Happy February everybody, and happy long time no blog! Things have been pretty crazy around these parts with two babies and then heading back to work on top of it, that I really haven’t been able to find the time to blog. I’m hoping that once I’m back at work for a little while I’ll finally be able to get more into a schedule and have the time to blog after the girls have gone to sleep in the evenings. Anyways, a great way to ease myself back into the whole blogging game is by linking up with Andrea and the other ladies at The Blended Blog for some TBB Asks- Valentine’s Day Edition!

The Wandering Weekenders- TBB Asks February

  1. Kisses or Hugs?
    I would definitely have to say hugs because hugs remind me of cuddling. Although if I’m being honest I’d probably like the kisses candy more than the hugs candy!
  2. Candy or Flowers?
    This is definitely a tough one! I love how beautiful flowers look but I’m notorious for killing them rather quickly. Chris has gotten to the point that he knows that if he buys me flowers that he has to keep them alive. And what girl wouldn’t want to get some sort of candy on Valentine’s Day! So can I say that I’d love to get both?
  3. Baking or Cooking?
    I definitely love baking over cooking. The Type A Accountant in me has to have everything precise which is probably why I love baking so much. Chris is a lot better at being able to throw things together which is probably why he likes cooking more. You can fudge the recipe a little bit and you’ll still be ok.
  4. Do you remember your first kiss?
    Technically I think that my first kiss was at daycare and I was the girl that would run around the playground and kiss all the boys. But other than that my first kiss was with my first boyfriend in high school.
  5. Favorite color of Roses?
    I really love all colors of roses. If I’m being a true Texan then I guess that I should say that I love yellow roses, but pink and red and white are all pretty too!
  6. Conversation Hearts, yes or no?
    Not at all! I hate the way that they taste, although I do love my conversation heart wine glasses that Erin got me last year for Galentine’s Day!
    The Wandering Weekenders- Beyond Words A Man Called Ove
  7. Do you leave love notes?
    I’m really terrible about leaving love notes and I don’t do it all. I normally text Chris that I love him though.
  8. Do you decorate for Valentine’s Day?
    I don’t, unless you count the M&M’s that I have that are in Valetine’s Day colors. My mom was always awesome about decorating for all the holidays growing up, and I hope that I can do that for the girls when they get older.
  9. Red or Pink?
    Pink of course! Although not going to lie a red lip for Valentine’s Day is really beautiful!
  10. Milk, White or Dark Chocolate?
    I definitely have to say milk chocolate! I’m not a huge fan of dark or white chocolate actually, but let’s face it if it’s put in front of me I’m for sure going to eat it!
  11. Do you believe in love at first sight?
    Nope, I don’t. I believe that you can fall in lust with somebody, but I don’t think that you can love somebody until you truly know them.
  12. Do you give Humorous or Serious Valentine Cards?
    I like to give funny Valentine’s! Ones with animals on them are the best in my opinion!
  13. Favorite Chick Flick or Romantic Movie?
    I have a lot that I love- 10 Things I Hate About You, Pride & Prejudice and Love Actually are a few of my favorites!
  14. Stay In or Go Out?
    Usually Chris and I don’t do anything big for Valentine’s Day, but we do like to go out for a nice dinner in town, but generally not actually on Valentine’s Day because it’s always too chaotic. Last year we went to a new restaurant called One Fifth where the chef changes up the style and type of food every year for one year. Last year it was a steak restaurant and this year it’s romance language foods- so French, Italian, and Spanish food. We might not make it there this year because we’re pretty busy with the girls, but we’d still like to try and make its there before it changes up!

And there you have, my answers to the Valentine’s Day prompts for the the TBB Asks! Valentine’s Day really snuck up on us this year, although I think that I’ll be saying this about everything this year! Now it’s your turn to answer! Do you agree or disagree with any of my answer?