A Letter To Garage Doors

Dear Garage Doors,

I’m sorry that my cars (both past and present) really like to run into you. I’m also really sorry that when my cars run into you, they tend to break you and themselves. I’m also sorry that even if my car doesn’t run into, your cord will get wrapped around the rack on the top of my car and cause you to go off the track and not open or close.


Ashley, Garage Door Slayer

P.S. This post is brought to you because I have managed to run into my garage door not once, but twice. The first time was in my bug and the garage door broke the antenna off my car. The second time, was in my RAV 4, and I had to get my top panel of my car replaced. This afternoon I managed to get the cord wrapped around the rack of my RAV 4 so then the garage door ran off the track and I had to get one of the contractors in the neighborhood to come help me fix it. Needless to say, the hubby will not let me live this down, and all garage doors should live in fear of me.


Even though we didn’t have any set plans this weekend, we’ve managed to have a busy and filled weekend. Here’s what I’m doing currently to relax on a Sunday afternoon before the chaos of the week ensues!

The Wandering Weekenders - Currently...
What the Dart is doing currently.

WATCHING- We’re watching Elf for the second time this Christmas and I couldn’t be more excited about it! I think that it was last year that one channel played it everyday during the month of December, and they should totally bring it back, or at least play it all day on Christmas. I would much rather watch Elf all day than The Christmas Story (although the hubby would be extremely depressed without The Christmas Story on Christmas).

EATING- Some spicy pretzels that I made this afternoon. The recipe calls for 16 ounce bag of pretzels, one package of dry ranch seasoning, one teaspoon garlic salt, one teaspoon cayenne pepper, and 1/2 cup canola oil. You mix all the ingredients together then pour over the pretzels and let sit for 20 minutes. Then you bake at 200 degrees for an hour, turning the pretzels every 15 minutes. They’re super easy to make and come out fantastic! I don’t know why, but they always just remind me of Christmas.

DRINKING- Some raspberry lemonade and vodka, it is Sunday Funday, right. I’ll definitely be switching to some wine later on, especially since we stocked up our wine bar and fridge for the Christmas party that we’re hosting on Friday.

MAKING- Well, I just finished making those spicy pretzels and this recipe for peanut clusters. You could say  that I was in a productive mood this afternoon. I’m also going to throw in the fact that I wrapped all the presents that we have so far at our house yesterday, with some help from one of my best friends. Wrapping gifts is one of my least favorite things to do, so that’s why I’m considering it a “craft”.

WEARING- An Aggie shirt, of course! Because I have to dress up so much during the week, sometimes I don’t feel like putting forth that much effort into an outfit on the weekend, hence, Aggie shirts tend to come out a lot.

HOPING- For a Fantasy Football win! I started playing Fantasy Football last year, and absolutely fell in love/became obsessed with it. This year I participated in 2 leagues, one with the hubby and some other friends, and the other with some coworkers. I made the playoffs in both leagues, although I have a better chance of making the finals in my work league. So here’s to hoping that I win both my games this week in order to advance!

WISHING- It felt more like Christmas! It’s been in the mid-sixtes to mid-seventies for the past week in Texas, so it feels more like a late summer/early fall rather than winter. There’s supposed to be a cool front that blows through later on this week, so I’m hoping that Texas will cool off and stay cooled off through Christmas. There’s nothing worse than having a warm and muggy Christmas!

FEELING- Accomplished because we have all of our Christmas shopping done and everything that’s come in has been wrapped and is now under a tree! It always feel like I’m running around trying to buy last minutes gifts the 2 weeks before Christmas, so I said that it wasn’t going to happen this year, and it didn’t! So proud of myself!

LOVING- The fact that Christmas is right around the corner! It really is the most time of the year! I’m a little more excited than usual this year because we will be hosting Christmas at our house year! I can’t wait to have my family (and all five dogs) over, and to just enjoy the day together.

Five Things Friday {Week 8}

So is anybody sick of Christmas music/movies/decorations/parties/food yet? I didn’t think so! It’s so crazy to think that Christmas is only 2 weeks away and then we have to wait a whole year before we can celebrate again (yes, I know that some people start celebrating as soon as November rolls around). With that being said, I have another Christmas filled Five Things Friday for y’all!

  1. Today is our company Christmas luncheon. I’m kind of bummed that we’re not doing an actual Christmas party (we missed the party last year because we were at Disney World), but the lunch is at Vic and Anthony’s, one of the best steak restaurants in town, so I’m sure that it will be wonderful. After the lunch, the office is closing down, which is always a good thing! I’m very much looking forward to socializing with my coworkers and enjoying ourselves before Christmas break.
  2. I’m so excited to be going to dinner with some good friends of ours tonight! We haven’t seen them in a while, and it’s going to be so much fun to catch up on everything with them. We’re planning on going to dinner tonight at Uchi, which is one of the best sushi restaurants (the hubby and I think it’s the best) in town. They have a fantastic Happy Hour where they have several of their best dishes that you can try at Happy Hour prices. Needless to say, I’ll probably be eating my weight in sushi tonight, even with the wonderful lunch I’m sure that I’ll have had earlier in the day.
    The Wandering Weekenders - Five Things Fridays
  3. After dinner tonight, we’ll be headed to a concert by the Houston Symphony called Very Merry Pops. The show will be a collection of Christmas songs, and I seriously cannot wait! Christmas music has been playing in my office and in my car nonstop after Thanksgiving, so I’ll be very excited to listen to some live music for a change!
  4. I’m super excited for the first weekend in a while that we don’t have any specific activities planned! I’m hoping to be productive this weekend and send out the last of our Christmas cards and actually get some presents wrapped and under the tree (we’ll see if that actually happens). Also, one of my best friends is coming over to watch Christmas movies Saturday, and I can’t wait to see her! I’m pretty sure we’ll be watching Christmas movies set in NYC so we can remember our last trip there a couple of years ago, and so we can get prepared for our trip that we’re planning next year at Christmastime!

    The Wandering Weekenders - Five Things Fridays
    Our trip to NYC in 2012!
  5. Finally, I’m very excited that I finally received my 2015 Emily Ley Simplified Planner in the mail (after the USPS took almost a week and a half to deliver it!). One of my friends told me about it, and after doing some research I decided to give it a try. Currently, the hubby and I have a shared calendar on our iPhones where we can keep track of different activities that we have going on, but I still feel like some things get lost in the day to day shuffle. I’m hoping that by having an actual planner for 2015, I’ll be a little more organized and stay on top of my to do lists better.
    The Wandering Weekenders - Five Things Fridays

Well, that’s all I have for this week! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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