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The Wandering Weekenders- Here I Go

So this is my first post on a blog, ever! I really wanted to start this blog as a way to document the experiences that my husband and I have when we’re traveling on vacation. I absolutely LOVE to travel. I love being able to experience things that are unique to different cities, try out fantastic restaurants, and just being somewhere new and different from home. Being away from home makes me appreciate it just a little bit more.

The Wandering Weekenders- Here I Go

My husband travels quite a bit for work. He’s usually gone a few days a week every other week. It’s not that bad, because right around the time that I start to miss him (usually day 2 or 3 of his trip) he comes home. For me though, it’s all worth it. He consistently travels Southwest and has managed to snag Companion Pass status through December 31, 2015! Basically, if we pay for his ticket somewhere (either with points or $) I can fly with him for FREE!  Score!

As soon as I found out that he had earned Companion Pass status I went to Southwest’s website, wrote down pretty much everywhere that Southwest flies that I wanted to go, and started dropping in potential weekends for trips. Neither one of us will have a ton of vacation time, so we’re hoping to hit the highlights of each city by going over a weekend.

We’ve already booked our first flight and our first stop with Companion Pass is Atlanta, Georgia (seriously, it’s costing $22 for both of us to fly), and I have already started to plan our trip. I don’t know how many people out there that do this, but when we set a date and location for our next vacation I literally throw myself into the planning process. I do a ton of research on where to eat, what to see and do, and literally put together itineraries for what’s going to be happening every day. (I’m not even joking, I have excel files that document what time we need to be where, what we’re eating, etc.) I feel like this pretty much drops me into the typical “Type A Accountant” personality, but I don’t want to miss an opportunity to see or do something. You only live once, and you’re paying a lot of money to not be at home, right? Plus as my best friend always says, “You can sleep when you get home.”

So when I start researching our next vacation, the first place that I usually go is Pinterest. Pinterest has go to be the best (and probably the most addicting) social media there is. It’s so much fun to go on there and find links to amazing recipes, design ideas, and of course ideas on vacations. One of my favorite things to look at for vacation ideas is other people’s blogs because it’s nice to see what normal people consider good restaurants and what some of their favorite things to do in cities are. I just feel like sometimes the critics view is a little over my head. If you find me on Pinterest, I already have my Companion Pass board that has links to several of the cities that I want to visit and what to do in each of them.

Anyways, I hope that this blog helps some people with future vacation ideas, or just gives me a place to document our trips and experiences to share with our friends and family. Enjoy!

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The Wandering Weekenders- Here I Go

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