only are they the perfect swaddles, but they’re great for burp clothes and blankets too. We got several packs and we’re constantly using them and washing them all the time.

And while I could survive without them, I couldn’t live without the cuteness of the moccasins we got from Jaxhoo! We originally got them as props for our maternity pictures, but I got so excited when I found out that the girls actually fit into them! I’m hoping that she opens up the shop again soon because I totally want to get some more for the girls!

The Wandering Weekenders- Addy & Izzy Month 2 Update

I seriously can’t even believe that the girls are already two months old! The days almost seem long, but they’re also flying by so incredibly fast. I look back at some of the pictures that we took of the girls after they were first born, and it’s so crazy to see how fast they’re growing up and how much bigger they are! It’ll be so crazy to see what they look like next month and at their first birthday!

  • So am I crazy, or does Addy totally look like you and Izzy totally looks like her Daddy? They are just the sweetest and I love those onesies!!

  • OH they are so cute. I can’t believe they are already two months. Yikes, they are gonna be teenagers before you know it. They are so cute and I love how you dress them alike.

  • Living on Cloud Nine

    They are beauties!!!! Oh mama, just beauties! Our youngest didn’t like a bath til 6 yrs old! I pray they start being lil water bugs!

  • Nadine

    Their little moccasins are so cute! I ordered some First Steps from Nordstrom Rack and found that they fit so amazing and really stay on Zoe’s feet compared to all the others I have tried. One of them has a bible verse on the sole which I though was really sweet. They are a lot more affordable than Freshly Picked and some others out there.

    Dont worry too much about switch the girls from their RNP to the crib when you decide its right. You will know when they are ready and the transition wont be as bad as you think. It took Zoe a week. I knew she was ready because she got mad that she couldn’t roll in hers. She is very much a tummy sleeper and has been since 4 months when we moved her to the crib. Bath’s also got a lot easier around 21/2-3 months when I put her in a bath chair in the tub instead of the sling at the sink. She was way more comfortable in it and I still use it today to wash her hair before I stick her in the big tub and take the chair out. I got it for like $15 at Target and it is one of the best things I did! I have this one in pink https://www.target.com/p/summer-infant-174-deluxe-baby-bather-blue/-/A-13933368#lnk=sametab

  • Ahh their cute little smiles! And such a jump in size from their one month update! It sounds like their sleep schedule is going so well, and that’s so interesting that they kind of changed their minds on the swaddling, but so good to know! I got my breast pump in last week and took it out of the box and then put it right back in because it seemed totally overwhelming, lol.

  • Eek they are growing so fast! That’s so awesome about their sleeping. I can’t wait to meet them today!!

  • Completely ageee with the Aden + Anais swaddle blankets. Our youngest is 7 and i still have a few saved! They are the perfect weight for Texas babies! And, great job storing up milk!!! That’s awesome!

  • Aren’t those little smiles the best?! And YAY for more sleep, nothing absolutely nothing prepared me for the total and utter exhaustion of not sleeping normally for the first several weeks. You really do feel like a whole new human when they start sleeping longer. And yesss to the breast pump, after the first few weeks I switched to exclusive pumping. And trust me, you’ll want to break up with the machine several times before weaning, but it’s so worth it. Happy 2 months ladies <3

    Green Fashionista

  • Holy cow, they are so cute and BIG! They’ve grown so much since their 1 month update!! Wow!

  • Their red hair is just so cute! Yay for sleeping through the night – such a game changer! We love those Aden + Anais swaddled, but for everything but swaddling. Anthony has broken out of them practically from birth, no matter how tight we did them! Lol. At first we used swaddles with velcro, but then he broke out of those too, and we had to buy ones with a zipper. 😂

  • The smiles- YAY! It’s so great to see your baby smile- nothing could make me happier these days! They are getting so big and so many great milestones 🙂 I love hearing about them! I’m nervous for the nursery transition too because Bella is the saaaame way haha. Happy 2 months girls!

  • Jen

    Baby smiles are seriously the best thing ever!!!! Seeing those sweet little gums melts my heart haha. They are growing so fast, it’s hard to believe that they are two months old.

  • Yay! They just keep getting cuter and cuter!! Baby smiles are the best!! 🙂 I’m glad you guys are getting more sleep throughout the night!!

  • They are so darling!!!! So happy to hear the girls (and mom and dad) are all doing well. We loved Little Unicorn swaddles..and we still use their bandana bibs to wipe up milk off Aida’s face 🙂

  • Oh they’ve changed so much already! I’m happy to hear you’re getting more sleep, and the girls are getting some nice chunky rolls. Always good to see. Gummy smiles sound adorable, and hooray for accidental prop moccasins 🙂 You got some gorgeous pictures in this post, the one at the end with them holding hands is adorable!

  • Nicole F

    They are super cute! I love their little hand holding picture.

  • I love these sweet sisters so much already!! They are SO cute. I think Izzy is going to be the mischievous one. I can tell by her eyes. She’s nothing but trouble. 😉

  • I love their red hair!! My youngest brother has blonde hair and nobody in our family does- going back 3 generations not a single person has blonde hair, it’s crazy how those things happen! They have gotten so big, is it easy for you to tell them a part? Thanks for the recommendations! I am in the process of picking a pump!